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  1. Added my second commish! Thanks @Flirt! for the support! Edit: Added the Fullbody Chibi!
  2. Just added my first commish Paid by Anonymous - Dota character 5C
  3. * How long have you been playing rRO? Or Ragnarok Online in general? Rebirth ro? like a week x D but i've been in ragnarok for 6-7 years ! * What is your favorite town to hang out in? I love comodo so much, the colour palette is so cute and friendly <3 * If you were an iRO monster, which one would you be? Probs I would be a Bring it on! looks cute at outside, real dangerous when you meet her! * What's an interesting fact about yourself? I have a pretty long hair, everytime i play i have to knot it, or it bugs me a lot! * What do you like to do when you're not playing RO? Draw animu stuff, im a pretty weeb myself... its real embarassing * What's your favorite book / television show / movie / video game / anime? Book: Aldous Huxley's Brave New World Television Show : Rick and morty, Pokemon, Stranger Things pretty mainstream stuff Movie: My fav movie is Nicolas winding refn's Drive Videogame: Disgaea, Atelier series, Rune factory , weeb shit <3 Anime: Uhhhhh.... steins gate??
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    help !

    Yeah, you should try re-download the client. that's the old patcher i believe
  5. Hello! My name is Krischevskov and im here to draw some stuff! Art status: Open / Closed Samples and Pricing Contact: Loki Server - Usually conected on weekends Wispeable name: Krischevskov If is NSFW or personal stuff, you can PM via forum! I'll give you a discord server and there i'll be giving you the WIPS, and you can correct mistakes with me I will work only on your commish until i finish it, the time can vary between 1 day and a week, so be patient! You can find me @ Deviantart ( http://bit.ly/2l6RBLZ ) I'll be posting my finished works over there. If you're looking to pay with paypal, please do contact me via Deviantart or PM
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