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  3. Watanuki

    Thor is Dead

    Its sad that I had to leave my home in thor after my previous laptop died and got a new one, I had to choose if it was worth to download RRO again and to my regrets of leaving so many friends behind... other than the constantly diminishing people of thor... there was nothing there for me anymore and returning to forum now I see that nothing has truly changed yet...
  4. Phoenix


    End of Summer Sales have arrived to Prontera! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Changes/Additions: [Loki]: Hats from Moonhaven/Invek now have effects! Feathered Top Hat effect got reworked. Phoenix Card now has an effect. 10% chance to auto-res. 1% chance to cast burning, 10% damage to medium-sized monster. Destiny Card now has an effect. Chance to cast coma on enemy when attacking. Chance to cast confusion when attacking. A choice to obtain a BCA Lite version has been added to TimTom when completing Tier A. However, upon choosing this option you do not continue on to MVP Cedi. Difference between BCA from MVP cedi and BCA Lite is the chances are better in the BCA from MVP cedi. WoE Token npc no longer makes you get stuck in the message box. Yay~ [Eir/Thor]: coming soon Sorry guys
  5. Mystery

    2 v 2 Tournament!

    inbox me @Jac and your character names =3=
  6. Jac

    2 v 2 Tournament!

    sign me and jef up
  7. Mystery

    2 v 2 Tournament!

    Hello Loki Players! We will be having a 2 v 2 Tournament! Lets start off with the RULES! (Rules will be fairly the same as Class vs Class though some will be tweaked to match 2 v 2) Rule #1 THINK BEFORE YOU ACT! Use of consumables are ALLOWED except for the following items: Reraise Potion (ID: 52007 & 52008) Token of Siegfried (ID: 6293,6316 & 7621) Token of Siegfried Box (ID:12992) Dried Yggdrasil Berry (ID: 12293) Yggdrasil Seed (ID: 608) Yggdrasil Berry Cash Shop (ID: 46019) Yggdrasil Berry (ID: 607) You CAN swap gear but you will be forced to do this the old fashioned way no eden gear sets. THE USE OF RE-RAISE POTION WILL AUTOMATICALLY DISQUALIFY YOU FROM THE EVENT. PARTICIPANTS WILL BE CHECKED FOR RE-RAISE POTIONS IN THEIR INVENTORY AND WILL BE ASKED TO PUT THEM AWAY IF SO. Rule #2 DON'T RUNAWAY FROM THE FIGHT, YOU COWARD! If a participant decides to just run around the arena and refuses to fight. The host of the GM (which is me...) will start a countdown of 30 seconds. The participant who will not follow this rule will be disqualified immediately. "BUT GM, WHAT IF BOTH PARTICIPANTS INSIDE THE ARENA REFUSES TO FIGHT?!" Same rules will also be applied reflecting Rule #2 or DON'T RUNAWAY FROM THE FIGHT, YOU COWARD! Rule #3 "NO USE OF MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS TO JOIN THE EVENT." No need to explain this further. Rule #4 "RES PLOX..." NO. The use of Re-raise potion and Token of Siegfried will not be allowed during the match. If the host sees you use any of the item, you'll be disqualified from the match. The use of Yggdrassil Leaves will be allowed. Players who pvp will understand why its allowed. o.ob Rule #5 "#LEARN2RESPECTEACHOTHER" Don't be a dick. Pretty simple to understand. Mechanics of the Event This will be a 2 v 2 PVP match (War of Emperium rules will not be applied). Participants can choose whatever class they want to participant with. Last Team participant remaining will be the winner. Match ups will be random and will be organized through Match up Brackets (TOURNAMENT STYLE). Hyegun Hat will be allowed. Thus the skill Heal is also allowed for Non-Acolyte & Crusader-Class. The use of Ring of Resonance, Ring of Fire Lord, Kraken's Tooth Necklace, Kraken's Tentacle Ring, Clip-on-Fringe & Belly Button Ring will be allowed. Max-stats characters will not be allowed to participate. Sealed Osiris card will be disabled during match-ups. Hypatia card will be disabled during match-ups. Rules Regarding Participation & Spectating Someone asked me if the previous winner can still participate the next 2 v 2 Tournament. YES they can still participate the next 2 v 2 Tournament. What if someone breaks the rule of using multiple accounts to join the event? They will be disqualified during the current Class vs Class Event and will be given 1 more chance to follow the rule again and participate in the next 2 v 2. But what if they do it again? Then they're just wasting my kindness. This will result as an abuse of event and will result of the said players banned. SPECTATORS WILL REMAIN NEUTRAL. Spectators who will be caught interrupting a match in any kind of way (Such as using AOE skills, Storm Gust, LOV, Rainbow Twisler, Ice Wall and etc) will be kicked out immediately. EVENT PRIZE FOR THIS MONTH! COSTUME TO BE ANNOUNCED! + 2000 Premium Points (NOT LIMITED POINTS) + Event Points & Bacon (Rewards may vary) 2nd and 3rd Runner up will be allowed depending on how many participants who will join the event. Losers will be awarded with participation/consolation prize. Class vs Class Arena is now available next maintenance! MAP FOR 2 V 2! Dragon PVP Map! DATE & TIME OF THE EVENT WILL BE ANNOUNCED 7 DAYS BEFORE THE MATCH! This is to gather up registration and prepare for the event. Please contact @Mystery @Silver @Phoenix in-game, or in Discord Mystery#0737, Phoenix#8549, Silver#2079 or here in community.rebirth.ro Thank you for reading the rules of the event! I will update this thread as soon as possible! As always~ Have a mysterious day!
  8. RuiYamada

    Holy Arrow on Costume

    Is it possible to have a 'Holy Arrow' on lefthand equip [costume] section?
  9. Phoenix


    Ello players! With some feedback we got about WoE is it became really hard to compete in 1 castle. Sooo we're trying 2 castles per WoE with the same mechanics as before. Each castle comes equipped with extra entrances. However, 1 entrance has been moved over in Vidblainn as they were a tad too close together. WoE 1 Castles: Vidblain & Mardol WoE 2 Castles: Horn & Himinn Each castle is equipped with a WoE Token Redemption NPC that contains old god item materials specific to the castle. They will only show up if the Guild Leader of the Guild owning the castle invests into Economy and Defense of the castle. In order to receive WoE Tokens you must be in a castle and MOVING doing something not afking. Else you will get 0 WoE Tokens. As a reminder you can gain WoE Tokens by speaking to the woe token npc everyday if you own the castle. You'll have to relog still to get out of the message box until I'm able to fix that but it will still award you the tokens. If you have 65 economy and 30 defense in for example Mardol, you will see this in your WoE Token NPC: God item materials will pop up starting starting at 15 economy and 5 defense. Yes you need defense too! It boosts your emp HP so do it =D I've heard people asking about how do we make Megingjards and Brisingamen etc if people don't do the Quest Seals.. Well I have a solution for you, but you need to own a castle and invest in it! You need 55 Economy and 25 Defense for her to even speak to you. You must be a Guild Leader in order to make these items once per day. Similar to Okolnir, but without the quest required. Once Lenneth has been used to make an item her magic will be used up for the day and will disappear until the next day at 00:00:00 Server time where she will appear again. Each of the 4 castles will make 1 god item. Horn = Mjolnir Items required for Mjolnir: 2 Thor's Gauntlet, 4 Iron Maiden, 5 Wrath of Valkyrie, 5 Billow, 5 Omen of Tempest, 40 Gold, 5 Elunium, 20 Oridecon, 1 Stunner [0] (item id: 1522) Mardol = Megingjard Items required for Megingjard: 4 Cat Tread, 5 Woman's Moustache, 4 Root of Stone, 3 Sputum of Bird, 5 Sinew of Bear, 20 Gold, 10 Sapphire, 10 Oridecon, 1 Belt [1] (item id: 2627) Himinn = Brisingamen Items required for Brisingamen: 4 Freyja's Jewel, 4 Silver Ornament, 3 Drifting Air, 3 Ripple, 5 Snow Crystal, 20 Gold, 2 Sapphire, 5 Cursed Ruby, 10 Opal, 3 Pearl, 1 Necklace (item id: 2603) Vidblainn = Sleipnir Items required for Sleipnir: 5 Feather of Angel Wing, 4 Emblem of the Sun God, 3 Wheel of the Unknown, 3 Breath of Spirit, 3 Spirit of Fish, 20 Gold, 10 Elunium, 1 Boots [1] (item id: 2406) NEW: Crimson Set: Armour: Increases Max HP and SP 10%. Reduces after-cast delay by 5%. [Must wear the full Crimson Set to get the following effects on the Armour]: Reduces damage from Demi-humans by 1% per 2 refines. Provides immunity to Stun, Silence and Coma. Provides 50% tolerance to Freeze. Increases Heal Power by 10% Cloak: [Must wear full Crimson Set to get the following effects on the Cloak] Reduces damage from Demi-humans by 1% per 2 refines. Reduces Long Range damage by 1% per 2 refines. Boots: Adds 10% Additional Speed. (Stacks with other speed bonuses). Increases Max HP by 1.25%*refine. Reduces aftercast delay by 5%. [Must wear full Crimson Set to get the following effects on Boots]: Reduces Long Range and Misc damage by 1% per 2 refines. Crimson Ring: Increases Atk and Matk by 5%. Increases Hit by 50. Reduces after-cast delay by 5%. Crimson Shield: Increases resistance to Water, Wind, Fire, Earth, Poison, Dark and Holy by 1 per 2 refines. [Must wear full Crimson Set to get the following effects on Shield]: Reduces damage from Demi-humans by 10%. Reduces Long and Close range damage by 1% per 2 refines. You can get these from Moonhaven from the Armour Craftsman; near the Weapons Craftsman. You need a total of 1500 fairy points in various Rupee form from the Fairy Royal NPC. Fixes/Changes: [Fixed] Event Dyna NPC [Changed] Gorrilla Costume Box/Horse Head Costume Box are now tradeable. [Changed] Henry Morgan Card now does the following effect: 50% Freeze Immune and has a chance to auto cast level 5 crit wounds when being attacked.
  10. Mystery

    Re-voting for Class vs Class

    In-game Poll Sniper- 2 votes Assassin Cross -6 votes High Wizard- 4 votes Creator - 5 votes Votes are final.
  11. l0n3 r4ng3r

    windows registry

    Hi, does anyone know how to add RRO registry into the computer? well,if someone is kind enuf to provide me with the registry files, i can just add it into my pc..... xD
  12. Lucas

    Woe guide

    You can see them in the chat... Navys was using gmc, dae and aunoe; cthulhu for the vvest (you can replace it with anything that grants unfro).
  13. J M V

    Woe guide

    What card in crim bow and vvest
  14. Lucas

    Woe guide

    Introduction and Basics Hey buddies! I'm writing this guide cuz I’ve noticed some people are having a harder time than others in woe, so I decided to help. Now, although gears might be important, the key to succeed in woe is communication. If you don’t communicate you’ll end up with groups of people scattered around not going where to go, going inside castles by themselves, not following the rest of the guild. And since it's hard enough to type while you're fighting, you gotta find other ways of communicating with your guildies. That's what discord is for, it may sound obvious to many of you, but being in voice chat during woe helps a lot, even if you can't speak, be there to listen. The second important point is to know what sort of castle you're dealing with. Woe has changed abruptly over these last couple weeks and I know it can be very hard to adapt. We're only dealing with second edition castles now. You must remember that these have three entrances now: the typical entrance from the portal, and then the two entrances from the NPC outside (one that warps you to the left, aka west; and one that warps you to the right, aka east). If the occupying guild of, let's say, Vidblainn is camping the portal entrance and they're in range of the west (left) NPC entrance, that means you should enter using the castle by using the NPC's east entrance. And this applies for every castle. Learn your spawn points, learn your flags, so when you scout the guild leader will know where to command everyone to go. In order to understand how woe 2.0 castles work, first you need to know there's 2 guardian stones (stone 1 usually on the left and stone 2 on the right) and 4 barricades. The first barricade ever (also known as stone cade), depends entirely on the stones and you must break those in order to be able to get past this barricade, since its immune to all attacks. So once both stones are up, you need to take both down, although if both stones are down, rebuilding one isn't enough to build up stone cade. If any of the stones gets broken, any guild member can rebuild it after 5 minutes have passed. The required items are: 30 stone, 1 oridecon, 1 elunium, 5 blue gemstone, 5 red gemstone, 5 yellow gemstone. The order of the first three items is: stone, elunium, oridecon. Note that you need to have /effect on in order to know which gemstones to choose. After stone cade, there's 3 more barricades on the way to emp (cade 1, 2, and 3, being 3 the closest one to the emp). These can only be built by the guild leader, and once they are down, they cannot be rebuilt again unless the emperium breaks. The materials needed to repair a cade are: 30 trunk, 10 steel, 10 emveretarcon and 5 oridecon. The npc will ask for them in random order, and depending on the dialogue you'll know which material to choose. If it asks for top priority, you use a trunk, for pretty solid use emvertarcon, for somewhat solid use steel and for "something" use oridecon. I recommend getting a few Barricade Repair Kit and Stone Repair Kit from the premium shop, they help a lot specially since you’d only need to open them when you’re about to rebuild a stone/cade. Now let's talk about party setup. There's 3 basic type of characters when it comes to fighting in woe: Support, long ranged damage dealer, and close ranged damage dealer. You might be thinking how come there's no tank? If the pally tanks. Although it’s true, you also tank for the pally as he gives you extra 1m hp with some extra buffs, so might as well call him support. When it comes to team composition, there needs to be synergy. For example: if your main damage relies on ss snipers, then you need a pally to devo them since they won't survive by themselves, priests to heal that pally, and maybe even a sl to buff the sniper when he pushes, you could even use a prof to LP your enemy and have a ninja as your main magic damage dealer. Also you wanna prioritize who receives devo and who doesn't. It's a common mistake to believe that the tankiest chars should get devo (like a creo, clown, prof, sl, etc), since those can survive by themselves. Those on your devo priority list should be your priests and your killers, specially those who push. It's imperative to try and have enough supports to cover your damage dealers. For example, priests to heal up the damage they take either from getting attacked or from reflect, and to pneuma when the team pushes; a linker to cover the damage dealers under devo who are pushing, since those don't get heals because the pally does; a prof to lp the enemy's pneuma works amazing if you're running snipers, ninja and creo as damage dealers; a clown is ALWAYS necessary, almost every char gets great benefits from bragi, etc. If you want class-specific guides you'll find them on these links: Support (Pally, Priest, SL, Clown, Prof) Killers (Champ, Wiz, Sniper, Creo) I'm not taking breakers into account because I don't really care about those tbh. Nor some classes that either aren't being used a lot, or I haven't played in a while. A few general tips for every class before moving on: You can choose your armor property with Variegated Vest, just cast Warm Wind (any level) until you see a colored tube. If the tube is blue, you now have water armor, if it’s green you have earth armor, for wind you need a yellow tube and for fire a red one. Use consumables. Not only slims and blue pots obviously, but also regen pots, elemental resist pots, PD foods, holy armor scrolls, foods that increase your damage (+10 stats, rune cakes, aloevera, fortis, bg matk/atk foods, rdc rainbow foods, etc). Use a pet. Some of them make a huge difference, and don’t forget to feed them. If you need to swap a lot of gear I recommend eden sets. But remember these are consumables too so they’ll have a delay. For example, you won’t be able to use your sets if you’re potting. When you set your stats, always add extra 25 dex after you got your total of 150, to counter quagmire. Support Classes Disclaimer: On most of the characters I’m showing my own build due to many people demanding it, I know there’s some gear not everyone can afford, but it can be replaced (Like Cthulhu with marc, sealed OH with regular OH, PKC with alligator/yoyo, etc) There’s 5 support classes I consider useful in woe. If you need advice for another one feel free to ask, I’ll try my best. Pally Priest Soul Linker Clown Professor Killers Champion Wizard Creator Sniper
  15. Oi the Massacre PART X

    B> Cards, Gear, Etc

    I'm still buying these. Contact me if you have any or are willing to farm some items for me. I'm sure i can offer you something worth your time.
  16. I'm not a fan of the decay method, however, someone suggested in another post that because the rank points -look- too high/difficult all the fame points for alchemists (including non-rankers) could be divided by 10, as well as adjusting how many points you get per twilight/pharmacy would reduce this issue of it looking so difficult while keeping its difficulty level. OR decay method would only be active on rankers that do not pot/log in. This means they would have to remain active to keep their spots.
  17. Equilibrium

    Increasing the Alchemist Top 10 to Top 20

    How about, we increase the rank like stated in OP for the immediate consequences (i.e. getting ranked being a bit more manageable). But to also add decay to all those who are in the top 10/20 of all ranking systems, which would future proof it and give it an artificial balance (depending on the decay). For instance, if the decay is 10% per week for those that are ranked and people make 100k pots every week then the points would drift towards 6.5 million eventually. Those that are inactive would come back to see that they are out of ranking, but because decay only applies to the top 10/20 they are still on the cusp of being ranked. Meaning they have to spend a little bit of time to be ranked again. This system would also add some competition to rankers as they'd be fight each other's point generation rate. It can also be applied to the other ranking system, with the same decay. (TKR would probably be doing 50~80 points every week depending on the players, thus being balanced around 500 points; I have no experience with smith ranks, but I can see a similar trend happening) TL;DR Increase rank slots to 15 or 20. Add a decay to those that are in said top 15 or 20. Decay can be weekly, monthly for 5%, 10%, ...
  18. Mystery

    Class vs Class is back!

    That'd be fun. 100% Agree on this.
  19. This sounds good. I want to be a ranker too, but just imagining the points of those in the top 10 already stops me lol. If this wouldn't be bothersome, how about making it to top 30. But the pots made by those in rank 21-30 heals lower than those in top 11-20, and those in rank 11-20 heals lower than those in top 1-10. This would made the make a lot of ranker, but still would make the ranker to aim more, not just bragging rights "oh im in the top rank" and that's it. Hope this would make a lively competition between rankers. Same thing goes with smith rankers, but i have a little doubt on this.
  20. Mystery

    Re-voting for Class vs Class

    Due to the lack of participants/registration and unpopular Champion Class for Class vs Class We will be having another voting for which class for this month will be showcased I selected 4 classes to be voted for this month Note: Depending on which class that will be picked; the rules of the event will vary/change. Date of the event will be pushed back as well due to the changes.
  21. Now this solution can be considered as it doesn't remove peoples points but also makes it not seem as daunting. I'll look into what it will take to increase the amount of rankers on the lists. I think this is a more reasonable suggestion than removing a player's work entirely. What do the rest of you think?
  22. Phoenix

    Loki Gm Application

    Just a Note: GMs are not allowed to WoE. If you are a GL of a WoE'ing guild you would have to step down from it and give it to someone else, in order to become a GM.
  23. Phoenix

    No More GD since WoE change

    Elemental Swords and such are in Yuno Guild Dungeons. So that has not been changed about the game
  24. 1A 1R1 1I 1E 1L


    Bro see you another side hope you happy a new world ... i miss you bro~~ DOREMI
  25. Amnesty                                                                                                  hai dear GM phoenix    i got IP banned /Arielpunk123 /Crank1- /arielpunk2015 /cj_ortega /arielpunk125 /Arielpunk124 /arielpunk223 / my case [R M T ] hope u gave me chances to unbanned my account. i help this ro to stay alive again...please give me chance to unbanned my acc......thanks dear godbless...have a nice day~~

  26. Sammy Boobians

    No More GD since WoE change

    i want to mention when the WoE change will be permanent there is no more thing as Guild Dungeon some might think they are useless but some items (elemental sword, dagger of hunter, and whatever else) will be lost then best regards :P
  27. Phoenix

    Loki Gm Application

    Ello Lokians! Its that time again.. I'm looking for 1 dedicated person to help out in Loki by doing some events and reporting things that need fixing to me and the rest of staff. How to apply: Answer the following questions truthfully and then email them to phoenix.rebirthro@gmail.com by the end of day August 1st Server time. Questions: Real Name: Character Name: Age: Server you play: How long have you been on the server? What makes you think you have the qualities needed to be a GM? What is your favourite thing about Loki? If you could choose one feature to add to Loki what would it be?
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