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  1. Battleground for Eir's warrior!

    Also, if new people want to get at least at the root level of the awfully high-end WoE items and cards, Battlegrounds is kinda the way to go, so it might really be a win-win to have BG fixed. It gives people more stuff to do, and also gives people good items. Please fix this, thanks
  2. Random EIR screenies post 8D

    it was indeed lol, it was the worst hour, on worst day, and it was on early days when people wasnt really logging on either we were literally 4-6 people
  3. Random EIR screenies post 8D

    Lets make this forum active 8D Was looking on my RRO folder and thought of making some post like this lol. Nothing to say really, share funny screenies or stuff you have from Eir Old time screens would be interesting too, im curious :0 (Please use spoilers for screens just in case :o, also you can paste img links directly from here https://community.rebirthro.com/gallery/)
  4. benson plos (EIR)

  5. llama bugging me :< (THOR)

  6. screenLoki027.jpg

  7. screenLoki023.jpg

  8. screenLoki022.jpg

  9. Eir last days :(

  10. Random stuff (EIR)

  11. Thunder hosting a DbD in Eir 8D