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  1. Hi, What are the new equips/costumes that can be obtain on this year's trick or treat event?
  2. What time you will be online? or kindly leave your IGN. I'm online 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM GMT +0 Serevr time.
  3. Hi is loyal Squidgitte Egg still available?
  4. Ohm

    Can't Login

    Is there an ongoing maintenance? Coz I can't see on forums or any announcement about it.
  5. Hello guys can you share me the Set for 99 Hdef + 100% water resist for Garm and Tier A tanking. Ty lovelots XOXO!
  6. Do any of you guys know the % drop of their own food of a loyal premium pet? Because as I tried farming it, the drop is very low.
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