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  1. Oooh I see! Well you could always ask Phoenix or Ancyker if it's okay to post shops with different things. They are both really nice. I'm not sure if they will be okay with it, but it doesn't hurt to try? ^^ Right now they are kind enough to allow me to keep my shop up while I sort things out irl until I am stable enough to offer for credits. It's so kind of them, but it's also why I try to not bump it either xD;
  2. I'm seeing such great works here! I really love everyones stuff here. It's so fun to see. ^^ I'd love to see more of all of your guys' stuff! <3
  3. Oooh nice stuff dude! Have to agree, that shield is boss hah
  4. Oh man I dont even know when I first played haha. I had a very very old account from maybe 2008/2009? But then I didnt play much. Played for about a year after that and then dropped out for a few years again. Came back and here I am! LOL
  5. Hi guys! I've been seeing a few returning artists, as well as new artists, coming to our community. Firstly, I'd like to welcome you all here, whether you are new or coming back! I hope you guys enjoy it here, and will continue to love art, Ragnarok Online (especially our server heheh), and combining them together <3 I figured I'd post a short sort of 'how to' for you guys to help you out, since I feel like there may have been a liiitttle bit of confusion as to where to post art shops, as well as how to see or unlock them. This Art forum is just to share art and talk about art, and meet others that enjoy art or that draw. The Art Shops, which below you will see how to unlock, is the forum for the actual art shops ^^ To be able to unlock the art shops: Make sure you have at least 5 posts here in the forums! It used to be 10, but it was shortened to 5. Once you've posted at least 5 times, the Art Shops Link should show up for you. If you had a shop here in the past, Phoenix has moved it to the Art Shops for you. If you still cannot view your shop, I would suggest going to some threads and posting, or even posting here to say hi and share some art, and you'll quickly get to the 5 needed to activate seeing the above. I would like to note that until you have 5 posts, you will not be able to visit other people's links to the Art Shops' forum even if directly linked to it! I hope this was helpful! I look forward to seeing all of your art shops in the future <3
  6. Welcome! I hope you enjoy it here! So far as I've seen everyone here is really nice and inviting. Just so you know, though, this forum is not for art shops. There is a sub forum in the art forum where you can place your shop, but it does not unlock until you've accumulated 10 total posts. Once you have 10 posts, you can post your art shop there. I hope this info helps you out ^^
  7. Hello! Just letting you know that if you do wish to make an art shop, you'll need to make sure to post it in the new art shops forum which is linked towards the top of the art forum. =) welcome back to the community! It's great to see more returning artists ♡ Btw I recommend never using photo bucket most of the time it doesn't work anymore because they switched how they do things, and the site itself is laggy as hell and they usually save the image as a lesser quality version.
  8. Yes. You need 10 posts. This section is not for art shops so I'm not sure why people are posting theirs here other than maybe they just don't have enough posts yet? But it's not hard to get enough posts, just chat with a friend or respond to other topics =3 Good luck!!
  9. Welcome back! I am also a returning artist. Glad more of us are coming back. Be sure to visit the art shops, I asked and Ancy revived them for us woohoo!
  10. I hope you all had a great Holiday season! Mine was pretty decent! The icing on the cake was when I went in to work today, my boss left a present on my desk. She got me All-star converse shoes aaaah! It's wonderful of her, and I love them! I also got a pair of pants, a new shirt, and a paring knife for cooking since my GF is a chef and we enjoy cooking together. <33 No art supplies or anything, but everything I got was practical and will definitely be loved and used. I hope you all that received gifts enjoyed it What are your plans for new years? I'll be loafing around and hopefully working on commissions at the same time
  11. So glad to see you're still around, von! I hope your christmas/holiday was wonderful <3
  12. Oh well I did pictures because it's way easier than typing everything out lmao
  13. lol. I dunno this seems normal to me?? imo this is how it should be at the bare minimum lol. If I had time I'd even go through and list what has slots and what doesnt lol
  14. haha thanks and thanks! I'm gonna be redoing it next weekend to accommodate the new items I've farmed + get rid of the stuff that seems obsolete lol
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