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  2. For Sale and Buying :D

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  4. [Guide] Ultimate Equipemnt Guide to being the Best GS in RRO

    Well very good effort in giving the tips there bro. But just giving a 5 cents opinions. Any wiz with good int damage can kill u in no time unless you are using "Macaroni" You have no water/frost resistance there. I know manyother old players that are using macaroni but never one declared themself the best.
  5. GoLDEN HoLe Mystery

    I'll text you via discord.. Yes all the new stuffs, including Cedi pts that is now worth a thing like the past.
  6. For Sale and Buying :D

    Updated buying list

    OH, so he did take the picture off this thread. Lame. :C
  8. GoLDEN HoLe Mystery

    Doesn't ring any bell for me lol. All I know is just to kill mobs :< Oh tomorrow, I don't think I can. OMG, just when I saw someone who can do the instance with me, come this hectic schedule. Maybe I can do it on Sunday Also, I don't have friends left here. They all go. I'm all alone (/sob in the corner of the room) Maybe I can bring some of my chars together with my wizzy. And, well, look in #pr for another wizzy. That's Fairy-Angel thing? ^
  9. GoLDEN HoLe Mystery

    well, i am back to this server, starting from 0 is a big pain in da ass. Further, although "he" is jerk, he managed to successfully present new features thus attracted me to come back.. about the golden hole, can we do it tomorrow? i am curious ~~ ask somebody else, if possible.. maybe a friend of yours... I can go with a noob team containing 2 wizards with hwc + me as a tanker. My tanker will lure mobs and you can just spam meteor all the way. Dont worry, I have a good tanker. Or if you are already experienced, i dont mind going with your set up :> About the quest itself, I remembered alleyne mentioned something about color, should be the gemstone. but she had no idea about the root though.. somebody also mentioned there's a realtion between the sonia grass and the root.. does it ring a bell?
  10. GoLDEN HoLe Mystery

    Ooh..You just visited, or you'll come back for good? I finished the quest once. Didn't know what to do, cause my party-mates are all in a hurry. They said just kill the mobs If you'll gonna comeback, I'll quest my chars there, prolly sinx or sniper? My wiz is good but well..i dunno if it can help, need bragi.
  11. GoLDEN HoLe Mystery

    oopsie, reread please
  12. GoLDEN HoLe Mystery

    what's this lex?
  13. GoLDEN HoLe Mystery

    anyone? edit: sorry for the error link
  14. Last week

    Pokky you hawt LOL


    This is me! <removed>


    NEVER!! <3
  20. 2018 Valentine's Event

    Oh nice, thanks for the info. So, when using in legit areas, only these slots are working right (I hope so)? Upper (first 2 slots), middle (first slot), lower (no slot)
  21. Blue's Dead Shop

    Since I can't connect to captcha, I'll just leave this here S>Christmas Gift Box - 35m ea
  22. 2018 Valentine's Event

    As per Phoenix, all items in Jawaii are considered legit

  24. Woah! Looks like the expensive items. I'm currently using Crimson bow. Thanks again for the great insight! Need to farm more hihi
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