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  1. God of Fortune

    Population Concern and Disabling GT

    I just saw that post on discord about disabling GT because players who are staying in GTs make it seem like the population count is fake. First and foremost, the REASON why we bought a GT was because it is convenient for us to move around when we need to do so (i.e. farming, using chaffeur for cedi and sealed shrine, etc.). Also, another reason why we are in our GTs was because it allows us to have our personal space which is one of the things that this server could offer compared to other servers. Third reason why we have our GT is that it allows us to use bloody branches and dead branches when we feel like using them. Also, we could use our refiner and safe refiner in there whenever we need it. Now I wonder, why blame us for that population count for making it seem fake? Was it our fault that there are barely a few players going online due to their busy schedules? Was it our fault that the server looks like a ghost town, when there is barely interaction going on the chats that makes it seem so dead? Was it also our fault that putting up the autovendors and including them in the population count made the numbers look fake? To be honest, just letting us have our peaceful stay in our GT while we play is one of the reasons why we are staying in this game. Don't blame the GT owners and players who want to stay in GTs and use it while they're playing. We all know that it is not the reason why the population count gets questioned. Thank you for blaming the players for every single thing that goes wrong in the server, when all we want to do is play and connect with our friends here even if we are saved in our GTs.
  2. God of Fortune

    200 Blue Potion Creation for Creators

    Will try to do that. Thank you.
  3. God of Fortune

    200 Blue Potion Creation for Creators

    Hi. I would like to ask some help regarding the 4th (?) Twilight Alchemy (Spiritual Potion Creation) which is making 200 blue potions. I already did the quest for it including the reputation quests. I also got a creator, super novice, a soul linker, and a taekwon in my party. I am also already linked with alchemist spirit and/or have my fable silk on. However, it seems that the skill Spiritual Potion Creation cannot be used. So i opted to go back to the guild and talk to the NPC - Mit Hocram - again. But the question is, should I ALWAYS go back to the guild to talk to Mit Hocram EVERY TIME I want to use the skill? I would very much appreciate it if you could help me/ guide me on this one. Thank you.
  4. God of Fortune

    A Request for RDC Tutorial per Job

    Over Pogi Blue is <3 Just an additional though I haven't tested how nice it would be. IIRC you can add water2 orb in vvest also. water2 orb increases resistance to water attacks by 2% Squidgette pet also adds resistance to water property attacks by 10% Light-up santa hat [2] increases resistance to water by 10% Just some additional gears/items that you could use in RDC drake for achieving that water resist ^.^
  5. God of Fortune

    A Request for RDC Tutorial per Job

    +1 to this one. Indeed you can set V.Vest to water property though iirc you need to turn on your effects when using warm wind so you would know what property your armor is. Because in V.Vest armor property is determined by the color that shows up when you use warm wind. The color that pops up should be blue for water.
  6. God of Fortune

    A Request for RDC Tutorial per Job

    Race X Element X Size X Crit X Attack are what should be considered if we're talking about damage. And yes, it's the monster's. Let's take for example Drake: (info below is from RMS) Race - Undead - e.g. chubby bunny deals more damage on this one Element - Undead 1 (shadow) - use of holy arrow or ask for aspersio Size - Medium - this is where the TG card comes in iirc IIRC crit and attack is from the player. That I am not really sure of but and example for this one could be goblin bow. For example: Weapon: Goblin Bow with 2 AK cards 2 AK cards would be 50% damage on boss mob iirc because 1 AK card would be 25% so 2AKs would add up but, if it is goblin bow with 1 Ak and 1 TG it would be AK (25% damage to boss) x TG (increases damage on all enemies by 20%) X attack 35% from GB x inflict 10% more damage with crit attacks (also from GB) Although I'm not really sure if I got everything correct but that is basically how I try to gear up my characters. It's not just with weapons but for your overall equipment. I would suggest doing some experiments on your own and test them, which I often do. Or you could ask your friends or some of the pro-players in game. There are really those who are kind enough to teach and share what they know Sometimes it is also helpful to do the command @mi <space> mob name inside the game so you will be guided what you will use against a certain mob. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And BTW I would like to add Gears for SinX for killing FBH in RDC Upper: Amistr Hat or Chubby Bunny hat Mid: LRW with Duneyrr or Dark Pinguicula Lower: Black/Orange Tie or Peter cottontail/Wing scarf (peter cottontail is from carnival event so i think old players have it, wing scarf was from christmas event) Armor: Great Demon Robe (from sealed shrine) or RGR with Gloom - great demon robe was suggested to me so that I could easily walk past from those banshees without having to kill them Cloak : Great Demon Shroud (from sealed shrine) with anunaki card Shoes: Fey boots with ascendant orc card Accessories : recondite rings with str3 orbs and mantis cards/hardened anvil card/ifrit card or ring des nibelungen rings with the aforementioned cards Weapon: +8 or higher Hardened steel Katar - for that double attack (iirc) and splash damage Bring EDP bottles and panacea Also if you have a priest in your party ask for aspersio and cast Enchant Deadly Poison Str food and Fortis protestas also help increase damage on FBH.
  7. God of Fortune

    A Request for RDC Tutorial per Job

    Chubby Bunny was from 2016 Carnival Event iirc. As for Aqua Elemental card, it's not that expensive I think. Try to ask a friend for this card instead of buying. and 3 TG's for coronis is something that I haven't tried actually. And since drake is an MVP wouldn't it be better to at least have cards that would deal damage to boss mobs like Abysmal Knight card or Orc Combo? Besides if it's just 3 TGs it will just add up iirc. A good friend told me to keep this in mind when placing cards on weapons - Race x Element x Size x Crit x Attack so it will multiply the damage.
  8. God of Fortune

    A Request for RDC Tutorial per Job

    Gears for Drake Solo High Priest Gears Upper: Chubby Bunny/Hyzo Hat with Rata card - increases the damage of your Magnus. Mid: Large White Wing with Mistress or Large Blue Wing - LWW for decrease damage taken 10% while LBW to nullify gemstone requirement + more damage if you cast Magnus Exorcismus. The card in LBW can be a resist card/status immune card/ one that increases damage like Rata Lower: Flying Devil - Def +5, Reduces damage from magic attack by 10% (useful against that water ball) Armor: Great Old Hauberk - Mdef +10, resistance to water 10% and it basically won't break from that water ball from drake. Moreover, the damage you deal with your Magnus at is increases matk by 5% and ignores 10% enemy's mdef. Cloak: +7 or higher Nidhogg's shadow garb + marse card - mdef +3, increases resistance to all elemental properties by 7% and the card gives 30% resistance to water or Great Old Cloak - resistance to all elements 10%, matk +5%, ignores 5% of enemy mdef Shield : Valkyrja shield + aqua elemental card - valk shield adds resistance to water, undead, and shadow property attacks by 20% +aqua elemental card decreases damage from water property attack by 20% Shoes: +8 Tenebrous Boots with int3 orb or Tidal shoes with icering card - Tenebrous shoes is if you want high ME damage or if you want to go with more resist tidal shoes. Tidal shoes provides 5% tolerance to water property attacks and if you add icering card you will gain 15% resistance to water + increase in matk by 1 per job level Weapon: +10 rod with 4 ancient tree cards or +10 rod with 4 aenbharr cards - ancient tree card for magnus and aenbharr for holy light Accessories: water drop brooch, vendor's clip, spiritual ring +rosary with stalwart sentinel card - both the water drop brooch and vendor's clip are for resist but if you want to increase your damage with ME go with spiritual ring and rosary +stalwart sentinel card (increases damage done with holy by 3%) If you want to kill drake just with the priest cast Magnus Exorcismus followed by Sanctuary though this would take quite some time so might as well use Soul Link potion and spam Holy Light (not really advised for fast runs but helpful if all others got frozen screens except for you, which actually happens from time to time) But then killing it with just priest might take long so might as well bring a sniper. Let your priest find drake first by casting ME. Once you find drake leave it with Sanc and let your sniper walk to where your priest is. Just don't forget to keep your magnus on because if your sniper keeps on hitting drake, drake's water ball will be directed to the sniper instead of the tank priest. Sniper Gears Upper: Chubby Bunny/Hyzo Hat with Dark Ping or Duneyrr card Mid: Large Red Angelwing with D.Ping/Duneyrr/LKC - LKC for zerk but not necessarily needed as a sniper can still damage drake pretty decently without zerk Lower: Black/Orange Tie or Green Messenger Bag - Green messenger bag increases dex while black/orange tie atk +8% Armor: Reset girl robe or Sniping Suit with gloom - the sniping suit doesn't have to have an enchantment of dex/luk 10 but it would be better if it has. Cloak: +7 and up Heroic Backpack with Anunaki card or Flamel Emul - Anunaki card for more damage and Flamel for crit Shoes: Fey Boots with Ascendant Orc card Weapon: +7 and up Goblin Bow with AK cards + Holy arrows or +10 Coronis wing with Orc Combo+AK or 2AK +TG +Black fletched arrows (+20% long range damage with Coronis Wing) - If you're using Coronis Wing+Black Fletched Arrow, kindly ask the priest to aspersio you for more damage Accessories: Recondite rings with Implosion and Dex3 orbs And for pet a Pandaling would be really nice for both classes Hope this guide helps.
  9. God of Fortune

    Fortune Maker Shop

    Following items are on sale: +10 Bat Teeth Katar (2 pcs) - 10m ea +10 Green Whistle = 50m Katar of Frozen Icicle [3] (for skoll ears quest) - 30m +10 Piercing Staff (2pcs) = 10m ea +10 Horn of Hillslion (3 pcs) = 10m ea +10 Composite bow (2 pcs) = 1m ea +10 Mace (4 pcs) = 500k ea +10 Taming Sari = 30m +10 pike (2 pcs) = 1m ea +10 ice pick [no slot] = 50m +10 stem whip = 50m Counteragent - 250k ea Mixture - 300k ea Fire Converters - 40k ea Wind Converters - 40k ea
  10. God of Fortune

    Selling This, Buying That

    *bumps fish*
  11. God of Fortune

    Price Checking (Temporary)

    PC> Leak Card
  12. God of Fortune

    Quest Question

    IIRC quests are per character but if you consider the rewards of some quests like the Item-reward quests such as drooping amistr, the rewards can be shared by the whole account. Meanwhile RDC instance quests and Wolfchev instance and its rewards are account-based. Access quests like GHp and New World quests are character-based.
  13. God of Fortune

    What now? OCA, MCA, BCA, and Cedi MVP System

    BLUUUUUUUUUUUUEEEEEE ❤️❤️❤️ Cards dropped by mobs you mean? Well I don't see any reason why those should be disregarded for cedi points as originally cards came from mobs (most mobs). I'm just really trying to wreck my brain here as I see that most of the OCA farmers, cards sellers, and cedi runners are having troubles in relation to rro economy ? Let's just hope something good comes out for all the players in the server.
  14. God of Fortune

    What now? OCA, MCA, BCA, and Cedi MVP System

    Indeed trash talk is a trend in this server. That's why there are times I don't even bother opening my #main chat. It's not like I play so much of this as well as I often leave my character at times and just move when my friends are on. As for you, if you don't wanna be positive about this anymore it's your choice. It is also my choice to try, see, and wait for something good to happen. Life's like that. We can't push what we have in mind to other people so they would think the same. And I would suggest that if you do not like what you see in this thread then it's your choice whether you will reply or ignore it. I rest my case of this one so feel free to do what you think you should.
  15. God of Fortune

    What now? OCA, MCA, BCA, and Cedi MVP System

    Isn't being negative about change such as nerfing the immediate reaction of everyone in the server? But do we have any other choice as players? It's just either we quit or stay. But still server is there so we end up staying and accepting the fact that certain things get nerfed. People complain about the negative effects of day 24 and day 31 rewards. So we pose suggestions then we players are also guilty because we shoot down those suggestions so very openly the first time it gets posted. So what are we to do then? All we can do is just go on playing or leave. Better yet hope for something good to happen.