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      Having issues figuring out how to login? It's actually very simple and only takes a few minutes! Just follow these steps: Go to your Account CP on rebirthro.com Find the character whose name you want to use as a display name on the forum Click on "Actions" Click on "Set as forum display name" You can now login on the forum with either your email address or display (character) name, and your in-game password! That's all there is to it! See, simple! If you are having issues getting into the forums you can contact us on support.rebirthro.com -- you also login there with your in game username/password. If you can't register for some reason or are unable to login, email us at this address for assistance (use an email associated with the account you are having issues with if you can -- obviously if you can't register this doesn't apply).

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  1. Rebirth.RO - New Domain!

    We've got a new domain! We've changed from rebirthro.com to rebirth.ro. This is mostly cosmetic, but I think the new domain is awesome Enjoy!
  2. Episode and Ragnarok Calc

    It's wrong, very wrong. We have no official episode as we just implement whatever. Loki is at the last episode before renewal. Thor is a bit behind and a bit mixed, we have stuff from newer episodes but also mechanics from older ones. We mix and match what we think is best.
  3. New Forum Features! (Forum Maintenance)

    Forum Points Forums now have a points system in which you can earn Forum Points. You will be able to spend forum points on costumes and consumable items shortly. We're working on that now. Until then, start racking up those points! Clubs I've enabled the club system. This system lets you create a "club" and make forums, a gallery, or even a calendar. You control who's in your club and can even make it private or secret. It's perfect for guilds. Check it out at the top of the page.
  4. Important: Dyna-Hat Change Notice

    I will be changing how Dyna-Hats work (including the spinoffs Dyna-Free, Dyna-Third, etc as well as the Thor Dyna Hats). As such, all current Dyna Hats will be treated as if they are new (no sprite set). This change is being done because the system was designed originally to only support 3 hats, now that we have added things like Dyna-Free, Dyna-Third, etc it's getting harder and harder to maintain it so I'm rewriting it. The new system will work pretty much the same with a few notable exceptions. A list of features (both new and old): [Loki] You'll be able to Dyna any official hat. You'll be able to Dyna any ([Loki] custom) hat that you've scanned into the Dyna Scanner. [Loki] You will no longer have to use the VIP NPC to set scanned hats. (It will continue to work if you want to use it though.) [Loki] VIP will be able to set scanned and official hats. (Currently, it only sets scanned hats) [Loki] A costume Dyna will be added. It will be provided with VIP just like on Thor. If VIP expires so does the Dyna. [Loki] Dyna-Wing will not be able to dyna new wings (this is the primary reason we've been reluctant to add new wings, sorry). Dyna sprites that were obtained via scanning will expire with VIP. You will have to resub VIP to use them again (you don't have to rescan though). You will be able to select sprites a few different ways (by item name, by view ID, by item number) You'll be able to save sets of sprites for loading (much like saving stats, except with dynas!) Warning: Loading doesn't care about the hat type, so if you save your set of Dyna-Hats and are wearing a Dyna-Third now it'll overwrite the Dyna-Third sprite with the one from your Dyna-Hat that you saved. Saves are character based. 2 save slots are included. Additional save slots can be purchased for 150pp each. They increase the slots for all the characters on your account. (the number of slots available is account based). Please take this time to note what your hats are set to as you will lose them when the new system is added (target release date is next maintenance [Sunday])
  5. Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sales!

    Black Friday Sale hints are up now. The main Black Friday sale starts soon. Until then you can hit up the pre-sale. Once the main sale starts the pre-sale will end, so it's your last chance at those discounts. Cyber Monday hints replace the Black Friday page at midnight, so you can check those out as soon as Black Friday is over. Black Friday begins Friday at 00:00:00 UTC (server time) Cyber Monday begins on Monday at 00:00:00 UTC (server time) For those that did not hear, the items on sale for both days are entirely different. In addition to the usual hourly-sale, there are also a few exclusive items that will ONLY be available during Black Friday/Cyber Monday (different items for each day). These items will NEVER be available again, so you better get them while you can. They are at the top of the page and are available all day on their respective days. In addition to the sales on the site, you will get 1 Donor Box (2017) per 20 Euro donated via any method. (Note: In the case of a bank payment or other non-instant payment the payment MUST clear before the sale ends or you won't get the extra donor boxes.) The Christmas event also starts along with the Black Friday event. Details on that will be posted later today in a different announcement.
  6. Nintendo Switch Owners Thread

    I have BoTW w/expansion pass, Super Mario Odyssey, Sonic Mania, Splatoon 2, Stardew Valley, and Robonauts. Currently renting Pokken Tourney.
  7. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    I have it as well. New expansion should be out soon.
  8. Costume Anything!

    The Costumer can now turn almost any hat, even things like Sunglasses and Black Cat Ears, into a costume! As usual, just trade it the item and click ok to see if you can costume it. It will cancel the trade if it can't. If it also clicks ok then those items can be turned into costumes. Don't worry, you won't be charged for the transaction unless you click on "Trade"
  9. report or not to report?

    You can report it if you want to. Ultimately it's up to your guild leader.
  10. rebirthro domain seized by FBI?

    It's what you see if the site thinks you are Gravity or an affiliated company. Funny story, the page is real. It was what the FBI put up when they took down l2extreme (for tax evasion, not piracy). It's also one of the reasons we actually pay taxes, and that is one of the reasons the servers apparent income seems like more than it is (around half of all donations go to the Dutch government).
  11. New Wedding NPC!

    A new wedding NPC is now available on Loki (Thor and Eir after maintenance). Since the old one kept breaking I decided to make a new one that is significantly better. Here are the changes... Weddings are now held in an instance As the weddings are held in an instance, multiple weddings can take place at once (no more waiting!) You can PM Server "wedding" to get to the NPCs quickly. Wedding Planner - start a wedding Wedding Usher - attend a wedding There are multiple locations available, more to come soon! Prontera Church Jawaii Heart Hugel Church (outside) Lutie Cathedral Amatsu Cherry Tree Currently, there is only 1 ceremony type, but we'll be adding more later for different religions/customs/languages. Same sex marriage is allowed. The wedding ceremony does not start until you tell it too. This gives your friends plenty of time to show up! You no longer need the ring and other materials. It's now pure Zeny. The cost varies with the cheapest ceremony costing 15mil (10mil for Prontera Church and 5mil for a basic ceremony, the cost is based on map size). The server wide broadcast is optional. If selected it costs 5mil. You must say "I do" for the Standard ceremony (and likely other ceremonies too). You must trade the rings for the ceremony If you are disconnected during the ceremony it will pause. When you return click the NPC again to resume. Hope you enjoy it!
  12. [NoobQuestion]Link for Full Installer

    Check now.
  13. The Return of Eir

    That's wrong. It does close the gap.
  14. Sale of the day

    This was fixed.
  15. The Return of Eir

    http://blog.rebirthro.com/woe-barrier-of-entry-smithing/ Thor and Eir will be getting this as well.