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    It is improving, slowly, but steadily. For the first suggestion: Second suggestion: No, because then people would only log in to level up during the weekends. Event rates or whatever you want to call them are staying random. Third: Fourth: Please report them. Every bug that has been reported to me on the last few weeks is already fixed for the upcoming maintenance. Here's the list: Lepus card now drops from Lepus at a 0.2% chance. Super Novices can now equip Apollo's Quiver. HOA investment is now available after wednesday's woe2, for some reason it was still using the old woe times. Gold Soles now work as intended. Sealed Incantation Samurai Card no longer deals obscene amounts of damage to Plant-Type monsters (WOE/BG Barricades, BG Emperium, etc). If you know about the existence of any other bugs please report them. You can do so here: http://bugs.rebirth.ro/tracker Or you can also DM me on discord at: Orion#6815
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