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Sell your artwork here.

Art Shop Rules

Obviously, our tiny, cute art shop section has expanded to the point where it has eaten most of the art forums. That's okay! We love our art shops!

However, this means that we're long overdue in posting some guidelines. These are both a combination of rules and etiquette, most of which should be common sense.


  • Organization
    • Usually, nice, bold headings and short, to the point bullet points lead to the highest amount of reading comprehension from your clients.
    • Please make sure to clearly include the pricing, payment options, and contact information in your first post. Sample works are also recommended.
    • If you have different styles or levels of detail to your art, please include options and samples for each level you are willing to accommodate.
    • Make sure to state out front what you will and will not draw.
    • If you plan to post many pictures, please use the spoiler tag.
    • Please make use of lists and other informational symbols, such as whether a person has paid or not. Update them regularly.
    • Do not move a person from the waiting list (if you have one), to your to-do list until you are positive that you can accept and finish their commission.
  • Pricing
    • You have the option to change your pricing at any time to suit your needs.
    • Any changes in pricing should be announced as soon as possible, however, any commissions accepted during the time where old pricing was still effective should not have the prices changed.
    • We do allow offering commissions for real money, however, you must include an ingame alternative of comparable price and quality. They do not have to be exact, and you can certainly have bonuses for one or the other, but to put it simply, you can't open an art shop that draws detailed sketches for $15 real money, but only draws stick-figures for 5000 premium points.
  • Delays
    • It is your responsibility to inform your clients if their art will be delayed or will take longer than the quoted time period.
    • If it comes to the point where you cannot keep up with your commissions, please do not officially accept any new requests until you finish the ones you already have.
    • If you feel like your shops needs to go on a temporary hiatus or be closed, you may PM a GM or mode to close your thread.
    • Please make sure to double check with your clients that they still want their art after returning from a hiatus or a long delay.
  • General Etiquette
    • Please bump your thread only if you have finished a commission, are still accepting commissions and it falls off the first page, or if you have recently re-opened a shop.
    • Once you have made a list, please try to go in order. Consider the commission a type of contract.
    • It is generally a good idea to PM your clients once you have finished their commissions. Some people can lose track of whom they commissioned works from.


  • Commissioning
    • Read the guidelines and make sure you're fully aware of what terms and conditions the artist works on. Before requesting, double check the main post to see if anything has changed.
    • Please post a reference as soon as possible after posting your request, but preferably at the time of said request.
    • Try to make your references as clear and detailed as possible. A good reference should be clear, large, and from several angles. It is also a good idea to remove any obscuring objects and to provide any up-close detailed item views that you have.
    • Since different people interpret the same idea in different ways, if you want a detailed commission, the earlier you give information, and the more information you give, the better it is. It tends to be much easier to change a drawing in its earlier stages than in its later stages. If you are picky about your drawings, be up front about it.
    • Make sure you have the required money, or an amount very close to it at the time of ordering. It is unfair to delay payment for a finished product because you still have to hunt for it.
    • Please only commission one piece of art for each style per artist at once. Artists may have stricter guidelines, but if you have a large series of commissions, it may be best to contact the artist privately and see what they are willing to do.
  • Requesting Information
    • You are free to ask for WIPs and progress updates, but artists have lives too. Do not spam them with requests.
    • If you want to fine-tune your drawing, it is best to do so through a private means of communication.
  • Payment
    • Please do not try to haggle the price after the work has been completed.
    • If you absolutely adore your shiny, new art consider leaving a tip.
    • Make sure to note from whom the payment is, using both the forum name and your in-game name.
  • General Etiquette
    • Art is something that thrives on constructive criticism. However, some artists are less comfortable with this than others. When in doubt, it is always best to ask if you can offer your concrit.
    • Do not bump art shop threads or spam them asking for updates repeatedly. Artists have lives, too. Since things happen, they may not always be able to get back to you right away.

Happy artsing!

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