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  2. Phoenix

    Unban Request

    Denied. Didn't follow format, Ban reason was wrong and not following rule # 11 again...............
  3. Guest

    Unban Request

    Time of Ban was probably 2-3years back Reason was for calling a gm partial I have realised my mistake and repented for it, ive not played rebrithro for over 2 years.Give me a chance to come back on the server i love, iw ont let you guys regret it and ill keep my thoughts to myself rather than being immature. Thank you Admin, Gm's.
  4. Guest


    Ingame Name(s): Gods Not Dead Approximate date you were banned: 2016 or 2017 I don't really remember the month and year Reason for being banned: I chat in main and caused uproar and breaking the Chat rules. Why should the team unban you? I am really sorry for what i have done, i am really upset that time and stressed at my work i will not do that again. I love this game I have learned my lesson and I hope you can consider it. Thank you very much .
  5. Please use correct format listed in the topic rules above.
  6. Denied. Honestly, your first account will not get unbanned. This Unban Request forum is a way for people to prove their innocence or change of behavior to us. You have shown in these last few months that your behavior has not really changed by not adhering to the rules of this forum. However, if you follow the rules you may make a new Unban Request for your second account. We are not obligated to answer unban requests right away or at all for that matter.
  7. Guest

    unbanned my acc

    Please forgive me again and again to play back here.... please unbanned my acc,,,,
  8. Problem solved itself. Thanks everyone.
  9. I'm having log-in issues for Eir server. I can successfully log into my account, however I cannot access the Eir server. Error comes up as "The map is not available". I downloaded the newest RebirthRO.rar file @Phoenix posted as of 22 Feb 2021, but the error still exists. Any guidance to resolve this error?
  10. ‘Ello Lokians! A very delayed event will occur for 12 days! Cupid’s minions have decided to rebel against him and its up to you and a partner to stop them! Team up with Cupid to defeat them and get a reward for your troubles. The war is waiting for you. The Bacon eater came back from his vacation, he said Hawaii was a wonderful place, but it’s definitely more fun to fill our inventory with junk. The New Donor Box 2021 has been added with New Donor Headgears, Eggs, GM Cards and Costumes. The Tiers should have been updated. [Changed] Sealed Drake Card Buffed slightly. [Fixed] Pet Issue fixed. No longer should you lose a pet. If you come to help desk without a screenshot of owning said pet you will not be helped as proof of ownership is required to claim a lost pet. [Added] Retro Donate NPC. If you’ve been looking all over for those long lost donates of the past (the ones in the lucky boxes) never fear! They have returned to the Eden Mall. [Limited points not accepted, sorry!] [Added] Specialty Cards for Top 3 Donors of All time have been made! Spawn, Kanjis and ‘I Dont F With You’ please pick up your pseudo cards at help desk. [Fixed] Vending Warp no longer overlaps other npcs! [Added] Prontera has a new look just in time for Spring! [Added] New Cash Shop costumes. [Added] Ham implemented. Things to look forward to: St Patrick’s Day Event Pokemon Village Monster Hunter Episode Poring Island
  11. Guest

    Request for Account Unban

    Hi, Ingame Name(s): xXxKleinxXx ACCOUNTID: <redacted> Approximate date you were banned: 2011 or 2012 Reason for being banned: RMT Why should the team unban you? I apologize that it was my fault for breaking the rule. I have learnt my lesson. The rules state it for a reason and should be followed. And i did not follow the rules. The reason being is i wanted to cheat out of grinding. Instead of donating that could helped the server. I have learned my lesson and will assure you not to do it again since i have learnt my lesson in a hard way and will strive again to farm. Thank you for your kind considerations. Wish you guys for the best.
  12. None of those characters are on the same account. Nor are they linked to banned accounts
  13. If you still wish to play respond to this thread again. Thank you.
  14. Ingame Name(s): Litany / Litany II Approximate date you were banned: 2011 and 2017-18 Reason for being banned: (1) Deleted characters from a friends account, and (2) Used third-party auto key software to keep character active/logged in and for financial (zeny) gain Why should the team unban you? My name is Victor Munoz and I am the owner of banned accounts/characters Litany and Litany II, and I am humbly requesting reverse decisions to unban one or both accounts on the reasons of past mistakes. I admit, that on both accounts that I had committed banable offenses in my youth under both accounts. On the first occasion around 2011 timeframe, I knowingly deleted a series of characters from a friend's account. I lied to him out of spite, however my behavior was unacceptable and deserved to be banned. On the second offense, I knowingly used a third-party keyboard program to keep my character logged in. I know it was against the rules, but I decided to use it for my personal gain. Again, my actions at both times were completely wrong and deserved to be banned. I was young, immature, and selfish. It was only until years after joining the military that I had grown exponentially as a person and as a professional. I matured over the past 10 years. I got married to my best friend, am thriving as a military leader, and best yet: we are planning on having a child! Ragnarok Online changed the way I behave. I've learned valuable leadership and teamwork skills from endless hours of playing with friends and community members. Moreover, this particular server contributed to my growth as a person. I would like to relive the nostalgic memories and create new ones by playing on your server again. Lastly, With your decision, I will abide by all rules and policies, and contribute to the growth of the Rebirth community as a friendly, mature, and responsible member. Lastly, I will strive to set positive examples as a role model for other players to emulate. With these reasons, I humbly request to have my accounts unbanned. I hope to hear from your team soon. Very respectfully, Victor.
  15. Guest

    Unban Requests

    IGN : Kaladbolg II, Yuuko, Garm, Durandal, Herpe, Varja Approximate date you were banned: End of june/Early July 2013 Reason for being banned : Macro Farming <-- the only thing that I'm sure I'm being banned for, since I didnt ask Untradeable pet, that can be traded... Maybe ? but i report the problem to the GM on game Borrow my friend equipment... Maybe ? since i only know him on game so not sure whether he report as a hacking or not, but he knew I borrow it since I ask his permission first Making berzebub card with new char, delete it and create new char again over and over... No idea if it is abuse or not ? just mention it just in case Why should the team unban you? I deeply apologize about I use macro for farming, you can say I'm getting ahead of myself since at that time I just know that macro can be use as farming. I know its completely my fault so that why I didnt ask for a proper reason for being banned even though you banned 5-6 of all my IDs, I didnt rant over the game or to the other people, I just accept it as my punishment. as for untradeable pet, as I found it by coincidence I use it to trade for my ALTS, I didnt use it to sell or anything, I only told few of my friend but I doubt that they abuse it much... since I thought it is unfair to the other people I report to the GM and I think they solved the problem ? but not really sure since it was long time ago I hope that I can be given another chance to play this game again. I learn my mistake and I will not do it again.
  16. Welcome (us) back.. havent check forums for awhile, izumi no longer plays (not sure if i can entice her to play again) she's busy in real life with her kiddos
  17. Just Visit By and UP !
  18. Guest

    Unban Request

    Ingame Name: J the Creator, 1 S N I P E R 1, iLink iLink Approximate date you were banned: June 25, 2020 Reason for being banned: I impersonate gm name Why should the team unban you? I really apologize what I've been do in that day. i disobey the rules but i swear i didn't know that it will go to ban. If my account was unban I'll make this situation as a lesson to my self to don't break the rules again.
  19. Guest

    Request Unban

    for GM ID: <redacted> I have been banned for a long time due to a mistake I made a bug in the vote point I haven't played Rebirth RO for so many years. I really miss being able to play Rebirth RO again I beg to unbanned me I promise to be a good player and not to repeat it i miss rebirth ro so much thank you always success for rebirthro
  20. Well I have some things that needs some fixes (Even there's no guarantee itll fix and even there's no one read my post) well crossfinger I hope some admins reading this - Crimson Weapons is not tradeable - Some moonhaven/Invek headgear dont have resource materials that existed in the server -Unlimit skill of ranger doesnt effect the damage of Arrow storm (Only Aimbolt) -Some Misc items is char bound
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