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  1. I'm not really a PvE person (feel free to correct me) but from what I noticed some of the quests can be done by different chars on same account with differing cooldowns. The new instance Ice Crown might be different tho since I haven't done it XDD. Also the reward items you can get from most of the quests/instances are account bound and so you can transfer them on your other characters.
  2. That battle report thingy appealed to some oldies and newbies like me (circa 2013) previously coz - skilled veterans are evenly or somewhat distributed in small guilds before. But now seeing the population low and some oldies quit, I would also suggest removing battle reports. Give them instead a WoE statistics link where they can access their character sheet. WoE statistics link doesn't shows your kills every woe, it's just a link where your char sheet is being updated (eg. KD ratio, max damage, emperiums broken, barricades killed, etc.) I'm also against reducing the number of castles coz this will reduce the server to power hogging by the old guilds. Give these fresh newbies an opportunity to learn how to set-up defense properly even when they're trampled several times. With regards to the gear problem of newbies- I suggest you do PvM heavily/get donate headgears/get coached by pro veterans. You can't really argue with the oldies having good gears coz its inherent in the nature of RO (PvP/WoE is 70% gears and 30% skills). In fact this problem of RRO with respect to WoE can also be seen on other top servers which I won't mention. I've also observed that the PvM aspect of this game dying. Oh well you can only see people from pre-established guilds doing cedi runs/RDC/kraken/melanis (just a friendly reminder BIO4 hasn't been opened again). Why won't you also give a ranking system to PvM guilds like base their ranking on the amount of experience accumulated as a guild? Of course, the rankings with the WoE guilds will be separate. Breathing life to the PvM aspect of the game will help newbies accumulate funds and the proper gear so that they can WoE well. To spice things up, I also suggest showing the number of breaks done by each respective guild's breaker on the home page so that breakers will feel rewarded. I know that breaking an emp will add to the score of the guild. But by how much? Is it possible to make it higher when the emp breaks has been done a couple of times? Note: Please don't be salty with regards to that suggestion. As you could notice that is in a form of question. Let's make a collective stance on making WoE better. Thank you.
  3. Would you please include items from bitcoin mining too that was accidentally opened? lol I have a rucksack that is just sitting on my storage. Anyways as stated by several people before, implementing this will attract more players. I have seen this on other servers (high-rate and mid-rate) and selling cash shop items is one of the lucrative markets.
  4. ahahaha anyways bought aldy ingame :))))) sorry for the troll.
  5. I'm buying 1 spvanish2 if it's still available. Ty.
  6. Since no one is answering me in Discord, can someone kindly tell me where to post this? My friend's a top donator and was banned because he was mistaken as an abuser of the voting system. Note: This happened when he voted on an android app. If I recall correctly the old website is kinda not compatible on the android platform. Account username is: ***************. I ask for your consideration dear Sirs. Thank you.
  7. Rivaelle


    Youkoso neko
  8. oh so it was produced by FUNimation Ent, I just knew. @Lance Eisengard You should've finished watching it. This brings backs childhood memories.
  9. So I decided to give this server a second chance (since I'm too old to start all over ) ~ and when I logged in-game I heard this news. I'm actually relieved that Morph was fired due to his work ethics. It was a good decision. On another note ~I'm hoping all for the best that this server will become alive again. @ Off-topic: what's the discord channel sir? I can't find it when I browsed the old forums :)). Ty.
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