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    dude you were a great friend, hope you can find peace on the another side, dont worry about us, we will always remember you Zeos.
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    pls Edit: Allowing wagering on the fights for equal fun for spectators fam
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    Honestly I feel like 1h would be too short and give guilds less action and a small advantage for who's defending the castles, and the reasons for that are: 1) Time taken to regroup > I'll take as an example last woe 1 between Infection and Hooters. Whichever guild was defending the castle had a full setup on entrance and since the guilds were evenly matched, you can't just run in one by one hoping to run past or you'd just die, so for that you need your entire guild on portal with proper buffs and coordination to go in at the same time and setup inside. This takes easily 3-5 minutes after your guild get fully wiped out of the castle and the other guild has taken over entrance again. If the collapse point is inside the castle, the same happens, both guilds will stay at distance until everyone is ready and then make a move. 2) Ecall cooldown > It often happens on big fights that the attacking guild does not want to try a push unless they have ecall available, because there's already a lot of disadvantages when fighting a fully setup guild defending something, so one of the tools your guild has is clear the portal and sneak an ecall inside and then slowly push from there. So if you need ecalls to push on every room of a castle, that's around 10 minutes wasted after the fight has finished just sitting there waiting on the cooldown to end (happened a lot back when FP vs MD was a thing). 3) The advantage to defending guilds I'm referring to is that with only 1h to break a castle, it's not enough to take a 2.0 castle from a well coordinated guild for example, because you have many factors that prevent you from pushing. One is of course the enemy guild following you all around the castle, and the castles have 2 stones that have to be destroyed to even have a chance of moving further, and then 3 barricades after that, and there's also the fact that stones can be rebuilt thus restraining your entire attack back to the stones. Regular castles do not have stones or barricades, but the flag in spot is usually on 3rd room near emp and the break point where fights happen is usually right before the flag in spot so you can just quickly flag back and you're instantly there to help your guild again while whoever is attacking has to walk all the way back. (side note: flag in spots also mean you can keep assumptio and mind break through some of the fight, so keep that in mind.) 1 castle per realm open per hour doesn't fix the problem that our server currently does not have enough population to make use of all those at the same time, it's always random breakers running and doing their thing, so if that's the reason for them to be there, might as well be closed. The fact that my own guild had 3 castles at the end of last woe 2 with only 2 people on should be enough proof that we have too many castles open at moment. 1) At this point, if anyone lacks supplies is because they're lazy to farm, because the server provides everyone many ways to get them. You can make an argument that newer players will have problems farming them, sure they will, but they're not really suited for woe yet if that's the case are they? 2) I wonder what kind of supply could possibly help economy a castle... The best thing you get from those chests currently are EDPs, speeds and +10 foods, and everyone who has tried to build economy lately has failed, so a revamp on those does not affect economy one bit. 3) Woe activity will become a thing when you can find people to fight, and reducing the castles is a good way of doing that. You guys have no idea how happy we all were (Infection) when RED allied Hooters, it was the best woe we had in forever. Also, with the upgraded god items, everyone will want to make them, so the action will build itself around those, just be patient.