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  1. ^he on drugs and no.... If they do make them trade-able then the prices will drop just like it happened with Cedi Gears , before cedi gears weren't tradable and Ebony/Calig used to be 1c a piece and now you can get 4-5 pcs a cred . At the start the so called "pro" might have a good fortune or w/e you'd call it but at the end it'll result in price drops which will benefit new players.
  2. I am Perma banned and I still reply over here GG
  3. +4 VALK SET +10 DROPPING AMISTR (Upper) +10 MUSICAL NOTES (MID) +10 IFORGOT WATEVERSHIT ITS CALLED (LOWER) +10 RING DES TAO GUNKA , GEC , ALLIGATOR CARD , ALL STATUS RESIST AND GG EZZZ If you're wondering about +10 Droppin Amistr it was first refinable ( or atleast thats what I remember ) +10 Musical notes : It was refinable too ( I do know a couple of people who have +8 )
  4. According to this.... Wyverny Wings are originally 20c.... or at least that's what it f***ing shows ...and you've bought it for 25c yesterday so ye you've either been skammed or you're lying ser And No you can't buy "Sale Of The Day Items" with Limited Points ... but ye if you deym sure u bought it for 25c u can submit a ticket and get ur 5c back maybe? (tho it'd take forever to reply)
  5. Hyu


    Close your client first and then patch :v
  6. Reset all acc's password , Login , Skam , GG
  7. You can open character storage from Warpra in Guild Towns or use @cstorage if you are donor lvl 10 , and my guess you are donor lvl 10.
  8. depends , Heur.AdvML.B is a new technology to detects malicious file. Sometimes it might detect it wrong but unless you submit and Norton verifies you can't be sure about it . Heres someone else with your problem and it was proved false https://community.norton.com/en/forums/heuradvmlb-detected-false-positive-or-not
  9. go submit those two files over here https://submit.symantec.com/false_positive/ and note down your tracking number and wait a few hours
  10. lemme guess , you use Norton?
  11. Hyu


    It's time noob Hyu quit RebirthRO . Thanks eberyone for bearing me all this time Special Thanks to Kritical Khaos and Owning(2014 Owning) for accepting me Adios~ (Lemme know when the new Gm's learn to host events , so I can throw some and........................ zep gets all my items )
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