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  2. Problem solved itself. Thanks everyone.
  3. I'm having log-in issues for Eir server. I can successfully log into my account, however I cannot access the Eir server. Error comes up as "The map is not available". I downloaded the newest RebirthRO.rar file @Phoenix posted as of 22 Feb 2021, but the error still exists. Any guidance to resolve this error?
  4. ‘Ello Lokians! A very delayed event will occur for 12 days! Cupid’s minions have decided to rebel against him and its up to you and a partner to stop them! Team up with Cupid to defeat them and get a reward for your troubles. The war is waiting for you. The Bacon eater came back from his vacation, he said Hawaii was a wonderful place, but it’s definitely more fun to fill our inventory with junk. The New Donor Box 2021 has been added with New Donor Headgears, Eggs, GM Cards and Costumes. The Tiers should have been updated. [Changed] Sealed Drake Card Buffed slightly. [Fixed] Pet Issue fixed. No longer should you lose a pet. If you come to help desk without a screenshot of owning said pet you will not be helped as proof of ownership is required to claim a lost pet. [Added] Retro Donate NPC. If you’ve been looking all over for those long lost donates of the past (the ones in the lucky boxes) never fear! They have returned to the Eden Mall. [Limited points not accepted, sorry!] [Added] Specialty Cards for Top 3 Donors of All time have been made! Spawn, Kanjis and ‘I Dont F With You’ please pick up your pseudo cards at help desk. [Fixed] Vending Warp no longer overlaps other npcs! [Added] Prontera has a new look just in time for Spring! [Added] New Cash Shop costumes. [Added] Ham implemented. Things to look forward to: St Patrick’s Day Event Pokemon Village Monster Hunter Episode Poring Island
  5. If you still wish to play respond to this thread again. Thank you.
  6. Welcome (us) back.. havent check forums for awhile, izumi no longer plays (not sure if i can entice her to play again) she's busy in real life with her kiddos
  7. Just Visit By and UP !
  8. Guest

    Unban Request

    Ingame Name: J the Creator, 1 S N I P E R 1, iLink iLink Approximate date you were banned: June 25, 2020 Reason for being banned: I impersonate gm name Why should the team unban you? I really apologize what I've been do in that day. i disobey the rules but i swear i didn't know that it will go to ban. If my account was unban I'll make this situation as a lesson to my self to don't break the rules again.
  9. Guest

    Request Unban

    for GM ID: <redacted> I have been banned for a long time due to a mistake I made a bug in the vote point I haven't played Rebirth RO for so many years. I really miss being able to play Rebirth RO again I beg to unbanned me I promise to be a good player and not to repeat it i miss rebirth ro so much thank you always success for rebirthro
  10. Well I have some things that needs some fixes (Even there's no guarantee itll fix and even there's no one read my post) well crossfinger I hope some admins reading this - Crimson Weapons is not tradeable - Some moonhaven/Invek headgear dont have resource materials that existed in the server -Unlimit skill of ranger doesnt effect the damage of Arrow storm (Only Aimbolt) -Some Misc items is char bound
  11. You can use my WoE video from long time ago to promote Thor Server This was taken last 2016 but i guess it is still revive the spirit of Renewal WoE on Thor https://www.dropbox.com/home/Payon WOE?preview=WOE+8-13-2016+Valhalla+Guild.mp4 @Phoenix
  12. @Legatus @Max Steel @Ashriot @Izumi Uchiha @PurgeSC Hello Guys we're playing again in thor. I hope you guys read my forum post and start playing again in Thor For a while we got like 10 people playing actively. I hope you guys play again here So many quest to grind for and the crimson weapons is existing already here.. btw I dont know Fiery forum name so I hope he check this forum in future ... well @FireNIce you're are also welcome LOL
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