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  1. Also, if new people want to get at least at the root level of the awfully high-end WoE items and cards, Battlegrounds is kinda the way to go, so it might really be a win-win to have BG fixed. It gives people more stuff to do, and also gives people good items. Please fix this, thanks
  2. it was indeed lol, it was the worst hour, on worst day, and it was on early days when people wasnt really logging on either we were literally 4-6 people
  3. Lets make this forum active 8D Was looking on my RRO folder and thought of making some post like this lol. Nothing to say really, share funny screenies or stuff you have from Eir Old time screens would be interesting too, im curious :0 (Please use spoilers for screens just in case :o, also you can paste img links directly from here https://community.rebirthro.com/gallery/)
  4. Wrathborne

    Bug list

    BUG - Missing warps/NPC in Scaraba Dungeon up until El Dicastes (making some New World quests impossible to be done). Same thing happens to Splendide warps -> Eclage field. (Edit: More missing warps and npcs in Brasilis, cant access the field :() Some said probably not really important since stuff is from renewal, and maybe not ported yet to Eir and stuff. Just telling 8D Two questions by the way: -Shouldn't Lunakaligo drop random food items? -Why leap (Taekwon class) is forbidden in WoE? It renders taekwon classes quite useless in woe, and makes them a bit tough. Is it directly taken from Loki? P.D.: I still can't log into bug tracker, help me :'<
  5. Wrathborne

    Bug list

    Well, I couldn't login either way. Been like that since few weeks ago already. And trying to register takes me to rebirthro.com/register, where i already have an account ugh. But then, should we report each bug one by one? Can anyone log into bug tracker? 2 weeks ago, i thought, maybe should leave more time until server be revived completely to check about the bugs and stuff, but uh seems stuff didn't really went that way. I don't know what to do now about it, to be honest
  6. Wrathborne

    Bug list

    Another bug: Taekwon Class NPC is missing from its location (Pheonix, on Payon (157, 141)) So Taekwon class is currently unaccesible, i guess
  7. Hi there, started playing back in Eir few days ago thankfully. Tried to make a Taekwon but i seen the NPC isn't there. Also there isn't a Job Master so I have to wait until stuff get fixed so i can be able to change class, i guess. I've been wondering if by any chance (if server is gonna keep up), is there a chance the actual bugs get fixed? Like Rental NPC missing, not being able to rent carts from Kafras either, Taekwon quest NPC missing too, cant even change job with job master. I think that it would be a priority to at least have regular stuff working before thinking about adding or changing other stuff, right
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