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      Having issues figuring out how to login? It's actually very simple and only takes a few minutes! Just follow these steps: Go to your Account CP on rebirth.ro Find the character whose name you want to use as a display name on the forum Click on "Actions" Click on "Set as forum display name" You can now login on the forum with either your email address or display (character) name, and your in-game password! That's all there is to it! See, simple! If you are having issues getting into the forums you can contact us on support.rebirth.ro -- you also login there with your in game username/password. If you can't register for some reason or are unable to login, email us at this address for assistance (use an email associated with the account you are having issues with if you can -- obviously if you can't register this doesn't apply).


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  1. Post maintenance errors

    So the maintenance patch happened. I log in and find that any things, like my homunAI are turned off. I use AzzyAI btw. I turn my AI back on get my screen shutdown while I'm still logged in and find an error report saying that 'something' is trying to pick 'something' up. I was in Aldebaran with no 'somethings' on the floor. AzzyAI worked before the patch without difficulty. Did we change to a different AI preference? Has anyone else had difficulties with their mercs or homuns?
  2. About Homunculi Intimacy

    Without access to care guides, the requirement to play for three plus days straight at ten minute increments is, in my opinion, excessive. In a server where characters can level quickly within an HOUR (transcend and +lvl 100) holding one of a character's main developments is a negative experience. Please do not brush this issue aside along with our concerns. I personally am struggling with only raising my fifth homunculus to second loyalty. (yes the previous have died, one even due to me falling asleep in front of the monitor and awaking to a lonely screen...).
  3. Where is my BACON!

    Ever since the 7-24-17 Maintenance patch I have completed the MOTD twice. Twice have I been denied my BACON! rewards. I have also noted that the server has not posted MOTD completions correctly stating [Monster of the day] instead of a players handle. Plz fix I need my BACON!!!... TYIA
  4. Eden Quest Bugged

    I have returned to Rebirth for about a month now. I was able to complete the Boya Quests from Eden when I started, then about a week or so ago Boya would begin her text dialog to send me to Byalan. Her dialog did not end with a confirmation button and I was stuck with her dialog box open. I had to restart to log out and back in. I did not receive the quest marker, the Bayalan instructor does not advance my quest (prob because it's not there), and Boya keeps giving me instructions to go to Bayalan. I have tried with multiple characters and all have been stuck at Boya's last dialog box without receiving the quest...