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  1. I see those new costumes. :D

  2. Can't play rro. Always error .

  3. Happy New Year Everyone!

  4. Haio! I'm lost but I wanna look around!

    Welcome back @Celexteia from fellow FP (not an oldie)
  5. Error occur when logging in.

    as the title says. I did all the possible way to make it (reset appearance/remove pet/savepoint/etc) but nothing has changed. kindly check my screenshot please.
  6. Flirt's Buy and Sell

    Giant Xbow phulease? <3 Lmao
  7. suggestion

    what is the respawn time of each catacomb MvPs? And I wan't to add a suggestion if you could also bring back the aura of each MVPs the blue thingy that would be great IMO. thank you for your actions in the near future.
  8. Nutella For Sale

    you must add MARVIN's card. nice shop.
  9. Acceptable behavior?

    make love not hate. Just love him. If you can't /ex /ex BanjoKazooie he even braggin all of his girlfriend so I think it's normal for him.
  10. Payment Wall

    Yes. I hope they will back the payment wall coz it's very convenient.