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  1. Remove MPV's and God item's from WoE. Do I have to repeat myself 99million times before someone does something. Shit ANYTHING.
  2. Hakuu

    OP Spam of Tarot

    Remove MVP's and Gods from WoE. I'm tired of repeating myself. Nothing needs nerfed. MVP's and God items need to be REMOVED from WoE. Go use them in PvP and BG.
  3. literally everything i've been saying for the past 3 years
  4. My famous last words... When all Illu was, was a bunch of random pinoys except a couple people.
  5. I guess you've never seen FBH HW with 3 Kiel Cards, Maya p, Orc hero, Ghostring/Marc Swap, Devi, GTB/Thara swap, and Devotion/ mind breaker literally wipe entire guilds.
  6. agreed, maybe activate at different intervals. Like Wed/Sunday disable, and Saturday enable. Or any combination of 2:1 odds, favoring disabling them. Obviously keep them active in BG tho.
  7. Am not. Thanks for asking hun. In Eir this does nothing to combat the amount of MVP Cards and God item's that exist. The gap is still too large.
  8. Lol. You attack me but ignore everything Myounar said. He's changed my mind, I've come to terms with the fact that you brain dead idiots will never accept change, you will continue to grasp at what little "love" you have for a server that's been dead for the past 5 years. And so the cycle continues, you idiots won't accept change, server continues to be shit and stays dead. YOU are the reason this server has never made progress, YOU are the reason this server is dead, YOU are the reason RRO will never make ANY money from Eir. You speak to me as though you were part of any major event that happened inside Eir, but you weren't, you were a nobody with no voice until the Forums showed up. Why would I of all people want all of my stuff gone? Ask yourself that. I'd say it's pretty fucking simple, but it's not apparently, you must suffer from some kind of mental disorder, and so I'll explain it a little more "clearer". My Friends and I have the most to lose from this, we have everything you could ever imagine, so why would we want those things to be gone, those things we worked years and years for. Camped every MVP by the hour, setting alarms just to wake up so no one could compete, holding every WoE castle we wanted in hopes of getting the gods items we so desired. What do YOU have to lose? Nothing. You have shit gear and shit characters, I don't care if you think I'm attacking you or flaming you, the truth is the truth. You haven't fucking done anything but bitch and cry on forums about Eir being down, while having nothing to show for it on the server in the first place. The reason we want change to happen is because we actually want to see Eir be successful, that's what we have always wanted, it might have gotten contorted over the years from anger towards management for making no changes and never listening, but it's the truth. But continue to cry and grasp at what little breaths you can, until the last breath is taken and Eir is no more, then you will open your eyes and see all you've done is destroy what you claim to love.
  9. I agree with a lot that is being said here, tho I disagree with a total wipe. Things that I believe that HAVE to happen: 1: Total wipe of ALL mvp cards and mini boss cards. If not, then PERMANENTLY disable during any WoE setting. 2: Introduce BG/WoE Supply vendors. 3: Lower MVP Card drop rate to 0.01% and even if those things do happen, which they should, what is the selling point for Eir to new players? Just another low rate with over powered customs? There are plenty of well active low rates on the market already with sub 500 players at all times. How do you compete with them? Answer is, unless you make drastic changes, you can't. Fuck it, I agree. Wipe everything. Add higher rates, add BG/WoE supply Vendors, lower MVP Card drop rate.
  10. WoE/MVP's are the end game. End game is everything. We killed off every guild who tried to oppose us. My guild gives absolutely no shits about creating a "competitive enviroment" Illuminati only ever seeks to destroy and conquer and so we did. In the end Illu was the reason the server died, and I'm not saying that's right or how it should be, but it is what it is. WoE is the most important aspect of the game, if you knew anything of the old times, and the countless threads that were made complaining about how Eir is flooded with MVP Cards and Illuminati is "killing the server" you wouldn't be trying to argue some blinded point. Many veterans from Revo/YP/If we die it's lag quit because no time to farm WoE mats to compete against us. My suggestion to sell WoE mats would fix that problem and the rest would fall into place. In the end Illuminati only cares about having competition, which is what I care about the most, if there isn't competition, Illuminati and other huge imposing guilds, which made Eir, Eir. Will not come back. I've been ignored in the past, many times, you can read back to previous threads dating back years if you wish, but the proof is in the pudding. Mark my words, Eir will not compete with Thor or Loki if something drastic is not done. Even if we didn't come back and just let the server be, one it would never have a healthy population under the way it is right now, and two the server still would never catch up to Illu. Too many MVPs and too many god items. That's all I have to say regarding the matter, I stated my opinions and my thoughts on what needs to be done. If you are not willing to change, then you will never be anything more then a server with a max population of 20 people. But hey, at least you'll be happy right? Cause happiness pays the bills, Right? In regards, Sugar.
  11. One guild? Illuminati and our opposing guild "If we die it's lag". I've been talking to there GL on skype for the past two days. And the "Idea"? We camped every MVP, no one could compete, we held both WoE2 Castles simultaneously and WoE1 castles that we wanted for months and months on end. We did in every since of the word, run the server.
  12. I'm sorry Fizz but ur guildmates don't even take up 1/10th of the population Eir once was. My opinions are being voiced to me by Illuminati(My Guild, which ran the server from the time of it's conception. And opposing guilds. Such as "If we die it's lag" If I need to make it any clearer, it's pretty simple, if something isn't done in regards to MVP cards and God Items, even if the server does magically become active again, which it won't, mark my words, us Veterans will just kill it again. We have too many MVP Cards and God items, it's pretty simple. The gap is not manageable under the certain circumstances, plain and simple. I am up to possibly just disabling selective MVP Cards and God items inside WoE.
  13. My reasoning is simple. My guild is stocked sky high with MVP Cards and God items, we alone have 25 Asprikas. I have two myself, along with many mini boss cards and mvp cards. The reason I want them wiped is pretty simple, they kill competition, getting rid of them would make the gap that is already way too big to manage, manageable. Pre-Trans would market a lot better then just another trans server. Now, with that being said, we are not completely against playing as Trans classes, we have done it for many years and dominated the server and ultimately killed the server under trans classes. And nerfing trans gears would add different dynamics to Eir, in which other servers have yet to try. It's pretty simple, the only way Eir will ever profit and make RebirthRO money is to become marketable, old Eir is not marketable, that's why it's always been a pretty dead server.
  14. Without proper changes to core game-play I can assure you without a shadow of a doubt, most veterans won't even consider coming back. I have tried to make this server great and marketable on more then one occasion, and most of it was shot down, now with me being your only hope to bringing back something that has been dead for so very long, I question if you really have the liberty to ignore my suggestions. Not trying to sound conceded or cocky, but I know Eir and I know what it would take to bring any kind of population back. First let's making something clear. Veteran by definition should mean: Account has been owned for four or more years, and has been dominantly active on EIR. Requirements: 1: Pre-Trans server. (Many vet's I am still in contact with, would be ecstatic to play under those changes) 2: Let us VETERANS, keep our gears, but wipe the server of ALL God items, MVP cards, and ALL Mini boss cards. 3: Nerf trans gears to accommodate with pre-trans classes, even if they are harsh nerfs, it doesn't matter. I could discuss each nerf with your team if needed. 4: Vendors for BG Supplies and WoE Supplies. 1-3 zeny each. Restricted WoE/BG ONLY. This will make WoE active again. 5: Rates: These days, active guilds from other servers don't want to really GRIND to level and gear, and they are the market we are aiming to attract. Rates need to be something like Thor, leveling needs to be easy, gearing needs to be somewhat of a grind but not too much of one. Something like Base and Job 100x/100x. Normal Card: 0.70% / MvP/Mini Card: 0.01% and Item / equips rate: 50x (There are more suggestions but that's the premise.)
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