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  1. Just Visit By and UP !
  2. And i Wonder who is You Too Hehe
  3. How much will you offer for Normal5 and Delay5? You free to PM me.
  4. Lol. Too late mate. I felt like Im getting old and getting weak. My body cannot stay awake anymore. Kekkekke
  5. S C A M M E R Alert ! :v
  6. I Dont Think Its Matter . People are Losing its Normal.There is Always Somebody Will Be Top On You Someday. Nobody Never Ever Taste Defeat . Its Just, Our Discussion is Based On Our Experience And Our Personal Opinion.Like I Always Mention Its Up To You Which One You Feel Right.There Are Some People Just Play To Have Some Fun The Most,Because Other Doesn't Really Matter,Even The Equipment Are Outdated .And There is A Type Of People Who, Play For The Winning. And Its Normal Too. And Being Excuse Because Of Losing is Only The Way of Your Though . And ill Accept Your Thinking As Well . And Thank You For Those Who Contribute In Our Discussion . Doesnt Really Matter If You Agree or Disagree Because Every Single Of us Do Have Our Personal Though What We Think The Best for Server And Not To Ourself The Most.And Lastly,i Think Its Worth For Admin and GMs To Have a Look At The Matter As Well.
  7. My Main Point Is How Easy You Can Switch You Other Few Set Just By One Click As Mention By Navys. And This One too . This is The Logic As Well . If You Have A Number set of Equipment And By 1 Click Which You Can Switch Everything Definitely Its Way To Easy . Yes its Can Be Benefit To Everyone, But Who The Most ? Definitely For Those Who Had More Build and Equipment.I Don't Think Newbie Able To Do So As Well . As Mention By Leafy Yes i Do Agree If They Remove Eden Set Its Not Fair Toward Those Who Spend A lot of Time And Money Investing , But i Think By Limit The Set or Put The Delay Would Be Possible As Well ? Maybe ? . I Do Have Eden Set As Well On My LK . And Yes I Do Aware Of It Benefit , But My Personal Opinion Is , Its Way To Easy And Its Make Everything Too Easy . You Can Say That I've Thinking Like The OLD Minded Player, But The Best Rebirthro WOE is During Those OLD Time .No Worries Its Just My Personal Opinion Anyways Based On My Experience Playing The Game And You, Have Yours As Well . But I Am Sure Some People Agree And Some Are Disagree And You Free To Do So.
  8. Well Tbh .There is Always Something That Influence Decision Making in RebirthRo Since Ages, And We All Knows it . But I Think The Main Factor Here We Are Talking about How Eden Equipment Set That Make It More Imbalance Nowadays . BR Mostly Effected How The Flow of WOE Goes The Game Play Changes Especially With Entrance Camp ( Which is As Far as I Remember Loki War Previous Years War Always Scattered And Always Rush .But Camp Thing Also Always Has Been A Game play In Low Rate Server Especially . Its Hard To Say if Its Bad or Not . Its Depend How You Adapt It .
  9. Support Me in NOVA ! Thanks
  10. Sad Person is. Who Know Its Was True And They Already Spent A lot To Accept The Truth , HAHA ! Maybe I Guess .
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