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  1. Will this qualify the thread? hahah
  2. It is, hahahah. But people actually on for WOE, which around 100+ (including alt and autovendor). Plus, FT is accepting newbies into the guild. If all other big guild do the same = friendly, and the Admin / GM actually did something to make the server merrier, then this server will booom.
  3. The NPC have been moved to @go 16 or Eden Mall. From the spawn point, go 12 o'clock direction.
  4. CC: @Syphon @Big Dumb Object @Phoenix Additional suggestion: Make another WOE that is suitable for ASEAN (or East Asian) countries. The current WOE time is 3am in the morning for ASEAN player, hence, becoming another barrier for them to enter this server.
  5. I can argue everything u said, but I give up. Be it. Eir is a dead server anyway. This thread has nothing to do, but I see no future in Eir, so I decide to quit. The way we discuss just make me feel stupid cos Admin/GM doesn't care anyway. Have a great time in Eir~
  6. Frost Joke is normal the way it is spam-able, but not on Tarot. We never had anyone to farm Marc, and Fiz got bulk of it. Just because me alone searching for it, it doesn't represent the whole guild are looking for it. Please don't involve FT in this Tarot issue, and focus on Tarot spam and after cast delay. Freeze is normal everywhere, I know how to counter it and stuff. I have 5 years experience WOE-ing in Loki. Please. And your storm-gust can be countered by a single LP or with water resist, but no one did, because everyone is so focus on helping 4-5 newbies in the guild. Adding a fix-delay on it like 0.5 second which is not affected by DEX or ACD reduction or whatever INT you are talking about will fix this insane situation. It have been implemented in Loki and Clown / Gypsy Tarot is still OP as fuck in Loki, but bearable.
  7. Ignore that 3 people, and look alone at how Tarot spam-able similar to Jupitel Thunder. Its not about blaming, its about fixing what needed to make things balance. If this is loki server, everyone will talk shit about how OP the skill is in term of spamming.
  8. I have my principle that effort is what lead to miracle. So basically, putting effort into vain is not of my favor. They work hard for it. Some of them are online every time I got on, because they were ridiculously checking the time till the MVP spawn, died and warp back hundred of times, spend billions of money on improving their MVP hunting equip. They deserve it. To me, people who work hard should get reward for what they did. Removing the MVP that they work hard for, IMHO, is like going against my own principle. I should not even mention the 'newbie' there if all you did is to ridicule me. You know how you can spam Jupitel Thunder in Loki right? That's how spam-able Tarot is in Eir. They should do the same such as putting fixed delay that can not be affected by bragi and ACD reduction. I'm not talking about removing you. I'm talking about nerfing that insane spam. The whole guild of Fairy Tale can't even go against you. You kill every one of us in less than 5 second whenever we are near you because of your Tarot that goes off like Jupitel Thunder. Its okay for you to go against this, cos I know I had just infringe your interest, but I am suggesting for the benefit of the whole Eir population. Like it or not, this is how people reach for 'balance' server.
  9. Since Eir have 50% reduction limit for after-cast delay, it has similar feature to Loki for the said matter. Apparently, the way I saw this one Clown during WOE spam his Tarot is too much compare to of in Loki. Tarot in Loki have some kind of fixed delay to limit the spam, and IMHO, it should be applied to Eir as well, considering Eir is a low-rate. Newbies like me in Eir will never have chance to go against Clown with such OP tarot, even oldie player with good build. I have been playing WOE in Loki for years, and have look into how Tarot worked and balanced in Loki WOE, and it should be done the same to Eir.
  10. Direct message me on forums or send me mail through RODEX in-game to Not Milano or Milano Sniper. Buying List Bacillus Anolian Skin Frill Shinobi Card Wanderer Card Wild Rose Card Zhu Po Long Card Beholder Master Card Lord Kaho Horn Baby Leopard Card Excalibur Zealotus Card Beach Manteau [1] Green Maiden Card Bunny Slipper Brisingamen Selling List Creamy card
  11. Milano Hub

    Eir For You

    Post under construction. Will add more later and description. [sleep time] Do mention anything I forgot to add in the comment section. Thanks General Information Rates: 5x / 5x / 3x Maximum Base Level: 99 Maximum Job Level: 70 Max Stats: 99 Server: Pre-renewal NPC Available General NPCs Healer Warpra Stylish Tool Dealer Setting NPC Old Woman Reset Girl Hypnotist Repairman Eir Custom NPC Feel Resetter Dead Branch Room Beginner Buffer Novice Pot Trader EXP Remover Newbie Gear Remover Newbie Gear Seller Dressing Room Features Multi-Leveling Job Change Quest Departed Soul Inc. Master of Hacks and Cracks Rental Shop Pancake System Monster of The Day Bacon Dyna Event Point System Vote Point System Custom Quests Repeatable EXP Quests Rainbow Sash Quest Eyes of Juperos Quest Nimbus Quest Royal Operation Quest Pouring Quest Notoriety Quest Berzebub Card Quest Glastheim Past Kraken's Lair Frequent Asked Questions [FAQs] War of Emperium [WOE] Cash Shop Channel Commands Available Leveling Guide by Milano Recommended Quests for EXP - Its best to these quest when you are at base level 85 and above. Medicine Quest > Biological Weapon Quest - Total EXP 6,250,000
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