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  2. Mama Florist

    Mama Drool's Market

    Hello buy my stuff please.
  3. Mama Florist

    Gepard.dll missing? Heres how to fix it and more!

    You might want to update the links here. Had this issue but both links are down; the first one is 404'd and the second is blocked by mediafire for being malicious. (Thankfully, Silver sent it to me over discord).
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  5. WS Rendra

    Maintenance 2019-01-13

    I may cross the line by posting this but it seems no one bothers anyway Phoenix Card Updated: “10% Chance to Auto Ressurect you when you die.”, “0.5% Chance to cast Burning on enemy when attacking.”, “0.5% Chance to cast Cold on enemy when attacking.”, “10% more damage against medium sized monster.”, “Random stat between 5~15”, “Accessory Card”, Silver Card Fixed. Syphon Card Updated: “Add the chance of gaining a 5k zeny each time a monster is killed.”, Sen Card Updated: “Increases critical damage by 10%.”, “Atk +50.”, Luxuri Card Updated: “Bypasses the heal cap by 20%. Does not stack with other Luxuri Cards.”, “Increases Holy magical attacks by 10%. (Would stack with other Luxuri Cards)”, Ramsey Card Updated: “Chance to gain 50 Str and 100 Atk for 30 seconds when attacking.”, Lilalyn Card Updated: “Increases resistance to Holy by 50%.”, “Increases resistance to Shadow by 30%.”, Addaxus Card Changed: “Chance when being attacked to invoke Addaxus’ Fury”, “When Addaxus’ Fury is unleashed the character wearing this card will gain 50 Str, Int and Dex for 15 seconds.”, “Your HP will drop 5k every 10 seconds, while Addaxus’ Fury is invoked.”, “In areas not GvG/PvP when Addaxus’ Fury is invoked you can become Addaxus for the duration of Addaxus’ Fury Effect.”, “Garment Card”, Donor Box 2019 Created 9 New Donation Items obtainable, 1 New Pet. 12 donation items from 2018 that were available limited time obtainable. WCA, GM Cards, BCA Cards(No MVP Room Cards). Good Luck on your pulls! 16th Anniversary NPC Created: All Players can get something, old and new. ***The NPC is in the Eden Mall @go16 *** MVP spawning for Moonhaven fixed. Things to look forward to in future Maintenances: Newbie Town [First up to come out] Naruto Expansion Fairy War Instance Great update especially on the giveaway items. Sure these would encourage new players. If I may suggest you should remove zeny sinking systems exist in RRO due these are no longer suitable considering the population. This would encourage even further the new players
  6. Yes this is intentional. WoE Castles rotate each WoE and you can only enter the castles of the current rotation.
  7. Hello @Nemerith @Big Dumb Object As per title, is it by design that the castle cannot be entered if the castle in not within it's turn of active? For example, If Geffen realm active for the week, Prontera realm cannot be entered even if we own the castle? Just need a heads up and clarification on this since I've been away for a long time.
  8. l0n3 r4ng3r

    Cedi Guide and basic equipment for beginner

    let it go...let it gooooooo~~~~~~~ this is the link from the old forum. u guys can read it for more info about gears... Lance and alex konayuki makes a good build... https://forums.rebirth.ro/forum/83-professor/
  9. Jackie

    Force Sit needs to stop.

    Rather than it making you sit down, just make it have you be force stunned (i.e estun stun) in said aoe for a second or two. would make it a lot more convenient and a lot less buggy than force sitting. Whilst we're on this topic aswell, make nightmare card counter deep sleep aswell as regular sleep! Adds another headgear card to be used if you want to be resisted to it.
  10. Throe Voice from the +7 Lyrica Hat needs to be nerfed. Having a 2 second cooldown, even lower with bragi, force use of /sit on an AREA from RANGE. Is Unintuitive CC. There is no Counterplay to being force sat from someone who is at a range. Especially in a war environment where skills are being thrown everywhere. There are no indicators that you have been sat down until you either, 1) See yourself through all the Magic AoEs being thrown around, 2) look to the side of your screen and search through all the buff icons for the sitting one. Countering force sit is just as annoying. having to press insert, which is across the keyboard, or worse, a Function + other key for laptop users. Or hotkeying /sit which is just as annoying. By the time you notice this and stand up, the cooldown for sit is already reset and your ass is already on the floor again. The sit sprite can even be buggy at times, where if you are force sat at the same time as getting hit. You'd be in the combat idle sprite but sitting. So you have to sit TWICE to remove it. Now before anyone goes "Oh, but Sura's have 'Windmill' to force sit", 1) This ain't a 3rd job server, Sura's irrelevant to Loki Balancing. 2) They're melee. The skill only works in a 5x5 radius around the CHARACTER. Not being forced from RANGED. 3) Being a physical skill. It can miss on targets. Throe Voice is just a status skill, It cannot miss. Suggestions on nerf. Increase delay to 30 seconds. - Makes it more situational and team play skill. Not another clown annoy-o-spam skill. They already have screen wide cancer spread and Tarot. Change it to be streamlined with Night Sparrow Hat's Wink Of Charm. The Gypsy version of the skill. - Wink of Charm = "This skill will now Charm players, at the cost of an increased cooldown on the skill to equal that of the duration of Charm. Charmed players will not be able to attack you, and you will be immune to their skills, traps, etc. as well."
  11. Chronos Bullet

    The Oreo Dispenser is Back!

    *dispenses an oreo* No toothache my good sir. Only diabetus~
  12. blueMagus

    Rebirth RO Wiki Updating

    I didn't finish editing/adding some new items in the pages of VIP Dungeon coz of busy sched. You might want to finish it
  13. blueMagus

    The Oreo Dispenser is Back!

    Oreo dispenser. Did I hear some toothache? 😓
  14. Fizsterina

    The Return of Eir

    Looking forward to it. What are the changes and fixes for Eir? Care to share? At least I would pumped up to return and play. Also, please make the halloween sale be there a bit longer. I really wanna get those donate items.
  15. l0n3 r4ng3r

    The Oreo Dispenser is Back!

    😶 Hai Chronos, Whalecum back!!!! \o\ \o\ \o\ \o/ \o/ \o/ /o/ /o/ /o/ Oreos pls.... ;D
  16. Nemerith

    The Return of Eir

    There are a lot of changes and fixes for Eir coming with the next maintenance.
  17. Fizsterina

    The Return of Eir

    Sadly no. I was only to able to retain 3 new guild members that last maybe around 3 months time. Then they left. Now I came back and saw someone still playing. That's good.
  18. Fizsterina

    Eir GM Applications

    Is this still going on? Can I try again?
  19. Fizsterina

    Carnival Event NPC Bugged

    Sorry. I did not get the chance to get all the information and update it here. Will inform if I encounter any since the event ended.
  20. Hunter of Aegis

    WoE Changes Feedback

    Alright so this topic is old but me and my guild were talking about how WoE is going and I figured I'd try to leave some feedback. In a previous article it looks like there were 6 castles open at any one WoE, but today, as far as I could tell, only 2 castles were open. If I'm wrong about that, please correct me. I wasn't able to find any information on this change, but observation makes that appear to be the case. Specifically what I understand is that only the WoE 2 castles are open. It's fine to do that, but only 2 castles per WoE is too few. With exactly 2 major guilds playing, it makes it very difficult for any new guilds to break in at this time, since both guilds defend for pretty much the whole 2 hours. I think 4 is a good number for the castles. Maybe open another couple WoE 2 castles per WoE. With that many open for WoE, it means the two large guilds will be too spread out to hold literally every single one as they currently do, and it gives other guilds a chance to break in. As it was today, there just isn't enough room for guilds to grow. For me, WoE is the biggest reason I play the game, and I feel like a healthy WoE scene leads to a growing server. Maybe we were completely ignorant of the WoE 1 castles that may have been open. I dunno. But I do know 2 castles is too few.
  21. RuiYamada

    Am new 2 RO gaem

    Welcome back to you all!
  22. RuiYamada

    Rebirth RO Wiki Updating

    Okays, Imma give you a hand there
  23. WS Rendra

    Rebirth RO Wiki Updating

    im in
  24. Chronos Bullet

    What Are You Listening To?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGCsFwyra-E Some Hajime no Ippo OST
  25. Chronos Bullet

    Rebirth RO Wiki Updating

    Harro Rebirthians, I used to help update the RRO wiki before I went on hiatus but have recently returned to RRO. In this time some things may not have been updated in wiki or may need additional changes so I figured I'd make a forum post for anyone to list out or make suggestions on things that our Rebirthro Wiki needs to implement. So give me a hand here! I'll give you an oreo for your work~ Your Humble Oreo Dispenser.
  26. Chronos Bullet

    The Oreo Dispenser is Back!

    Your humble Oreo Dispenser has returned for the umpteenth time (I've lost count) and can be found situated in Lutie 154, 126! (That's my cell... You guys can find your own spots >:c) Well technically I returned a couple days ago but details (o.<)d
  27. Hunter of Aegis

    Population Concern and Disabling GT

    Zeny sinks are neccessary though. Inflation is a real problem. Maybe if people could pay to increase drop rate? we already have bubble gum but maybe have a special option in Floating Rates to temporarily increase server drop rates? I dunno. It may be a problem of advertising more than anything else. New servers have an advantage over old servers in this. We're pretty fully featured but lots of older servers just kinda exist. Another one I used to play on in 2008 was very highly populated at the time, but is down to less than 100 online at any given time. If there was a way to stick out without relying on topsite voting as the sole source of reach, then that'd probably be the way to go. Also, speaking of voting, is it just me or are the website vote buttons broken? Some of the voting sites don't exist anymore, and the RMS link is the wrong one. There are a few other quirks about the website that don't seem to work. I think fixing that is probably a good way to start pushing our way towards relevance again.
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