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  1. StickyFingers17

    Sticky’s Shop - B/Y/T

    Buying: none atm Selling: +7 VVVS Hardened Steel Spear Unranked - 100m
  2. StickyFingers17

    Price Checking (Temporary)

    Thanks @blueMagus Oh wow. GTB dropped that low. I got it for 80c like a year ago.same goes for the rest of the cards, I think I got Thana between 16-20c and Tao at 50c. I guess I'm keeping em then.
  3. StickyFingers17

    Price Checking (Temporary)

    Hi, Price check on some of these items. +7 VVVHS Spear Hypatia card Thanatos Card Tao Gunka Card Golden Thief Bug Card FBH Thanks,
  4. StickyFingers17


    Hi All! Another returning player here. ? • I’ve been playing RO since it began in the ph with level up. rRO, I think since 2012. • used to be alberta now @go 16 • Not sure what mob tho ? • i can do tricks with my tongue ? • play sc2, eat, drink and sleep -fav book - eragon -fav shows - GOT, twd, breaking bad -fav movies - guardians of the galaxy, 21, blow - fav games - monster hunter, ro, rf online, diablo 2&3, sc2 i came back to rRO mainly looking for WoE acitivities, cedi, farming and questing. now thats been said, any available slot for woe active guilds there? can i run with anyone on cedi runs? can anyone show me new and interesting activities?
  5. StickyFingers17

    Eternal Asura Legends

    Hi hi! You guys still WoE active? Had a couple of fun runs a year ago. I wanna play again but not sure if anyone here is still active