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  1. McLain

    Bug list

    Thx for reminding me that the bug list continues: - Cannot login to bugs.rebirthro.com
  2. McLain

    Bug list

    Here are some bugs we've found from Eir: - Blessing is not equal with all HPs (stat boosts are between 10-20) - @duel has a cooldown of 60 min - @changegm is not working (you can't change guildleader) - Some equips are not equipable (Green Whistle, Stem Whip, Red Bag, Black Wing, etc? - too high lvl requirement ) - Some cards do not have the customized eir effect (Beholder Master Card, etc?) - Some items are not storeable (Mega Resist Potion, SP Consumption Reduction, etc?) - Weapon/Armor Refinement are not working (Def and Atk are not added) - No Kafra Cart Rental (works only in guild castles) - There is no Catacomb NPC in moscovia - @cstorage is not working - Laver item is not working (you dont get a speed boost) - Box`o`Boxes doesn't give any items - Guild Dungeons are empty - Katars do not give double crit - @mail is not working - WoE traps are bugged (people can go sometimes over them) - Some donation gears are not working in ET - Quagmire is not working in ET - Empathy Skill is bugged (after death it is no longer working)
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