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  1. Im in the same exact boat as you. Except im getting one of my old Thor/Tyr friends to play with me again in Loki. I remember seeing your name around in the Forums in the past iirc. Anywho, welcome!
  2. So. Someone wearing something is causing me to error in Payon for some reason. How do I go about forcing my client to repatch so I can fix this little annoyance?
  3. I see. Aside from the End of Summer Festival event, this is one of my favorite reoccuring events. Lucky me 🙂
  4. It seems like its once a year I come back to this game to see how it goes, and I usually end up moving or putting my computer in storage with no internet access. But. Hello all. I doubt there's anyone left from my clique in this game, Ive been an on and off player since about 2007? From Tyr/Thor/Loki. Lets see how long I end up sticking around this time.. lol. Edit: Looking back at my whopping 3 posts I have, my last hello was titled almost exactly alike as this one was, from June of last year. Apparently im not that original.
  5. Not surprised Jacks still around tbh lol. Thank you guys.~
  6. Well. Its been a few years I think. and a year before that, and then another 6 months before that. But I somehow keep hopping back on here. I don't think I'll recognize anyone though that plays so, its like a fresh start. Hello \o I've played both Tyr/Thor and Loki on and off for 8 years now? Somewhere close to that. Decided to hop back in and see what's different again, I see there's a whole new forum and re-done website since my last visit.
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