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  1. Dear players and colleagues, I regret to inform you all that I have decided to put an end to my activities here on RebirthRO, and possible end the arc of my life that has been Ragnarök Online. I have had many challenges, many great moments and some downers, but all in all this has been a great learning experience. I will miss sneaking around and popping in to start a conversation, explaining mechanics and decisions to the players and generally trying to be as helpful as possible. The amount of experimentation I could do as a GM was my biggest achievement in my eyes, as I learnt a lot on the malleability of the engine and so forth. My reason for ending this journey is simple: Time is a resource that must be spent wisely, and for me time expended in RebirthRO has waned in value/fun compared to other ventures. From this philosopy I want to give you all a message as well: Time having fun is time well spent. Keep having fun in RebirthRO! Of course I have not left just yet, I intend to do two more events this weekend. Saturday after WoE2 (Post-poned to Sunday; Exact time unknown) and on Sunday (Time to be announced, somewhere between 13:00 servertime and 19:00 servertime; depending on my availability). Yours truly, - Equilibrium, Thor Gamemaster
  2. How about, we increase the rank like stated in OP for the immediate consequences (i.e. getting ranked being a bit more manageable). But to also add decay to all those who are in the top 10/20 of all ranking systems, which would future proof it and give it an artificial balance (depending on the decay). For instance, if the decay is 10% per week for those that are ranked and people make 100k pots every week then the points would drift towards 6.5 million eventually. Those that are inactive would come back to see that they are out of ranking, but because decay only applies to the top 10/20 they are still on the cusp of being ranked. Meaning they have to spend a little bit of time to be ranked again. This system would also add some competition to rankers as they'd be fight each other's point generation rate. It can also be applied to the other ranking system, with the same decay. (TKR would probably be doing 50~80 points every week depending on the players, thus being balanced around 500 points; I have no experience with smith ranks, but I can see a similar trend happening) TL;DR Increase rank slots to 15 or 20. Add a decay to those that are in said top 15 or 20. Decay can be weekly, monthly for 5%, 10%, ...
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