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  1. Hoy

    Free Art (FULL)

    If there's a slot available, I'll take it.
  2. Hoy

    pls help me

    try running vcredist_x64.exe and vcredist_x86.exe first.
  3. Hoy

    Price Checking (Temporary)

    PC>Alvilda Card and permanent Sword of the Dark Sea costume
  4. Hoy

    Farming @ VIP Dungeon

    afaik, Alvilda is immune to magic. I use a gunslinger. Just stack as much damage as possible. orc combo for other mobs, baphie/thanatos for alvilda. spam desperado. use amistr beret or drooping amistr for lifesteal. treasureberry when you run out of SP. or spdrain5
  5. ftp://patch.rebirthro.com/patch Download the files your patcher fails to download. Dump them in your RebirthRO folder. Run patcher.
  6. Hoy

    Why my other OLD account is banned?

    By any chance, did you share your account to Dry or Erificus?
  7. Hoy

    Best lvl for Transcend?

    Your stats reset as you rebirth so leveling past 99 is a waste of your effort.
  8. Hoy

    Divinity Set Recolor

    Damn, are you still on Windows 98?
  9. Hoy

    About Homunculi Intimacy

    Don't Loki and Thor have the same rates? Base and job exp, that is. I have evolved three homunculi on Loki, two of which were before there were Care Guides. Yes, that's a lot of hours but back then, there were a lot to do and a lot of players to interact with on the server. Still a long time but I've been busy doing other stuff between feeding times. We also have pets that take like three whole days of online time to feed.
  10. Hoy

    About Homunculi Intimacy

    Wiki says it's not available on Thor.