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  2. Welcome to RebirthRO! hopefully this guide sorta helps you as a skeleton of what you can do when starting out, feel free to take detours here and there to avoid getting burnt out! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Beginner items you recieve when you start the server and follow through the tutorial! novice set includes, armor, shoes, garment, clip and ring novice angra manyu use this as much as you can to help you to get to max level! every physical attack you do heals you Rebirth.RO 16th Anniversary NPC you can find this npc also in @go Mall near the top beside donor rewards npc the gear here is a one time claim but can be transfered towards all your characters in the same account! Try to see if you wanna get some nice FREEEEEEE items by doing the regular job quest, you'll be given items like Swordsman Card Box http://ratemyserver.net/re_item_db.php?item_id=13874&small=1&back=1 1 hour package (exp manual) https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/1_Hour_Package_Vol_2_(13635) Swordsman Package https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Swordman_Package ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Commands you might wanna use! @go @return @die (trust me this saves some time) @ii (item info) [use it like @ii Alice Card) @id (the command works with the Item number, when you input it, it'll give you some links to click!) [@id 4253] @time @mi (monster info, grants you more info regarding a certain mob) [@mi Alice] @autoloot 1~100 @aloottype (from armors to weapons, to healing items) @alootid (Specific Items you wish to loot) @playerstate Elemental All @playerstate racial all @playerstate general Chat Commands #main (English Only, this way you can avoid getting muted) [Muted is with the red speech bubble, which doesnt allow you do talk, nor use skills] #pr (Party Recruit) #lounge (other languages are fine here, i think?) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Leveling Areas (suggested by oO Little Oo) 1~50 Moscovia 50~99 Cursed Abbey lvl 2 Rebirth 99~1 1~50 Moscovia once again 50~99~110 Cursed Abbey lvl 2 110 ~ 255 Catatombs https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Biolabs_B1 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ when you get to max level, the suggested quest line to follow is onwward to the new world quest https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Onward_to_the_New_World_Quest A glast from the past quest https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/A_Glast_from_the_Past Pouring Questline https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Pouring_Rain_Quest https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Pouring_Blood_Quest https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Pouring_Hope_Quest https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Pouring_Oil_Quest Notoriety quests https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Notoriety_Quests ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ when it comes to gearing up it really depends on your character class, but the suggested around after asking majority of players would be to have a crit type based class Drooping Amistr https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Drooping_Amistr_Quest then the gear you should aim for would be the alligator set https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Alligator_Leather_Sandals https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Alligator_Leather_Suit https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Alligator_Leather_Cloak click the link on how to make these https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Artistry_and_Crafting_System/Tailoring you can however purchase these from other players! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ when it comes to farming for zenny Farm in the MVP room~epsilon (raw item/equipment sell) the loots there should help you a lot when it comes to farming zenny! @aloottype +card @aloottype +usable @alootid +1552 @alootid +2507 @alootid +607 @alootid +13303 Farm in MVP room~alpha Mistress will be your target, as they drop Old Card Albums @alootid +616 from here on out you'll be set for getting ready to farm up in HoA for newer equipment, such as items like RGR (Reset Girls Robe, ID: 41207) https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Reset_Girl's_Robes SVS (Sir Vincent Saber, ID: 41201) https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Sir_Vincent's_Sabre check out how to farm in Geffen Guild Dungeon with a HP, both Zenny and Guild points! and many more items to help you pursuing the other quests from moonhaven, invek, RDC and even Cedi! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ dont forget to ask around for help, an amazing community, and feel free to join the discord server as well! https://discordapp.com/invite/Hn9dGxy
  3. Newish player friendly guide to Farming in Geffen Guild Dungeon! this guide focuses a bit more on.... RESURRECTION LVL 1 SPAM GALOOORE Magnus Exorcismus for Healing! hope this helps!! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Top: Magical Feather https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Magical_Feather_Quest This i find is important as it will sustain you to stay very long in the map without dying from huge mobs. Best Top list would be: Chubby Bunny ( https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Chubby_Bunny Hyzo Hat (Currently you can get this out now in Halloween event's Halloween Sacks) https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Hyzo_Hata Alice Instance Headgear (more info to be edited soon) Mid: Any Speed mid that can be carded with... Mistress Card (No Blues) http://ratemyserver.net/item_db.php?item_id=4132&small=1&back=1 Evil Snake Lord Card (Negates curse) http://ratemyserver.net/item_db.php?item_id=4330&small=1&back=1 Marduk (Negates Silence) http://ratemyserver.net/item_db.php?item_id=4112&small=1&back=1 But if you cant get any with speed, the Free Beginner Premium headgear Mid one works fine, but movement speed is helpful for survivability! Lower: Any Lower works, goal is to reach instant cast (150 Dex) hopefully without bless just in case. the Free Beginner Premium Lower is all good. Armor: Suggested would be... https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Great_Old_Hauberk But technically any armor works, sometimes even an undead card armor to avoid the shadow attacks. Reset Girl Robe (you can get this after obtaining a certain amount of Guild points) https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Reset_Girl's_Robes Weapon: any works, I personally like Divine cross http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=item_db&item_id=2001 but for more ME Damage... [4] rod with either Aenbharr Card https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Aenbharr_Card or Ancient tree Card http://ratemyserver.net/re_item_db.php?item_id=4473&small=1&back=1 garment: Suggested would be... Great Old Cloak would be good enough. https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Great_Old_Cloak top of the line is: Giant Kitty Backpack at +10 https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Giant_Kitty_Backpack_(Loki) Deviling Card http://ratemyserver.net/re_item_db.php?item_id=4174&small=1&back=1 but all in all any would do so long as it keeps you alive. Shoes: Suggested would be... Ebony Greaves carded with an Eddga Card https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Ebony_Greaves http://ratemyserver.net/item_db.php?item_id=4123&small=1&back=1 Ebony Greaves add +10% more movementspeed with the eddga card, which'll help a lot more in moving around and survivability. If you wish to deal more damage with ME: Tenebrous Shoes (Highly Upgraded) https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Tenebrous_Boots Accessories: For more Magnus Damage suggested would be a combo of... Spiritual Ring http://ratemyserver.net/re_item_db.php?item_id=2677&small=1&back=1 [1] Rosary you can buy the [1]rosary in the @go mall equipment accessory vendor https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Stalwart_Sentinel_Card ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Suggested Stats: Since Resu level 1 is just like TU, it would be wise to improve both luck ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Skills needed: Killing: Resurrect lvl 1-> Target Zombie Master and Wraith Dead (low cooldown and spammable, make sure to have /noshift or /ns toggled on) Magnus Exorcisus lvl 10 -> The summoned Mobs of Incubus, Succubus, and Mini Demon Buffs Bless lvl 10 Inc Agi lvl 10 Assumption lvl 5 Gameplay: So the on this style is to actually aim for just the Zombie Master and Wraith Dead with lvl 1 Resu, SPAM IT and when it dies, RUN. with the magical Feather Equipped, you just have to cast ME at the mobs of the Incubus, Succubus, Mini Demon and even Zombie Master to heal you. Technically you'll be avoiding the Incubus, Succubus and mini demons, since it takes longer to kill them with just ME. The target item to be looting here will be the stackable Diamond Ring, since you can srota almost 1shot Zombie Masters and Wraith Deads, it'll be quick and easy! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Item Codes to loot! @aloottype +healing @aloottype +usable @aloottype +armor @alootid +23496 @alootid +1059 @alootid +23497 @alootid +732 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Here's The Video of me Farming Around! (Video Link to be Uploaded) ****waiting to get access to the Geffen guild dungeon**** (Insert Video Here) What I'm Wearing in the Video: Magical Feather (Top) Coat Dress (Black) [4] *Carded with Misstress, Evil Snake Lord, Marduk, Orc Hero* **Move Speed for Survivability** Ebony Greaves [1] *Carded with Eddga* **To run away from mobs and so that you dont get flinched** My Stats: I'd play around to what you're comfy with, like adding more str to carry moar loots!!! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ TL;DR; Important Gears are the: Magical Feather (top) Mistress + ESL + Marduk Card (any mid would do, movespeed mid would be optimal) any lower for more stats Ebony Greaves + Eddga Card (Movespeed + Endure) Playstyle: Spam Resu lvl1 on Zombie Master and Wraith Dead Cast ME on all other mobs with the intent to heal yourself instead of killing other mobs aside from Zombie Master and Wraith Dead. Main Item to Farm is: Diamond Ring (Stackable) @alootid +23496 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CREDITS for INFOOOO Arjun, Tiny™ and oO Little Oo! you can find them over on Discord! https://discordapp.com/invite/Hn9dGxy
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    Unbanned Request

    Ingame Name(s):IGN=Gods Not Dead , Usernames of my accounts that was banned = charm12 ; hharvin ; Lordivanmae ; legendary000 Approximate date you were banned: 2018 i forgot the date Reason for being banned: i am giving suggestion in main chat that makes a ruckus to every player and game masters. i am rude to GM and other players and i am not good player but i have changed. Why should the team unban you? because im a loyal player since 2010 and i have changed and im sorry for what i have done to all of you i miss playing rebirthro i am just depressed that time sorry for my actions i promise not to do it again.
  6. Characters don't exist You probably miss spelled. While im at it i'll give you another chance to write a PROPER apology and an HONEST reason as to why you have been banned.
  7. Guest

    Unban Request

    IGN: Sreap Lord, Greed Is Good, etc ( sure you know now ) Approximate date you were banned: march towards july 2019 Reason for being banned: either talking shit to a gm os not sharing so and so idea about said donates and their looks other wise it wasnt scam or preying n ppl it was me and pheonix not seeing eye to eye as i can see Why should the team unban you? if what i said is right then i will simply keep my OPINIONS to myslef and not spout my own sense of justice towards the futureof Ro and not being a team of them developers themselves!
  8. Nemerith

    Unban Request

  9. Guest

    Unban Request

    IGN:iHatEcOpYinG(only ign i can remember) date of ban:2015ish(not sure about the year and month) Banned for: using macro spammer in farming while afk Why should the team unban you? i sincere apologies for the mistake i do on that day and for breaking the rule i acknowledge my sin and i wish you could give me another chance to play this game that i love so much for so many years i play.i really just miss this game that give me joy and fun when i was playing it with my friends wish to reconsider my request more power to you guys.
  10. Nemerith

    Unban Request

    Also making unban requests on 2 different forum accounts for different ingame accounts, only makes you seem more guilty in my eyes.
  11. Orion

    Unban Request

    Your chance was given to you only on your main. If you want to play on other accounts aside from the one that was unbanned you'll have to start over.
  12. Guest

    Unban Request

    IGN:star emperor date of ban:2017 or something Banned for:hacking why should team unban me? First of all I apologize again for what all that I have did,I’m glad that my other account was unbanned thank you guys for giving me the last opportunity to prove myself,I would like to help people in cedi with my alt account so provide my alt also a last chance,Thank you.
  13. Guest

    Humble Apology and Unban Request

    In game Name : SliverShadow Date Of Ban: 20th of July or during that week..dont remember exact date. Reason for ban: I was banned for trash talking and insulting a player on the main chat. Why should the team unban me? I've realized how immature i was and how i removed my frustration on that guy on the main chat by insulting him. i completely accept its my fault in doing so. i have learnt a lot from my mistakes and regretted a lot on my actions and have taken steps and improved myself.i can promise you if i get one chance i wont prove myself wrong.i deeply apologize for not following the rules last time for putting up the unban request..please accept my apoligies
  14. Orion

    Unban Request

    Denied for: 1) Not using the given format. 2) Breaking rule 11.
  15. Guest

    Unban Request

    Hello GM, I was banned last month for trash talking and insulting a person on the main chat cause of issues that built up between us for over a weeks. I've realized how immature it was of me to behave that way and have accepted responsibility that it was my mistake in doing so. I've proved to be better by not behaving immature like how i did earlier. Even after ive been harassed by the same person again ive simply just ignored or reported rather than behaving like trash. Its Been little more than a month of me being banned and ive missed playing on my main characters and joining woe..I have a humble request that you please give me one chance to play again and prove my self as a better player..Thank you GM.
  16. Orion

    Unban request

    Unbanned. This is your last chance, and you better behave because we will know if you don't. You will be an exemplary player, because one minor fuckup and you're gone for good. Don't waste your chance.
  17. Orion

    Patch Notes

    ♦ New Content: Azure Sets The sets can be crafted by using the Armour Craftsman NPC located at Invek (172, 210) and there's two of them. They both are PVM sets, which means they'll have negative effects on you while facing players, and the Emperium. Azure Shield [1]: The shield functions with both sets, althought the Light Set does not need the shield to unlock it's bonuses. Reduces damage taken from Neutral attacks by 5%. Increases MDEF 1 point per refine level. Set Bonus (wearing the whole Heavy or Light Azure Set): Increases DEF by 4. If refined to +7 or higher: Reduces damage taken from Boss monsters by 10%. If refined to +10: Adds a further 5% resistance to Neutral attacks. Heavy Set: Made for tank and supports. (YOU NEED THE SHIELD FOR THIS SET TO WORK) Azure Heavy Mail [1]: Increases MDEF 1 point per refine level. Increases HP 1% per refine level. Set Bonus (wearing the whole Heavy Azure Set, Shield and Pendant): Increases DEF and MDEF by 5. If refined to +7 or higher: Grants Stun immunity. If refined to +10: Grants Coma immunity. Increases DEF by 7. Azure Heavy Coil [1]: Increases MDEF 1 point per refine level. Reduces damage taken from Neutral attacks by 1% every 2 refine levels. Set Bonus (wearing the whole Heavy Azure Set, Shield and Pendant): Increases DEF by 4.", If refined to +7 or higher: Reduces damage taken from Boss monsters by 10%. If refined to +10: Grants an extra 5% resistance towards Neutral attacks. Azure Heavy Greaves [1]: Increases MDEF 1 point per refine level. Increases DEF 1 point per refine level. Set Bonus (wearing the whole Heavy Azure Set, Shield and Pendant): Prevents the wearer from getting knocked back. Increases DEF by 4. If refined to +7 or higher: Increases Max HP by 1% per refine level. If refined to +10: Grants an extra 5 MDEF. Azure Pendant [1]: Increases MDEF by 3. Increases DEF by 3. Set Bonus (wearing the whole Heavy Azure Set, Shield and Pendant): Reduces damage taken from Boss monsters by 5%. Increases DEF by 3. Light Set: Made for damage dealers. Azure Light Mail [1]: Increases HP by 1% per refine level. Increases damage done with Neutral attacks by 5%. Set Bonus (wearing the whole Light Azure Set and Ring): Increases HIT by 1 point per 5 DEX. Increases Critical by 1 point every 10 LUK. Reduces After-Cast Delay by 1% every 25 INT. Azure Light Coil [1]: Increases physical and magical damage on Boss monsters by 5%. Increases ATK based on STR and DEX. Increases MATK based on INT and AGI. Set Bonus (wearing the whole Light Azure Set and Ring): Reduces reflected physical and magical damage by 1% per refine level. Increases Critical by 1 point every 10 LUK. Increases physical and magical damage on Boss monsters by another 5%. Azure Light Greaves [1]: Increases HP by 10%. Increases SP by 10%. Set Bonus (wearing the whole Light Azure Set and Ring) Prevents the wearer from getting knocked back. Reduces After-Cast Delay by 1% per refine level. Azure Ring [1]: Increases HIT by 15. Increases Critical by 4. Increases MATK by 100. Set Bonus (wearing the whole Light Azure Set and Ring): All stats +5. ♦ Changes: Sealed Eddga Card: Added knockback prevention. Sealed Maya Card: Chance to evade magic replaced with a 10% resistance to Close Range, Physical Long Range and Misc types of attacks. Sealed Orc Lord: Added a 10% HP increase. Sealed Turtle General: Fire damage increased to 10% and it will also stack with other Sealed Turtle Generals. Sealed Phreeoni: Hit increased to +175, chance to Perfect Hit was removed. Sealed Drake: Added a 5% chance to freeze your target when physically attacking. Sealed Osiris: Chance to be resurrected upon death increased from 10% to 50%. Sealed Dark Lord: Meteor Storm level increased to 10. Sealed Baphomet: Splash area increased from 3x3 (9 cells) to 5x5 (25 cells). Sealed Incantation Samurai: Removed the 100 HP leech with each attack. Added a 10% chance to drain 10% of your damage as HP. Gold Queen Scaraba Card(N): Added freeze immunity. Henry Morgan Card: Previous effect replaced with: Grants 50% resistance to freeze. Has a small chance to cast Critical Wounds on your oponent when being attacked. Battleground's Loot Bag: Some of the rewards were improved in quality and amount. Added some missing cards to Marvin: 20 points cards: Naga, Pinguicula, Nepenthes, Bradium Golem, Treant, Sproutling, Polistes, Praying Mantis, Mazdah Mantis, Manyu Mantis, Mogwai, Opuntia, Mossy Golem, jorgumandr, Onyx, Rhodochrosite, Indicolite, Implosion, Embers, Crystalis Golem, Roseus Monstrum, Anunaki, Chariot Leader, Flawless Angel, Righteous Angel, Faith, Noble Cherub, Avenging Angel, Heaven's Mischief, Jophiel, Judgementring, Amnayel, Seraphring, Spirit of Angel, Remnant of Angel, Tree Spirit, Sorcere de Foire, Erdgeist, Waldgeist, Rufia, Ancestral Guardian, Jackalope, Lepus, Caliphe, Calius, Fairy of Fury, Nature's Gift. 25 points cards: Alphoccio Bazil, Celia Alde, Chen Ryu, Flamel Emul, Gertie Wie, Randel Lawrence, Trentini Bazil. 100 points cards: Tendrillion, Hardrock Mammoth, Mermaid, Skoll Baby, Nature's Guardian, Nature's Servant. 150 points card: Lycan. ♦ Added effects on some items that were missing them: Sidraelle Card (Weapon): 5% Chance to cast Curse when dealing magical damage. Combo with Amnayel Card: 5% Chance to cast Confusion when dealing magical damage. Amnayel Card (Weapon): Increases magical damage on DemiHuman monsters by 5%. Combo with Sidraelle Card: Increases magical damage on DemiHuman monsters by another 2%. Seraphring Card (Garment): Increases resistance to Misc type attacks by 10%. Increases resistance to Neutral attacks by 10%. Spirit of Angel Card (Accessory): Grants a 5% chance to cast Level 5 Safety Wall on yourself when receiving physical damage. Banaspaty Card (Weapon): Increases damage done with all fire elemental attacks by 10%. Water Lily Ring: +10 VIT +5 DEX +5 LUK Disables natural SP regeneration. +5% resistance to Medium monsters. ♦ Bug Fixes: Lepus card now drops from Lepus at a 0.2% chance. Super Novices can now equip Apollo's Quiver. HOA investment is now available after wednesday's woe2, for some reason it was still using the old woe times. Gold Soles now work as intended. Sealed Incantation Samurai Card no longer deals obscene amounts of damage to Plant-Type monsters (WOE/BG Barricades, BG Emperium, etc). ♦ Cash Shop: Feathered Circlet [4] (Upper Headgear) +25 STR +15 AGI +50% Damage against Demi-Human and Brute races. Red Elf's Aura [4] (Mid Headgear) Increases all stats by 30. Str+5, Agi+3, Vit-2, Int-5, Luk+2. When in combo with Feathered Circlet and Feathered Scarf: Increases damage done with close range attacks by 10%. Feathered Scarf [1] (Lower Headgear) +10 All stats. Increases damage done to all sizes by 10% When in combo with Feathered Circlet and Red Elf's Aura: Grants intravision. ♦ Quality of Life Changes: Event Point Shop and Retro EP Shop: Both are more organized now and some missing hats were added. Autotrading: It is now available for everyone, and can only be used in a specialized new map (there's a NPC in every town for you to get warped there). There's a zeny fee for autotrading, but only for accounts below donor level 8. After 7 days of autotrading, your merchant will be immediately kicked out. ♦ Premium Tiers: Premium tiers were updated for this month. A new item can be redeemed from those: Lucky Voucher. This voucher will grant one spin on the wheel at the Mall (@go 16). This wheel includes as a prize stuff like: a brand new HE Gum box, Ginger Breads, an assortment of costumes, etc.
  18. Return to the group of Glastian Knights and hand over specified Case of Hermit's Wine. He will now grant you access through the Secret Passage. “The problem here sir is, the glastian knights is not taking the cases of hermits wine he ask. I brought him the right amount he ask, but he did not accept it. Then i brought him more and still he did not accept it.
  19. I dont think more days of woe would be a good idea because, the little relevance it has right now, would be taken away. If you can woe every day then why bother woeing every day? This has happened before a few years ago, and this exact thing happened. Since there were more woes, people stopped caring about them, or the numbers split between even more woes, instead of being concentrated in just a few of them. I think the way to make woe more appealing and also reactivating the economy would be through revamping guild dungeons. Mix them into just one dungeon and put objectives in it so people in the guild have to work as a team (like kill x number of monsters, or reach x amount of guild points). And upon completing those objectives, you get rewarded. Plus, you've already been getting guild points (or maybe a new type of point with a specialized shop, so you also dont use old points u farmed prior), and the drops from the monsters which I recommend should be good for using (so they can be sold to other players) or misc items that can be sold to npcs, and also adding woe tokens with a low drop rate cuz why not, its a guild dungeon after all. So thats a lot of rewards for (a) keeping the castle, and (b) doing the objectives in the dungeon.
  20. I don't know if you added the right day or not I just think that if WOE is made every day, then I can observe the days, hours, and the number of players who are busy with WOE we can see the reality now, the hours of the changed WOE show fewer and fewer participants and they only do AFK or BG which does not have a positive impact on server development and this is very bad for the RRO life cycle because PVP and Farmer are actually correlated
  21. We've tried to add more days of woe in the past and it didn't work out very well. Why do you think that it would succeed this time? Do players actually want more days of WoE? If you can get them to like your post in suggestions then I'd be open to adding a woe day.
  22. first problem, the current situation at the loki is that it is very difficult to sell goods because it is very difficult to find buyers. The current situation is buyers from PVP player types. We can take examples of goods that are often purchased by PVP players such as Normal5 or Lresist5 or other orbs. So that if possible make it every day WOE but one day only one WOE. This suggestion needs to be considered because, (1) rebirth.ro players play from different countries at different times (2) if WOE is more active then demands on Equip and Cards for PVP will increase and that will encourage players to be active and also supply Equip and Card for PVP so that it can encourage servers to become more active servers. So the key word is not talking about reducing the duration of WOE but making it everyday is WOE
  23. Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to new updates and changes!
  24. It is improving, slowly, but steadily. For the first suggestion: Second suggestion: No, because then people would only log in to level up during the weekends. Event rates or whatever you want to call them are staying random. Third: Fourth: Please report them. Every bug that has been reported to me on the last few weeks is already fixed for the upcoming maintenance. Here's the list: Lepus card now drops from Lepus at a 0.2% chance. Super Novices can now equip Apollo's Quiver. HOA investment is now available after wednesday's woe2, for some reason it was still using the old woe times. Gold Soles now work as intended. Sealed Incantation Samurai Card no longer deals obscene amounts of damage to Plant-Type monsters (WOE/BG Barricades, BG Emperium, etc). If you know about the existence of any other bugs please report them. You can do so here: http://bugs.rebirth.ro/tracker Or you can also DM me on discord at: Orion#6815
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