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    Hello! My name is Krischevskov and im here to draw some stuff! Art status: Open / Closed Samples and Pricing Contact: Loki Server - Usually conected on weekends Wispeable name: Krischevskov If is NSFW or personal stuff, you can PM via forum! I'll give you a discord server and there i'll be giving you the WIPS, and you can correct mistakes with me I will work only on your commish until i finish it, the time can vary between 1 day and a week, so be patient! You can find me @ Deviantart ( http://bit.ly/2l6RBLZ ) I'll be posting my finished works over there. If you're looking to pay with paypal, please do contact me via Deviantart or PM
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    Added my second commish! Thanks @Flirt! for the support! Edit: Added the Fullbody Chibi!
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    COMMISSIONS OPEN! Hello! I hope you enjoy my work! I am a humble artist that lives from her drawings but I also have a RO obsession so I set up shop over here as well. I can draw anything asked without restriction, and will make an effort to learn if It's something I haven't tried. Warning: I live from my drawings so I try to make them as cheap as possible, thanks to this I may be swamped with commissions, that said I'll take any commission but I won't receive payment until it's your turn. I apologize if it makes you wait a bit but trust me I'll get to your turn as quickly as possible Here are my prices Time on drawings and price may vary slightly depending on difficulty (Example a complicated beast or armor might take a bit longer or cost an extra credit) Extra characters that cost less are because they are entwined in the same drawing and will probably interact with the other in a way that they might overlap (like in a hug or a fight), since this may obscure details for the other one they cost less. If you want both caracters to be seen completely then I recommend ordering a complex drawing or separate requests. SAMPLES Will also receive as payment: (these will cost as much as the credits they can be bought with in game) -Ifrit Card. -Lord Knight Card. -Evil Snake Lord Card. Once more. I have no don'ts on my conditions all I ask is patience from your part. This means NSFW/guro/furry/beasts/monsters/ponies/loli/yuri/yaoi/poring gangbang trust me, no conditions try me n_n WAITLIST Contact Hope I'll be able to make drawings that can steal smiles from you n_n Thank you so much for liking my artwork.
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    that hand tho. hahahaha...thankies also nicole ~ <3
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    Just added my first commish Paid by Anonymous - Dota character 5C
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    I'm interested! As for posting in the art shop I'm pretty sure you need 10 posts elsewhere before you can post/create topics there. I'll leave you a PM with my references for your art. c:
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    Based on my experience, the following should be included in your art shop topic c: 1. Introduction : something about yourself that the others need to know, includes contact, ign and times you are online also art shop status (are you open/closed?) 2. Slots and waitlist : so people could track your progress and how long the line is 3. Samples : most important ; place everything that you offer and perhaps showcase your best works in a particular category (personally, in the previous forums, i offered chibi, half body, full body, and signatures) 4. Pricing : do not lowball yourself. if you think your art deserves the price you've put unto it, let it be! 5. Do's and dont's : you are the artist, you create your own rules. place the things that you are comfortable and confident in drawing and put those that you aren't. 6. Order Form : putting my sample I put in other RO art forums Lastly, enjoy drawing and good luck in your art shop!! You have a nice style, wishing you luck c:
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    First of all I love your artstyle. Your drawings are really cute and unique but also really clean and nice. I believe you can easily charge 5 credits for a fullbody character in your chibi style. (maybe 2 extra for each extra character or 1 credit for a falcon or peco or simple monster) I also recommend you draw a price page. With your level I'm sure your chibis will sell like hot cakes. Take care and good luck!
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