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Game Trading

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Trade credits for things in other games.

Game Trading Rules

This section is for trading credits for out of game things. Mostly aimed at things in other games (i.e. DOTA 2, TF2, etc).


  1. One topic per person. You must do all your buying/selling inside one topic.
  2. All transactions, no matter where they are negotiated, must accompany a reply or post in this forum section or a PM to me. Failure to document the transaction makes the transaction considered illegal RMT and is bannable. Either party involved in the transaction can document it.
  3. Reply reviewing any successful transactions as well as any scams. This is to help people build a reputation.
  4. Scamming will result in a ban on all your accounts.
  5. Credits only, no other items in the game can be used or traded for.
  6. No "tell me what you want" sale posts. This counts as "resembling money".
  7. All activities related to trading for other games must occur in this section. Advertising any offers outside of this area is punishable. That means you can't go to Payon and spam "B> TF2 items", however, you can advertise that you have a post in this area. That means, in game, you can make a chat "B> TF2 Items, see my post!" while you are AFK.
  8. Items/services sold here must be legal in the United States of America and for any other countries involved (i.e. sellers country, buyers country) to be allowed.


  • Firearm Sales: Allowed for the USA only. Must use a licensed dealer (FFL) for the transfer or it's a felony. Any illegal firearm sales brought to our attention will be reported to the BATF.
  • Adult Services: Allowed when legal in private. Permit required in some areas. Any illegal interactions with minors brought to our attention will be reported to the FBI. Publicly advertising these services is not allowed.
  • Drugs (except Marijuana, Alcohol and Tobacco): The sale of any controlled substance (USA) is not allowed, regardless of where you live. Sales of illegal drugs brought to our attention will be reported to the FBI.
  • Marijuana: The sale of marijuana is not allowed even in states where it is. Marijuana is federally controlled. Sales of marijuana brought to our attention will be reported to the FBI.
  • Alcohol and Tobacco: The sale of alcohol/tobacco is only legal with a permit obtained from the BATF and your state. All illegal sales of alcohol and/or tobacco brought to our attention will be reported to the BATF. Sales of alcohol and/or tobacco to minors will be reported to the FBI.

BUYER AND SELLER BEWARE. Trades in this section are at your own risk. Scammers will be banned but no items or credits will be returned. (We can't really return items even if we wanted to since we don't control other games.)

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