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  1. A few suggestions First of all the thing that annoys me the most is the warps, u can literally do any mvp by just sheer will cause u can keep coming back to damage it. U can literally asura bio3 mvps. What I would like to see is removing all warps except for the first level warps. Benefits: -Less gears in excess (older players can farm to the heart content while new people cant) -More need for a party to do high tier MVPs because u cant keep damaging it. Second, Less woe castles probably 2-3 that change each month this to prevent god item farming while server isn’t really active. Makes the woe more intense and people actually have to fight ea other for a castle. Third, Bringing dex foods back on the luna kahleet. In Eir it was never abused as healing food cause it was never in excess. New and old players benefit from it cause it gives classes like high wizards more opportunity to compeet. Now all MVP’s have endure and high wizards cant use the +5 dex food it’s less interesting to hunt on a high wizard. Aside from the woe, Eir always has been like that.
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