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    Temple of Demon God and Sky Fortress @Phoenix @Big Dumb Object @Mystery @Syphon (c) credits for the owners of photos
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    Thank you for the screenshots, they prove that you can get a good kdr without using sets. I said you guys will lose "skill" because a majority of your guild relies on sets to play well. No one cares about making good builds that have good resist and good damange, all they want is either full damage when attacking and full tank when they have to back off. If you put some actual effort on builds, instead of just focusing one thing per set, then you'd all be doing better. It is clear that your guild has improved a lot since we first stopped woeing a few months ago back when we finished eco'ing. The only thing holding most of your players at the moment are sets. If we catch someone with their squishy set, that person is most likely dead, so this is my advice for you, make better builds which do well on both, damage and resist. You're saying they drop like flies when they come across me, and that will keep happening as long as they have full damage set on while on my range. I use a high damage build but decently tanky, so if you're not careful around me you WILL drop fast. And I didn't say I couldn't win in bg if you were there supporting someone, I said people are impossible to be killed 1v1, because of how much damage they can reduce with a single item. Sharp shooting, if you're not aware, has a 9 cell range opposed to ds, which is screen wide (14 cells if im not mistaken), so when I'm hitting someone it means that I'm in range of wizards, creos, tarot... you name it. The fact that you decide to put a professor in the frontline, or LKs, gives me the option of using him to hit all your guild in the back, because that's how the skill works, so that's something for you guys to think about before you throw someone at my range carelessly. Those status when hit would be ok if they had some kind of drawback for the user, but they don't, and being able to stall a class for that much time when doing absolutely nothing is not ok. None of your comments brought any useful information to this discussion, but if you want to keep going like this I'll be more than happy.
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    I don’t know why you all still keep talking about this eden sets till now,this has been a thing for like 3yrs now and in my opinion eden sets are fine because it adds more mechanic and makes the gameplay more fun. So stop saying that eden set makes people no skill or braindead. To make an argument I just “DONT” really see why all of a sudden that eden sets becomes a problem here. Or maybe you just don’t want a competition? Like what most people said as long as everyone can use a certain item or “SETS” theres nothing wrong about it much more arguing about it. And if ever u guys are pushing this nonsense atleast make it 3 eden sets maximum per character and i think putting 8-10secs delay is not that bad. That’s it!! Anything else other than that is stupid. I just checked few battle reports and i could say INF is the one winning every woe and yet you guys still want to change eden sets? And to that think eden sets is the only thing that gives these people a fighting chance against u old people and you guys still want to take this away from them? Is it for you guys to give them more humiliation or what? Contrary to what u guys are saying that you guys wanna make woe more fun its actually the opposite. You guys do realize that these people are like 3-4months old in here and still don’t have the experience like u guys?? 🤔🤔🤔 Till now im still wondering why this dude is so keen on changing the set when u guys are on the winning side. 😒🤔 And please for fucks sake could you all stop being a fucking keyboard warrior and talk like civilized peoples? And sorry if im asking u this isn’t you the same dude who’s crying 3yrs ago about Lk’s being op? But gets slapped with the harsh truth by a better player?? I dont know why bro... but i feel like when things doesn’t go your way you always ask for some nerf or fixing? Why sir? And to be honest we should talk about FIXING range damage first before anything else. Let’s all be honest range dmg is so absurd together with these non stop range modifier gears that keeps on coming. Snipers doing 60-70k per ds from a safe distance even with shielded characters they do that amount of damage (assuming they using long range dmg reducers) that right there tells me its broken af. This should have been fixed years ago. I still remember that luxuri’s team was about to tweak something on poring party script,but unfortunately they left the server because of some shit. So i say let’s take a look of range damage first before nerfing anything else. And I’m not suggesting for a nerf its more of a fix 👍 It’s funny how some gm’s act like they know shit and say they love the game and in reality all they do is sit and afk and not actually help PHOENIX on improving the game. I mean if u can’t do anything about the ingame related stuffs might as well do some advertising and not just afk in pront and act like they know shit. (Justanoldplayerwhoknowsshit) ✌️✌️
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    Thank you for expressing your opinion, but apparently making proper suggestions is no longer meaningful because people I don't even know, together with one, maybe 2 GMs, have decided that this particular suggestion wasn't a good idea, while me, the one who's responsible for the original suggestion wasn't there to defend my point of view, so it was basically a one sided conversation which ended in the suggestion being denied. It is ironic though, because people for a long time now have been calling infection a gm guild full of cheaters, but after seeing my suggestion get denied after 1 day because of a conversation that happened without me being there to defend myself proves otherwise.
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    here is the list : - White Drooping Eddga Hat - Black Devil's Mask - Jinn Marin Balloon - Isabella Red Ears [1*] - Mercury Riser [1] - CD In Mouth - Vanargand Helm [1] - Crown of Deceit [1] - Skull Cap [1] - Ninja Scroll - Turkey On Your Head [1] -