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    PM me here would be the best way to contact me, i'm able to make trades in game (loki server) weekends and weekdays past 8pm (Eastern standard time US and Canada). I have much more if you're looking for something PM me i might be able to hook you up. Offers end mid August. 25c = 1x $20 Blizzard gift card code 60c = 2x $20 Blizzard gift card codes sold to Lee Sin GTB = 1x $20 Blizzard gift card code Fable = 2x $20 Blizzard gift card codes Hypa = 3x $20 Blizzard gift card codes LKC/OKC(sold to Lee Sin)/GEC/ and more = offer +9 Spec Bow [2x GMC/Samurai Spector/Daehyon] = offer +10 compound bow [3x white smith] = offer +10 compound bow [4x SKC] = offer +10 tidal w/ ring mail [GEC] = offer [+10 DEX] fire armor [gloom] = offer
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    BUG - Missing warps/NPC in Scaraba Dungeon up until El Dicastes (making some New World quests impossible to be done). Same thing happens to Splendide warps -> Eclage field. (Edit: More missing warps and npcs in Brasilis, cant access the field :() Some said probably not really important since stuff is from renewal, and maybe not ported yet to Eir and stuff. Just telling 8D Two questions by the way: -Shouldn't Lunakaligo drop random food items? -Why leap (Taekwon class) is forbidden in WoE? It renders taekwon classes quite useless in woe, and makes them a bit tough. Is it directly taken from Loki? P.D.: I still can't log into bug tracker, help me :'<
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