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  1. Sugz

    Christmas Event 2017 Guide

    Updated monster drops.
  2. Sugz

    Christmas Event 2017 Guide

    Thank you for the contribution. Guide updated.
  3. Sugz

    Christmas Event 2017 Guide

    Added christmas jakk's drop. Thank you.
  4. Sugz

    Christmas Event 2017 Guide

    Thank you for the update
  5. Sugz

    Christmas Event 2017 Guide

    Updated guide with drop list from Rozenskye
  6. Here is all you need to know for the 2017 christmas event: Need a party. (no min players) ^ Taken from http://wiki.rebirthro.com/wiki/2017_Christmas_Event Now for the Children locations according to your gifts: ^ Credits to Rozenskye for the mob drop list. NOTE: Once you see sasquatch and marin mobs in your map, you have already completed acquiring all the quest items and was warped (forced) out from the event field. Proceed to talk to sarah and get the gift box to deliver to the children. Reward: As a completion reward, you will get a "Christmas Gift (2017)" box. Below is a list of possible items you are able to obtain randomly (list contributed by players on main chat). Santa Mask [2] Christmas Cake Hat [2] Christmas Cake Ring [1] Angeling Beanie[2] Rudolph Rucksack[1] Artist Hat [2] Nyd Hair [2] Rainbow Confetti [1] Winter Scarf (2017) White Scarf (alternate colors: Red,Pink,Cyan) Random mob cards (Muka, piggy, zombie, megalodon) <-Probably works like OCA Merry Christmas everyone !
  7. Sugz

    buying hwc pwc leave price

    Hi PWC for 200c Msg Sugz or S u g i in game
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    Price Checking (Temporary)

    Hi guyz, Price check on "Randel Lawrence Card" Thanks.