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Unban Requests

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Use the application format as follows:


Ingame Name(s):
Approximate date you were banned:
Reason for being banned:

Why should the team unban you?



1. Do not try to lie in your unban request. Always stick to the truth, that will increase your chances of getting unbanned.
You will not be unbanned if you're caught pants down trying to lie to the staff.

2. The unban request is all about YOU, do not try to blame others in your unban request.

3. We have a system that logs your actions ingame.
What it means is that we can see what you've done in the server, the connection you used to enter the server and more.

4. You need to give us your FULL ingame name so we can properly handle your unban request.
Warning: Do NOT type your username, we can see it ourselves. This is to avoid any possible security risks.

5. General reasons for getting banned:
Do take note that you can get banned for ANY rulebreaking if it's continuous, so do not think you cannot get banned just because you keep breaking the "lesser rules".

Full list of rules here

6. Staff will not count such explanations, like:

  • Family and/or friends are involved;
  • Pressing cheat button by mistake;
  • Forgot to switch off cheat-program;

7. Being banned over and over again will lower your chances of getting unbanned, eventually to a point where you will never be allowed back.

8. Trying to asslick your way out of being banned will not help your chances of getting unbanned.

9. Trying to threaten the staff or server in ANY way will result you being banned for far longer time than originally planned, if not permanently.

10. The length of the ban is in no way related to the rule(s) you broke, but your general attitude. Do not try and think otherwise.

11. Due to some spamming DMs in discord this now needs to be a rule: Do not contact any staff members about your request. If you do it will likely result in the process being delayed or denied outright.

Respect others and you shall be respected.

* And remember: We know what you've done.  ;)

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