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  1. Mud O Pie

    Paladin Build

    Hello guys! It' s been a long time to play RRO. I made this because I want to share my build on paladin pvp arena if im chasing Wizard & Prof. This build is not updated . Almost 2 years not playing. But i think still helpfull to you guys hehehe. BUILD: • Upper PVP HELM[4] w/ 2x Giearth Card + 2x Giant Hornet Card • Mid Fable Silk[1] w/ Maya Purple Card (Shield Boomerang) Fable Sword[4] w/ Anti Status Card or 2x Giearth Card + Giant Hornet Card (Shield Chain) • Lower Any kind donate item Except Red tie. Put Evil Snake lord Card • Armor +6 Water Armour[1] w/ Grand Marin Card *Unbreakable, Anti Freeze! • Weapon Marvin Mace[3] w/ 2x Grand Metalling Card, Daehyon Card. Marvin Mace[3] w/ Stormy Knight Card, TG Card, Daehyon Card • Garment +9 Calig with Lresist5 and sdef10 w/ Dustiness Card actually that is good for long range physical attack so forget that sdef10 orb • Shield +10 Bradium Shield[1] w/ GTB Card (Shield Boomerang) +10 Cross Shield[1] w/ GTB Card (Shield Chain • Shoes +10 Ebony Greaves[1] with sdef10 orb and get delay5 orb w/ GEC Card Bronze Greaves[1] Anti Knockback w/ GEC Card but for now i dont have extra gec card. • Accessories 2x MEGS ..................................................................... I explain why i choose Water than Wind Armor? Water Armour- Gives 75% reduce damage of storm gust and 50% of fire magic attacks! But it increase damage of wind magic attacks! 2x Giearth Card- 30% resist to earth 2x Giant Hornet Card- 20% resist to wind Calig- 5% resist to all element Dustiness Card- 30% resist to wind Thunderproof Potion- 20% resist to wind { WATER-75% reduce damage +5% resist to water WIND-75% resist to wind EARTH- 35% resist to earth FIRE-50% reduce damage to fire +5% resist to fire But if u prepare using a shield chain skills w/ Fable Sword or any donate item[4] w/ 2x giearth & giant hornet card you get: WATER-75% reduce damage +5% resist to water WIND-95%% resist to wind EARTH- 65% resist to earth FIRE-50% reduce damage to fire +5% resist to fire. } Dont forget the GTB Card it really helps! 60% reduce magic damage & cant dispell. If you chase professor just switch to fire armor: WATER-? WIND-75% to 95% resist EARTH-35% to 65% resist + 50% reduce damage because of fire armor FIRE- 75% reduce damage obviously! +5% resistance NOTE: Use marvin mace[3] w/ sk card to for those using ghostring card to counter your shield skills. I hope this will help you. IGN: harooo
  2. Mud O Pie

    Long time bug ?

    Ayt Okay
  3. Mud O Pie

    Long time bug ?

    Gm please fix the Everblaze still not working ?
  4. Mud O Pie

    Azzyai or Merai or?

    Hi guys im currently using Azzyai on my creator, then i set up my valnimirth to autowalk,autoskills etc. But i saw some creator their homun so fast to skills, walk etc. than my homun :C I'm confused what they are using, or we're they same using AI? Or I miss some set up?
  5. Mud O Pie


    Yes :C
  6. Mud O Pie


    Thanks it helps i got error again now :C but for that i do not reinstalling again
  7. Mud O Pie


    Sir what the step by step to not getting error, i tried all the previous guide :C
  8. Mud O Pie


    Guys help me i always got error when im using azzyai, merai etc. Almost 5x reinstalling the rebirthro, so sad no one of those not working on me.
  9. Mud O Pie

    Melee Reduce

    Where did u get that .4 x .7?
  10. Mud O Pie

    Melee Reduce

    Which is better item to reduce damage of melee attacks? +10 Hardened Set w/ Shield = 80% or +10 Hardened Set w/o shield = 60% but with Thara frog card = 30%
  11. Mud O Pie

    Exchange Item

    I did but not working for me :C This year, one month ago... The story is i bought melee pvp box and i got dropping metal dragon, but the effect is incorrect instead of giving +20STR it gives +20 dex. So i sign up to help desk, and GM citrus did she give me a another melee pvp box then i open it and i got dropping aliza.
  12. Mud O Pie

    Exchange Item

    Not working :C
  13. Mud O Pie

    Exchange Item

    Why i cant exchange my dropping Aliza i bought that using PP :C i have also exchange premium ticket.