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  1. iAbyss


    Though we've never talked much but may you rest in peace, you were an awesome person.
  2. yeap, you can do it from Moonhaven town...=)
  3. Just passing by, HOLC atm cost about....couple hundred c...Would say about 500 to be close. Do ignore me jus sayin...=)
  4. iAbyss

    Farming Oridecon

    One thing you can use is @whodrops oridecon, then use @whereis the mob...or go Ratemyserver key in oridecon see what mobs drop it, and u can also see the spawn rate in that specific map. Well thats what i usually do...=)
  5. iAbyss

    old RRO members?

    I've never been in those guild, I was online in Forsaken Within / Zero Goddess guild small but nice...xD but that was a loooooooong time ago
  6. iAbyss

    old RRO members?

    Used to be playing from, i think...around 2007 ish i think, when there were CT/PL/Ascension and so on.
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