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  1. Hey guys, I want to buy your Loki Zeni/Stuff or Creds with my Thor Zeni. Maybe someone of you plays on Thor and still have stuff on Loki. I pay good, just leave me an offer or pm me.
  2. Want to buy 20 creds - paying good.
  3. Yeah that's why I asked. Hope to get the confirmation that i can use proxy or vpn to play RRO with another IP. If it is allowed I would do that if we both want to go to such a area (Dice event is another example).
  4. Hi there, my girlfriend and I are playing rebirthro since 2 months now. We just switched to loki few days ago. If we want to go into the MVP arena together, only one of us can enter it (seems lke it is 1 char per IP). Is there any possibility that both of us can enter the Mvp Arena? Many thanks in advance
  5. I just opened a box while having 100/100 items (didn't noticed). The box said "you can't have the item because you will exceed the weight limit". Now the box just disappeared while I didn't get any item (which is strange, since after opening the box I was at 99/100 so it should be possible to recieve the item). Could a GM look into this issue? I already opened a ticket on Thor (Character: Xhaka).
  6. The wiki is outdated. But it really seems like it's not available on Thor. So basically: There is no item to raise intimacy on thor. You need 450~900 feeds (since you get 1~2 points per feed) => 75~150 hours (average is over 100 hours). That really doesn't fit the server rates.
  7. I can't find those "care guides" ingame. Could you tell me how to obtain them?
  8. Lol, I just saw the advertisment of Skyrim yesterday. As a huge LoZ Fan I may buy it. Currently I only own Breath of the Wild and Super Mario. Most of the games I really want to play will release next year. I wish Disgaea5 would be cheaper. I already got the platinum trophy on my PS4. I would play it again for 10~20 bucks.
  9. Totally agree. Currently you need at least 150 hours until you can evolve your first homunculus. It should get 10~20 points per feed instead of 1. That way it would still took 7,5 ~ 15 hours until it can be evolved for the first time.
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