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  1. maybe because it is not the monster that is indicated. pls check always the monster ID. *Tip, if reward is 3 or 4 Pieces of Paradise, mostly they are impossible to complete, ergo no need to check.
  2. I need help to fight Ifrit Prime IGN: JohnM Thanks!
  3. If you like to order FORGED EQUIPS, please follow the steps: 1. Provide the name of your order by replying to this topic in the following format: [ refine no. + no. of star crumbs + element (if prefer) + weapon name ] For example: +10 Very Very Very Strong Fire Damascus 2. After that I will reply to you the quotation. Once agreed, I will provide you the item (please note that there will be no time frame for the completion of the forging request. Thanks for your patronage. JohnTailor
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