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  1. Ohai.

    I remember you also too! I'm not sure if we've spoke directly though. I rolled with Ascension back when and was pretty forum active at the time
  2. Good Old Days

    I "wrote" this in MS paint to help new guildmates. It is silly. https://imgur.com/a/JPBNh here's the album if you'd rather look at it there than in the spoiler Originally I was gonna upload the GM player comic but I can't find it... oh well ):
  3. Looking for Active Friendly Guild

    The forums are kinda quiet and I'm a bit out of the loop myself, but let me see if I can help Majesty is the current top guild, but they're new to me so I don't know anything about them. Same with Infinite Hero, which I did hear mentioned a couple times in game. The main difference is it seems Majesty is active at night WoE, so if you're gonna be playing at the Midnight server time, that looks like a good place to start. as for guilds I DO remember- United End of Day (UAE), Evening Primrose (EPR), and Owning (OWN) are still around from when I was playing, which is a good sign. Of these, it'd probably be EPR or Hero that I'd be most into joining, but really any guild can be good
  4. Last movie seen

    The last movie I saw in theaters was also GotG2, so because there hasn't been a post since march I'm gonna talk about an upcoming movie I'm excited for: It's been a while since we've had a good murder mystery and if the trailers mean anything, this looks like it'll be worth watching. Yeah it's another Marvel movie, but the trailers look fun and as long as it's better than the last couple Thor movies, I'll enjoy it. There's others that look interesting but I haven't seen the trailers or know if they're gonna show near me. If I see any of these I'll do a follow- up
  5. [Guide] Ultimate Equipemnt Guide to being the Best GS in RRO

    Best GS in RRO? Please. I once downed an entire Emp BY MYSELF in under ten minutes, so clearly I am the superior GS here and I'm not running any of the suggested gear here, so if you wanna be a real pro get BG gear liek me But no I'll probably read this later since I have free time at night now. Maybe I'll update my build and start WoEing again
  6. Introductions

    oh gods, what have I done?!
  7. Where do old smileys go?

    seconded. I want my back.
  8. Kritical Khaos

    I know I just said this to FP but how do you guys keep this guild going?! anyways happy WoEs
  9. Frosted Puff

    I was gonna say "how is this guild still alive even" but it looks like I'm a bit late there. Well, you guys had a good run
  10. Valhalla

    Well well, not only are you the only guild in Thor, but you also have an avatar from Berseria. This has my approval. I don't play Thor but happy WoEs to you!
  11. New player (???)

    I am new to RO gaem giv free stuff plx thx Well, I fixed my computer anyway and my internet is *relatively* stable. You may see me around more often
  12. Well hello there

    Oh hi hello there strange person how's life
  13. Should I return?

    Naw man you should never come back and come play FF XIV with me instead