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    These are fun to make, so here comes a second one: First I need to clarify, I didn't farm this place as much (did farm it effectively tho) but there could still be some mistakes and/or stuff to be improved. Farming the catalysts (you can either use sinx or gs): GS: Upper: Amistr Beret (could use damage cards), use regular Amistr if you don't have the Beret. Mid: Notes (esl, marduk, orc hero) Lower: tie armor: reset girls robe (gloom) weapon: Two goblin revolvers: one with thana tg (ak is pointless since almost every mob is thana bait), one with orc combo garment: I used noxious on gds cuz why not boots: anti knockback boots (antique- bg) with kiel rings: 2x recons with implosion take pink pochi (if u have one), pandaling pet, panacea, pots, silver bullets when hitting RUDO use cursed water, after its dead switch weapons to make the wep neutral again (so you hit holy due to holy ammo) use thana on everyone except rudo and piamette (ik orc combo will affect only rudo but having an inca gun just for piamette is retarded) then just run around and desperado everything Sinx: Upper: amistr mid: trident/+30 wings: esl, marduk, orc hero, low: tie armor: pragma with gloom weapons: i used hsk to kill rudo and piamette, then sandstorm with thana and dmg cards and perun in offhand with vr jolie lora (vr is a must cuz kades uses reflect shield and i didnt have trident, thats why jolie) garment: gds with baal (again cuz of reflect) boot: bg/antique with okc, apache if u die often (cuz of baal combo) rings: megs How to kill hol: Sinx with the same stuff as before but ghost pragma (you need something like 500 hit), and the sandstorm with thana ak and 2 snipers, must use apache. this build is a lot safer just in case you have shit luck procing dispell (like i had), if you feel lucky, go for more damage (remove snipers, or apache, use water vert, ktullanux if you're feeling dangerous, whatever) NOTE: I honestly do not remember if geminis are needed, I had them on my sinx but i used it for everything, so you can take em just in case (or not) EDIT 1: Added Amistr Beret, thanks Envy.
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