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  1. I feel like we had 2400 players at peak WoE hours around 2009. I have a few recorded videos from a big WoE event from around that time; I'll dig through them and see if I can find the server size at the time.
  2. Zeny sinks are neccessary though. Inflation is a real problem. Maybe if people could pay to increase drop rate? we already have bubble gum but maybe have a special option in Floating Rates to temporarily increase server drop rates? I dunno. It may be a problem of advertising more than anything else. New servers have an advantage over old servers in this. We're pretty fully featured but lots of older servers just kinda exist. Another one I used to play on in 2008 was very highly populated at the time, but is down to less than 100 online at any given time. If there was a way to stick out without relying on topsite voting as the sole source of reach, then that'd probably be the way to go. Also, speaking of voting, is it just me or are the website vote buttons broken? Some of the voting sites don't exist anymore, and the RMS link is the wrong one. There are a few other quirks about the website that don't seem to work. I think fixing that is probably a good way to start pushing our way towards relevance again.
  3. This is probably a bit rambly because of how late it is for me but whatever. Honestly the GT player count issue was brought up when these were first implemented, and we implemented them anyway - I would know, that was one of my arguments against them in the first place. My side lost, and we have GTs now. I realize there's been a management change since then, but we are past that issue. The community wanted it, and removing them is a difficult proposition. Now that they're here its unfair to kick people out of them, especially if they're all paid for. Even if they were left open at specific times, it diminishes the point. People save in GTs. If people are kicked out they'll need to resave in a town. You lose out on your town tools and It basically negates half the point of having one in the first place. In other words, people use GTs for more than WoE, and locking people out outside of WoE does the same thing as removing GTs altogether would. I can imagine someone saying "oh boo hoo people lose out on some convenience"- you're damn right they do. quality of life improvements can streamline a game and make it more fun, especially for enfranchised players, which most GT players are. Removing those features makes it harder for those players to enjoy the game. -so I didnt read the Ancy comment when I wrote that bit, but now that I did, I still don't think that fixes the issue. It still means saving and re-saving for every WoE, which is annoying. I know, its a minor inconvenience at best, but inconvenient nonetheless. Also, there's a good deal of customization to those GT NPCs. Are you sure they can do everything all of the NPCs in every GT could do? And would that possibly introduce some- albeit VERY minor- market balance issues? There is also the fact that some people pay for GTs despite leaving the game so it gives them something to come back to. If there is less for them to come back to, then they probably wont bother ever returning AND you'll lose the money people were paying to keep them open. If the server population goes up by, say, 400, then we can talk about re-examining GTs- maybe removing them but giving guilds compensation, or replacing them with a different feature like an instanced, temporary WoE war room or something. As it is now, with an average population of ~300, there isn't any point. The game is gonna feel empty no matter where you are. As it is, most people still sit in towns anyway. Heck, I'm using a GT but I spend most of my times in towns because that is where the people are. Anyway, the whole GT removal thing is just a distraction from the low population issue. Removing GTs wont change that, but it will remove a [generally] loved feature.
  4. Is this title still funny? This is like the 5th or 6th time I've made this exact same post. I feel like it was funnier when my Forum account read 1300 or so posts. Well, whatever. Usually I just show up once a year, reminisce a bit, and then log out. Nobody I know still plays the game, and since I'm guildless and I didn't usually have time for WoE anyway, I wouldn't have a reason to stay. Today, though, I had a really great conversation with a pretty cool dude who was actually an older player than I am, and I guess I'm going to be sticking around for a while this time. See you all at WoE!
  5. I remember you also too! I'm not sure if we've spoke directly though. I rolled with Ascension back when and was pretty forum active at the time
  6. I "wrote" this in MS paint to help new guildmates. It is silly. https://imgur.com/a/JPBNh here's the album if you'd rather look at it there than in the spoiler Originally I was gonna upload the GM player comic but I can't find it... oh well ):
  7. The forums are kinda quiet and I'm a bit out of the loop myself, but let me see if I can help Majesty is the current top guild, but they're new to me so I don't know anything about them. Same with Infinite Hero, which I did hear mentioned a couple times in game. The main difference is it seems Majesty is active at night WoE, so if you're gonna be playing at the Midnight server time, that looks like a good place to start. as for guilds I DO remember- United End of Day (UAE), Evening Primrose (EPR), and Owning (OWN) are still around from when I was playing, which is a good sign. Of these, it'd probably be EPR or Hero that I'd be most into joining, but really any guild can be good
  8. The last movie I saw in theaters was also GotG2, so because there hasn't been a post since march I'm gonna talk about an upcoming movie I'm excited for: It's been a while since we've had a good murder mystery and if the trailers mean anything, this looks like it'll be worth watching. Yeah it's another Marvel movie, but the trailers look fun and as long as it's better than the last couple Thor movies, I'll enjoy it. There's others that look interesting but I haven't seen the trailers or know if they're gonna show near me. If I see any of these I'll do a follow- up
  9. Best GS in RRO? Please. I once downed an entire Emp BY MYSELF in under ten minutes, so clearly I am the superior GS here and I'm not running any of the suggested gear here, so if you wanna be a real pro get BG gear liek me But no I'll probably read this later since I have free time at night now. Maybe I'll update my build and start WoEing again
  10. oh gods, what have I done?!
  11. I know I just said this to FP but how do you guys keep this guild going?! anyways happy WoEs
  12. I was gonna say "how is this guild still alive even" but it looks like I'm a bit late there. Well, you guys had a good run
  13. Well well, not only are you the only guild in Thor, but you also have an avatar from Berseria. This has my approval. I don't play Thor but happy WoEs to you!
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