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  1. Butane

    Bug list

    Soraka, apply for GM and fix it yourself!
  2. I appreciate the help. Sorry I'm impatient, I just expected someone to address the situation on the forums.
  3. Clearly we are literally of no concern to them. Good way to make your server popular, piss off ONLY the people who pay you - yea, that's usually a winning strategy.
  4. I am missing 3 dynas and the cards that are in them. This is not alright.
  5. Butane

    Bug list

    Yea, it is somewhat unfortunate. I like the people on Eir or I would go find another server to play on. I was under the impression that since the server was reopened that it would be revitalized. Low rate servers are under-rated. So much more to offer, imo.
  6. Raggler, Myst Case, Hylozoist, Zipper bear
  7. Butane

    Bug list

    I literally made a blacksmith and have been leveling it so that I can make epic gear. Please fix the refinement system.
  8. Butane

    Bug list

    The no attack/def added to refined items really irks me. That is a pretty important aspect of the game. As are carts. Do we know if "very very" and "very" prefixes add attack to forged weapons? Thank god I didn't spend a month crafting a +9 very very strong elemental weapon lmao
  9. Butane

    Cart Not Working

    I'm getting cooler every day
  10. Butane

    Cart Not Working

    I haven't played in so long I forget that the peco and falcon can be obtained by other means. I have put quite a few hours into my smith and will continue to do so...I do wish I could get a cart like all the cool kids though.
  11. There is somebody in game who apparently has items in his cart and is not very pleased. I also made "donations" last night and this morning. Can we get some attention on this server?
  12. I made a few transactions yesterday and my card must have been flagged for unusual behavior because my bank called me this morning and asked if I authorized the transactions, which I confirmed. I tried to make a purchase a little while ago and the funds were withdrawn from my bank promptly but the website said that my transaction was under manual review or something. Any idea how long this usually takes? All good.
  13. Wrathbone, Idk about Taekwon but the other classes you just have to do the quest. Never made one of those before and I'm new to the game also. Only started a few days ago. I think you're 100% correct. Why bring the server back up if they are going to ignore it. I would have went to another low rate server, I've already sunk quite a few hours here and made some friends. I'd like to stay here and hope they fix some of the basic things at least...or give us some kind of update. I can't imagine rental npc and job change quests can be that difficult to add since they already have these things working fine on other servers.
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