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  1. Easter Event Madness

    @Selome NKRO
  2. WTA > Blue Herbs

    B>50k blue herbs 5001z ea. Y'all lowballin here
  3. Stuff to sell

  4. Stuff to sell

    bump. updated list. added water armor and pwc
  5. Stuff to sell

    updated selling list. fable and baal sold. selling enchantments
  6. Stuff to sell

  7. Stuff to sell

    S>PWC -leave offer if interested. +10 valk with mirror shard -leave offer if interested. WSkill5 7c Ringmail/Mirror Shard/Sac Water (enchant only) (extra 10c if you want compounded on a +10 tidals/valk armor unless supplied, will help you compound for free) +7 water armor PWC a/s 320c leave offer
  8. Lets talk about the meta (to tank or not to tank)

    What the people in the server need is a better brain, in turn will result in them getting better gears.
  9. Alil help (asking for stuff)

    guild dungeon
  10. The Leaf Village Shinobi Shop

    Oh whoops I thought this was the loki section mah bad
  11. The Leaf Village Shinobi Shop

    I wouldn't recommend Agimat Tattoo because from what I remember, its a temporary item. There are some cheaper and probably better stuff you could use in Loki (seeing as you're new to Loki from Thor) like Recondite rings ( for melee and range) and Resplendent rings or Ring Des Nibelungen (for magic). Recon and Respl can be obtained from cedi and Ring Des is from quest. Alternatively, you can use The Sign (pure quest so basically free)
  12. Melanis Sinx Farm Builds

    I'd be glad to help out some of you on melanis farming. Find me in-game, I usually(always) hang around GH(P), I'll be happy to help you with gears and stuff if you're able to catch me when I'm not afk-ing. P.S. and don't bother pm-ing me because I won't reply.
  13. Its because the starting map for doram hasnt been fixed/added in ever since a merge they did back few months ago. The only way to bypass this is to do like what Oichi said and create a doram and go to the rebirthro website and reset location which should take you to pront or something.
  14. WoE Suggestions [Loki]

    PvM part has been dead because there isn't new content being added (content in terms of "things to do", not new items or systems to make us spend money on. Just pure money-free, money earning, monster killing content). The last original content that was added was geffen(p) and melanis but due to a certain fiasco, its been evidently necro-ed. Interested in your PvM ranking system but unfortunately, highly unlikely it will happen because of the existence of a MvP room (usual rankings I've seen are number of MvPs killed). On top of that unless the ranking gave any reward, I dont think there would be any incentive for people to partake either. Even taking part just for the fame aspect of it, if you noticed the Hall of Fame display section isn't really updated, or maybe its just people haven't beaten their scores even though those people on it are ancient, and if that were the case, see how little people care about these rankings. So even if they were at the top, unless they found some way to make the glory of it enticing enough to make people take part in it then I think it would just flop in a matter of time. In the section about gearing up for newbies, one of the biggest flaws I find in RRO in gear preparation is donates. Since we only have a "donates allowed" WoE, nates are essentially the biggest solution and problem a newbie would face when trying to get gears. We must admit RRO, is a free-to-play game with micro transactions in the form of "donations". The only thing that comes second to donates are some event headgears (just for the card slots) and even then its not everyday that theres an event going on which gives a decent headgear to use. Even if you did use something like Drooping amistr and LRW, or something of those sorts, you'll still be at a disadvantage compared to someone using nates ( just because of the high addition of stats and additional card slots from one nate), even in PvM. This problem was addressed and apparently being tackled with the soon ™ -to-be implemented advanced smiting, which may or may not see the light of day. ^ Take a guess where RRO currently stands. Note: Even if something were to be thought of in this thread, the problem lies upon implementation by our dear admin(s), which some project(s) never saw the light of day (conquest,vip,ham,BECs, WoE tournament just to name) just because he, quote, "got bored of it" even though some were decently good ideas they were never implemented or finished because he never committed to it. So far all the talk about new ideas and concepts being discussed has just been that. All talk. We don't get any update on the progress of the system, whether its even being developed or what not, just the idea of it. The transparency isn't there and so far its all just false hope. My suggestion to the devs is to perhaps update us on your projects by maybe having a regular-ish dev stream on things being worked on so that we at least know something is being done and not continue to feed false hope because it seems to me, Melanis is the "latest" original content RRO has seem in a while. Feel free to prove otherwise tho. Cheers~
  15. Kyuupi's Emporium

    bumpy boo