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  1. Hoy

    Unban Request

    No. If you look at my post history, you'll see that I had a good reputation in this community. I helped out newbies whenever I could. Some of them, I even mentor myself in-game. Here's my profile from the old forums. And as I've said, I was a part of Phoenix's testing team. I helped her test quests and content before they were pushed to the live server. Before that, I reported bugs and bug abusers and general rule breakers I encounter. There was a time when ALL links to images in the wiki were broken. Sen asked for the community's help to fix them. I was the one with the most contributions.
  2. Hoy

    Unban Request

    It wasn't even a server's link because there was no server yet to advertise. It was a link to Syphon's discord. I was active on this server's discord channel and was on the admin's side at the time. All this server's discord channel's content was how dumb Syphon was acting. I figured other players would like to see what he'd been saying. And since I'd be playing less if I get unbanned, there's really no chance I'd do that again.
  3. Hoy

    Unban Request

    Ingame Name(s): Hoy, Spotify Premium Approximate date you were banned: December 2017 Reason for being banned: Right after the Coup, I noticed Syphon started a Discord channel. I posted the link on main chat. I meant is as "hey guys, let's make fun of what syphon's saying". But it was interpreted as advertising the other server, which at that point did not exist yet. Why should the team unban you? On top of being an active player, I was part of Phoenix's testing team.
  4. Hoy

    Free Art (FULL)

    If there's a slot available, I'll take it.
  5. Hoy

    pls help me

    try running vcredist_x64.exe and vcredist_x86.exe first.
  6. PC>Alvilda Card and permanent Sword of the Dark Sea costume
  7. afaik, Alvilda is immune to magic. I use a gunslinger. Just stack as much damage as possible. orc combo for other mobs, baphie/thanatos for alvilda. spam desperado. use amistr beret or drooping amistr for lifesteal. treasureberry when you run out of SP. or spdrain5
  8. ftp://patch.rebirthro.com/patch Download the files your patcher fails to download. Dump them in your RebirthRO folder. Run patcher.
  9. By any chance, did you share your account to Dry or Erificus?
  10. Your stats reset as you rebirth so leveling past 99 is a waste of your effort.
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