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  1. So, this appears to be the hot discussion at the moment: Trash talking. First, trash talking is only allowed in #main in certain circumstances: During normal WoE hours During the 15 minutes following the end of WoE During PVP events (both GM held and Auto Event) During the 15 minutes at the end of a PVP event Outside of these times, trash talking in #main will be treated as light harassment and is punishable by mute and/or jail and/or ban. Note that we tend not to punish weak harassment (i.e. "<name> sucks!!! hahaha") even outside of the above times unless the targeted person complains. If you are the subject of trash talk outside these times and wish something to be done about it you need to report it. You can use NPC:Report if a GM is online, Discord (via PM), or screenshot it and report it via support.rebirth.ro. Also, I want to make it clear that there is a fine line between trash talking and harassment. If you cross that line, even during the approved hours, you will be punished -- in many cases even when no complaint is filed. Where is the line? It's hard to say, but bringing in personal details definitely crosses the line. This includes, but is not limited to, revealing a person's real name, phone number, or insulting someone directly (i.e. say you know someone has a speech impairment and you mock them). Threats of physical violence such as murder or rape will not be tolerated at any time in any medium under our control. In general, keep it to game related stuff. Telling someone that they suck at the game, that they should "get skillz n00b", etc is acceptable. Also, keep in mind this only applies to #main. If someone is harassing or trash talking you in PM, use /ex. If it's in public, right click and click reject messages (this blocks public chat). If it's in guild chat, contact the leader. If the leader refuses to help, you should leave the guild. We are not the moderators of guild/party chat. Except for major rules (i.e. spamming, threats of physical violence, etc) moderation of those channels is handled internally by the leadership.
  2. First Place: Help design a hat!** + 4 costumes of choice* Second Place: 3 costumes of choice* Third Place: 2 costume of choice* * Costumes must already exist. Some special costumes may be excluded, i.e. loyal player rewards. ** Request must be reasonable. Certain limitations apply. You can substitute 2 costumes of choice if you do not wish to help design a hat.
  3. View this article on the dev blog.
  4. Our goal isn't to get everyone attending both WoEs, it's not possible to have 2 WoEs that everyone can attend. That's not the point of having 2 WoEs. The point of 2 WoEs is we can try to choose times for the absolute best coverage so that everyone can attend at least one of them. The first WoE time was moved to the peak server time because that's when the most people are on. That means the most people are playing / can play. The second WoE time was tweaked because moving the first WoE time made it so people in the UK couldn't play. So think of it like this: The first WoE is intended mainly for Asian/Austrailian players. The second WoE is intended mainly for USA/European players. Players in the USA also have the option of attending both if they stay up late/get up early.
  5. I'd like to improve our Mac (OS X) compatibility, perhaps even make an installer and client fixer just for Mac. To do this I need to actually have a Mac. I have no interest in Macs myself, I'm a PC guy (Windows and *nix), so it's not something I really want to spend my money on. We don't really have -that- many people on RRO using a Mac either, it's enough that I'd like to improve our support for Mac, but not so many that I feel it's fair just using money from the general donation pool on a Mac. So, what I'd like is for any Mac users, or just anyone, who would like to see this happen to donate to the cause. They are about $300 on eBay so it's not a whole lot. If we get $500 I'll buy a new one instead so we get a warranty, but a used one is fine. If you'd like to donate to the cause just donate normally then message me in Discord with your username and donation amount and let me know your donation is for the Mac fund and I'll note that. Once we get enough I'll update this post and leave a message in Discord announcements. I'll also take a donation of a Mac if any of you have an old one sitting around you'd like to donate. I'll give you PP equal to the value of the Mac (using eBay to get the going price). It needs to be working and decently new, able to run the latest version of OS X. It doesn't have to be perfect (i.e. a broken keyboard/trackpad is fine, as long as it has a working USB port) but obviously the less perfect it is the less PP you'll get for it. Thanks for your time, hopefully, we'll get this sorted.
  6. Hey everyone! This month (April) we've got some updates for the Premium Tier system. This was added a while back to reward small donations. As per usual, it was used in ways we didn't expect. It's proven really popular and people have been asking us to add tiers above $200. We've now done this, along with a few new items and other changes. Check out the changes below. Only the next $100 in tiers show instead of all the tiers. There are now tier types. For the most part, this hasn't changed what's in them, it just highlights tiers that contain better items. The types are: Regular (grey) Typical stuff. The best item that can be in a regular tier is a Donor Box. Gold (yellow) Includes something special. Either expensive (GRT) or exclusive. Initially, these are rare. The first one is currently at $50 and includes an Apollo's Quiver. As you get to higher tiers these occur more often. The next gold tier always shows. If it's not one of the next 2 tiers you will see 3 tiers (unless there are no gold tiers left) Secret (red) Expensive, very high-level tiers. Most people will never see a red tier. Includes a lot of stuff They won't show until they are the current tier you are working on unlocking. Unlocked (green) Any tier you unlock will turn green. It will vanish completely once claimed. There are now over 20 tiers. There are now several Premium Tier exclusive items: Apollo's Quiver Box (30-day rental accessory) Premium Costume Box (30-day rental costume) Floating Kitties Box* (30-day rental costume) Kawaii Stars Box* (30-day rental costume) Floating Kitties* (permanent costume) Kawaii Stars* (permanent costume) Enjoy! *These items are Unknown Items for now.
  7. Win a Logitech G203 Gaming Mouse or 1 month of Humble Monthly! https://rebirth.ro/giveaway Logitech G203 giveaway is open to US residents only. Humble Monthly giveaway is open to everyone.
  8. If you are trading for items in other games please remember some very important rules/guidelines: You are only allowed to trade POINTS for items in other games. You cannot trade items from RRO, only POINTS. For the following guidelines, I will use this example: Bob is trading a weapon from FFXIV to John in exchange for 500PP. You MUST make a post/reply/PM to me BEFORE you make the transaction. This post must be made in a way that affirms the entire outline of a deal. i.e. "I (John) am trading 500PP to Bob for [item name] in FFXIV," then Bob needs to reply accepting it. This is the log that will be used in determining who's right/wrong in the event of a dispute (i.e. a scam). You should trade the out of game items after verifying the buyer has the points in RRO. John would show Bob his 5x 100 point coins, then Bob would trade John the item from FFXIV, then John gives Bob the 500PP. Both sides should screenshot every aspect of the trade, especially the parts taking place in another game. This is the ONLY order that works because if John is a scammer we can forcibly take the 500PP from him. If you trade the 500PP first then Bob can run off with it and we can't get you those items in FFXIV. If that 500PP is already in the economy it's gone forever. If you violate these guidelines we will not help you. At most, we will ban the scammer and that's it. You will not have any items returned to you.
  9. As Rebirth.RO enters its 15th year, we have to take the time to see what we've accomplished over the years. We are responsible for many of the innovations in the private server community. We invented Dyna-Hats, @noks, and more. We have a lot to be thankful for too: no wipes, our newfound independence, and our new lag-free hosting. As I stated in a previous post, in honor of our 15th year we've decided to celebrate in many different ways. The first of which is a free set of donation items for every player. To claim your items visit the mall and speak with "Rebirth.RO 15th Anni" (114/90) and select them. These exclusive items will only be available during the anniversary festivities. As this year goes on we'll add more items to this NPC. Not all of them will be equipments, but there will be lots! Thank you for playing Rebirth.RO.
  10. A long requested feature has been something to reward small donations. Until recently there's been a big emphasis on getting very large donations. As we don't care as much about getting those large sums anymore we've implemented a new feature that rewards a donation as small as $5. The new Premium Tiers system rewards you with bonus items depending on how much you've donated in a month. This includes direct donation, loot box, and SuperRewards. Let's say you made a $5 donation. This would let you redeem Tier 1. 2 days from now you decide to donate $10. That would let you redeem Tier 2 and 3 as well. The tally resets on the first of every month which lets you redeem starting at tier 1 again. Note: This system includes all donations from this month, even those made before the announcement. Credit goes to Casey for coming up with this system.
  11. I think it's no secret that WoE has been in a decline for quite some time. It was bad before the coup and it's only gotten worse since. We've been wanting to make changes to WoE for some time, the biggest block was time. With so much emphasis placed on generating income, not much time was ever left for content. Changes for WoE require a lot of thought and planning. WoE is delicate and requires very intricate changes to maintain the balance of challenge vs fun. We need to add rewards to WoE that don't require you to have the rewards in order to do WoE, otherwise, you end up with the initial guilds being unable to be challenged by any new guild. This is a trap many other servers have fallen into. Buffing god items, especially, is delicate. If they become too strong and guilds hoard them then new guilds cannot offer a challenge, they will get frustrated and leave. At the same time, the items need to be powerful enough that people will desire them. So, what changes do we have planned? Well, lets split this into 2 parts. We'll talk about the changes that will be in the next 2 maintenances and some changes that are planned for farther down the line. Upcoming WoE Changes The first change will be to castle treasure and god items. We don't have a lot of specifics as of yet but we will be rebalancing castle drops to include more useful items and less garbage. You'll also be able to upgrade god items (add slots/stats) using new materials, currencies, and Zeny. Future WoE Changes I think the biggest future change is we want to start rewarding those who participate in WoE, even if they don't obtain or maintain a castle. People that go into castles, be they hitting or healing, should be rewarded, win or lose. With our new, faster, server we can now log additional information including damage dealt, damage resisted, damage healed, etc without causing any lag. This is important for this change and was the primary reason we couldn't do it before. We will then issue rewards based on this information, so the more you participate the greater the rewards are. We'll even log how long you (your character) were in a castle (vs not in a castle) and how long you (your guild) held specific castles. We plan to reward a new WoE currency for this that you can redeem for items. The items will vary from equips to hats (w/stats) to costumes.
  12. To continue to celebrate our 15th anniversary we're starting a program to encourage new guilds to join or former guilds to return. The offer is available to guilds of 15 or more returning members or 20 or more new members. You must return or join as one (as in, not recruit from the existing player base). Being a WoE guild is not required. New guilds will receive an Emperium and the guild will be leveled to level 10. Returning guilds can be leveled up 10 if they are under level 10. Both new and returning guilds will be offered a small guild town (no NPCs). If you want a larger guild town you will have to pay the difference. Each member of the guild will be given a Guild Promo Box. The box contains: 1 account bound Great Old Set Various cards (you choose from a list) 2 Accessories (you choose from a list) 1 Weapon (you choose from a list) 1,000 LPP Several consumables used for WoE (look at the "WoE Supply Box" loot box, it will be most of those) The box itself also acts as a Max Level ticket. It will level a character to 255/120 trans job of your choosing. In addition to the above, we will be giving out a new set soon with exclusive sprites equal to a donation set (+30/+30/+15). This will be for everyone, not just returning guilds. I will also give a guild town to any guild that has 15+ reps (unique IPs) during 4 consecutive WoEs regardless of the join date of the members. (Only get the town and that's it) Each IP is logged as a unique IP so they cannot be used to gain a guild town for another guild.
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