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  1. Welcome (us) back.. havent check forums for awhile, izumi no longer plays (not sure if i can entice her to play again) she's busy in real life with her kiddos
  2. faceworm eggshell please http://db.irowiki.org/db/item-info/19081/
  3. Hello, this is a basic guide to those new and would like to try thor server. at the onset, all new players should redeem the RRO newbie package by talking to the npc located at izlude 179,210 this will give new players decent starting equipment thats very useful till reaching Base/job level 99/70. This set will somewhat lose its effectiveness upon reaching third job. (mainly because there are better equipment that you can start to grind based on your level). Side note: Leveling in thor is much more easier compare to eir and loki so its not that of a problem (playing just 3-4 hrs youll be base level 120+ even with minimal equipment) You can continue to use this set post 2nd job but it is highly recommended that you hunt/quest for equipment before the newbie set expires. Now how to get those equipments: For Upper Headgear: 1) it is highly advised that you do the 3rd job change quest rather than talking to the job change npc. By doing so youll be awarded a headgear and a green apple ring accessory. (check irowiki.org for the quest for each class) 2) You can also try custom quest like rideword hat, Bunny Top hat or dress hat or other available quest (check: https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Custom_Quests). The bunny top hat is the easiest quest among all listed. 3) Vote point npc also gives old school headgears For mid Headgears: 1) You can start doing the monster of the day and save enough heroic points to obtain the day/night ring (https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Monster_of_the_Day). 2) or you can do the other rro custom quest like cyclops eye, golden wings quest, silver fairy wings quest, ice wing quest (the quest are listed here https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Custom_Quests). For lower headgears: 1) You can also get lower headgears by doing the same method above: by either doing Monster of the day (save enough points for the rucksacks) or by doing custom quest like Apple, Strawberry or carrot headgear hats (https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Custom_Quests). The carrot headgear quest is the easiest and is very helpful especially if your planning to make a Bunny top headgear. 2) You can also try other lower headgear custom quest like Gentleman's pipe or Juperos eye (https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Gentleman%27s_Pipe_Quest) (https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Eyes_of_Juperos). For Weapons: 1) The easiest solo quest to do is Thanatos weapons (https://irowiki.org/wiki/Ghost_Palace) its so easy in fact you can do this while still wearing the newbie sets given at izlude 2) If you are an archbishop or warlock you can also do the mora quest (https://irowiki.org/wiki/Mora_Village) to get weapons For Armors and Accessories: 1) You can start doing the geffen magic tournament (https://irowiki.org/wiki/Geffen_Magic_Tournament) and start saving for coins. In fact you dont even have to finish the GMT instance to get coins since each monster you defeat per tournament ladder gives you a specific amount of coins. If you save enough (400coins for accessory/ 300 for armors and 200 for shields) coins, you can exchange this coins in dali (just near the geffen magic tournament starting npc) 2) For accessory you have other options like the eclage stat gloves quest (https://irowiki.org/wiki/Eclage). But before you can start doing this quest there are alot of other pre-requisite quest to do. starting with the new world quest and other access quest (access to splendide, manuk fields, mora village and then eclage) 3) or you can hunt for mora armors and accessories to complete your mora sets (sapha/nabfor gx; ur/peuz for rk; whitewing/blackwing for ranger) you can check ratemyserver for the monster who drops for these 4) If youre a warlock/Archbishop you can do the mora daily quest in order to get mora coins and you can exchange them for armors and accessory 5) Other notable easy to obtain accessory are the bradium brooch (https://irowiki.org/wiki/Doha%27s_Secret_Orders) or the Bradium Earring (https://irowiki.org/wiki/Frede's_Request) For Garment/Shoes: 1) You can do the mora daily quest for mora coins and exchange them to complete your mora equipment set (RK/GX/Ranger,AB,Warlock). You just need to do the wandering guardian quest (https://irowiki.org/wiki/Wandering_Guardian_Quest). If you need help with this just pm me in game or via discord. 2) By doing Monster of the day you can start saving heroic points for heroic backpack Majority of the equipment listed here are intended for mid game and you can do them solo. After completing these you will be competitive enough to try doing other instances like moonhaven, nightmarish jitterbug, old glash heim etc that gives end game rewards
  4. this is sad. but thanks equi
  5. kindly keep your vendors online lol XD
  6. Buying: +9 Peuz plate Cursed Seal 10k ea Holy Arrow Quiver 10k ea Selling: +7 heroic backpack +7 Orc Champion Helm
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