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  1. And what is wrong with that? If you mainly aim to bring back old players then what is the point in even having Eir back? Eir died because of those players. Eir had devolved into a shithole where the goal was to gang up against Illuminati and you can even see that in how @Fizsterina seems to mainly want to argue against @Hakuu regardless of what is being said. Eir was broken for at least the last 10 years and it was just left as it was which ended up pushing away new players from coming to the server. The newbie buffer, newbie gear vendor and the sort was mainly used to level alt accounts/characters by old players. Just because such things existed it doesn't mean it actually helped NEW players since there's no reason for actual new players to stick around when they can't even find a decently priced Undershirt/Pantie set or even a sub 2-3m Odin's Blessing. New players will find it really hard and slow to make money while old players can just sell any leftover item from their storage and put its price at several millions then wait for it to sell even weeks later since they're in no rush. The server had a huge inflation, greed drew the prices way up and even though that doesn't really matter much to old players it makes a huge difference for new players. And at least I am not one to overlook the fact that old players probably have better income than before and are willing to spend money on the server. But how is that any different than before? The average age in Eir back then was already relatively high which was around 20-24 years I believe. Most of those people already had disposable income so they spent it in the game. You had people who spent several thousands of dollars on Eir alone, the first one to pop in my head being Huami, and even then you still had the server go down so why would that even matter? If you don't cater to new players first and foremost then it doesn't matter how many old players come back, the server already died once with and because of those old players and it probably will again if @Big Dumb Object decides to do things the way you guys say.
  2. Myounar

    So what next?

    No idea when did they customize the Kafras like that but that seems really pointless. What other NPCs are missing? Peco Peco Rental, Star Gladiator/Ninja/Gunslinger job quests? Are the mainstream NPCs even around for class change or is it just random if they exist or not? Regular Blacksmith, Enriched Elunium/Oridecon Blacksmith, Stat Enchanter at south Prontera? NPCs for God Items, extra skills? Did quests reset or does it still mark you as having cleared quests you've done before like Kiel Laboratory and the sort? If someone's gonna bother spending time fixing this then it's better if the list of missing things is done so it can be tackled all at once to the point where most everyday things are usable at the very least. Don't bother with custom quests/items for now though since the priority should be making the game work properly under normal circumstances.
  3. Myounar

    So what next?

    Guild Towns were a terrible idea to begin with, at least for Eir. In an already dwindling population, why would you willingly separate it even further? The server already had most towns and Inns empty so there were plenty of places for people to pick from. The issue is that unless you have everyone afk at Prontera main square then anyone who is on the server will only think it's always empty and dead. Give people reasons to move around and to show up at Prontera, the Benson Quiz thing was good at having at least a couple people go there when it happened. Are there Kafra's around? You should be able to rent pushcarts from them. Not having a rental NPC does not mean there are no ways to get Falcons/Pecos/carts, just look it up and you'll find how to do a lot of things without requiring custom NPCs.
  4. Myounar

    So what next?

    Why does it even matter if such a thing exists? It doesn't affect you at all if it's there. To begin with Illuminati was hated for the longest time not just by players but also by GMs because of the same bullshit you believe. Also, as far as I know, that NPC doesn't even exist anymore so can you just not run off your mouth against a specific group of people every time you post? It seems pointless to be "fixing" a lot of the things you listed at the time when first off there isn't an active Eir specific GM (not like it deserves one either) but more importantly when the server's future isn't even decided. If the server ends up with a wipe or with big enough changes then any effort and time spent into fixing those things is just wasted so it's even more likely that there's not even an interest in resolving any of that until it's already decided what's going to happen with Eir.
  5. Why the hell would you be trying to figure out a selling point for Eir when Eir itself is fucking broken. There is no selling point that you can make to actually attract people if you don't fix the server first. I already talked Hakuu about why a wipe is a must and that's why he ended up editing his comment. It's really damn simple so I shall explain it to you. The server consists primarily of old players. Those players farmed the basic gear many years ago so they have no reason to farm or buy any of it anymore, instead of looking at a Odin's/Stone Buckler/Magni's set they will be looking at getting a Diabolus Manteau/Diablos Boots set with a Diabolus Ring/Armor/Robe set. That makes the server to revolve around high end gear with no one ever providing the "newbie" type of items. If people can't get Diabolus items then they'd rather go for Variant Shoes and Bison Horn or, in the worst case, a Tidal Shoes/Wool Scarf set. The issue is that even Tidal Boots were harder to find in shops than Variant shoes while there was an overflow of Wool Scarves when everyone went to Necromancers to leech alts. On the same note, farming cards wasn't even a thing done all that often either and that just makes the situation with the "newbie" gear even worse. Why? Because when you could just use the zenny you have piled up after years of playing why would you go farm a Zerom card when you could just buy it off someone who got it from opening 100 OCAs as loot from WoE castles or MVPs. If no one goes to kill Zeroms then there's no one who ends up getting Panties that could be sold to new players and even in the cases where someone actually does go farm the card then they'll find it too tedious to bother storing all the Panties when you at most get from them 20-50k. Instead of using a slot in the shop for a 20-50k Pantie that who knows when will it sell why would you not want to sell a 1-5m card or equipment you just have in your storage but never use? That's without even talking about how a lot of people have a monopoly on items so they're free to overprice things and everyone else just has to put up with it, why should a god damned Undershirt/Pantie combo require over 100k to buy? No old player wants to kill Pasanas when you can just Turn Undead an Anubis to death and teleport around the map only killing Anubis. Do you not see the issue? As things stand the server already reached the end of the line. Why would anyone want to pick a broken and dead server when there are so many other options to pick from? Even if you get your so wanted "selling point" for Eir that still doesn't change the fact that currently the server doesn't help, support nor caters to anyone who hasn't spend at least several years on it already with a huge monopoly on things by older players. If all you want is a server that allows you to dwelve in your nostalgia that, at most, only has people doing things 1 or 2 hours a week (WoE) while dead the rest of the time then you're on the right track. But it's worth noting that is what Eir ended up as before dying and being taken down.
  6. Alright children, listen up for once because this is something I've said many times now for like 10 years now. Eir is broken and needs to be completely changed. Why is it broken? Because we have fake god items that are easy to get (THQ Mjolnir) alongside a 50% after-cast delay and donation gear that gave 5 headgear slots plus a bunch of +all stats. Even with donates removed the server is still broken because there were no changes done to the game for so many years which pushed away the majority of new players and kept the old ones since they didn't want to let that money spent go to waste. This just caused the old players to grow more and more rich over the years while any newer player found it really hard to make money or find gear that actually helped them. Now let's say if we remove THQ Mjolnir and donates all at once, then what happens? You still have a handful of people with billions of zenny while the rest of the server hardly has millions, that's how a monopoly of MVP cards was created. It wasn't just one guild or group of people always camping MVPs on spawn, it was also that any MVP card that ever hit the market (there were several of them over the years) ended up in the hands of those super rich few, being sold for several billion zenny.Then you have the case of monopoly on certain gears (Glittering Jackets only drop from Kiel) because of the long amount of time certain MVPs were camped and monopolized, also creating a problem where the rich get richer and the poor can't catch up. There is a huge disparity in the server that only grew wider over the years and if you truly want to bring back Eir (regardless of what the plans for it are) then you have to pretty much wipe out the server. The server doesn't even make sense anymore since you can probably have Combat Knives, Ice Picks, etc but not more common things because none of the older players will bother farming White Herbs, Witch Sands, etc to make potions with and instead they'll just buy them. But what happens when there are no new players that would be willing to farm those things to sell them? Then you don't even have a way to spend the money you have, thus you have even less of a reason to sell things which makes it harder for newer players to find places to get, say, an Odin's Blessing. New players will find it almost impossible to farm an Odin's Blessing because of the way Skeggiolds just rush through Storm Gust, they'd need a Bard with Bragi to even be able to cast in time because of the low Dex a Wizard can have between stats and gear. That also means he'll deal no damage to Skeggiolds since he has low Int and bad options for weapons. Meanwhile an older player will just say why farm an Odin's Blessing when I can just end up getting a Diabolus Robe/Armor or a Valkyrja's Armor from just killing those MVPs, because those older players already have the gear and means to kill Morroc or Randgris. In the worst case they'll just use the stored up zenny to buy those items when they hit the market which they did every now and then. @Big Dumb Object If you don't want to bring back a server just for it to have sub 30 active players and no chance at growing then you seriously need to consider wiping items and money then removing from the game those things that broke the server the first time around. Remove donates, remove THQ custom rewards, wipe characters even. Make it so everyone has to actually farm this time around because then that way you can have an active marketplace, which promotes growth from and for the playerbase. You cannot get new and more players when there is no way for them to support themselves. You will only have a dying server if you prioritize old players because old players will seldom if ever actively help the server grow. And to you idiots that keep saying no to wiping data. Can you seriously stop being selfish for once? That's how Eir died. I played on Eir from even before the server had trans classes. When there weren't even anubis around to kill. When you had to kill geographers as a wizard or archer all the way to level 99. I played on this server over a decade ago and played it for at least 6 or 7 active years and I am telling you that what you want from this server is what already killed it off once. Your selfishness didn't allow anyone to fix things before the server broke so don't do that mistake again. If you actually care about Eir then you'll put it over what you as an individual want.
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