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  1. Service: Cooking Service Bring me ingredient and I will cook it for you. Service fees is: Lv 1~5 Stat Food 10k each. Lv 6~7 Stat Food 40k each. Lv 8~9 Stat Food 70k each. Lv 10 Stat Food 100k each. Farming Service: Leave your offer with: IGN : Item : Price : Quantity : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Selling List: 1.Blue Herb:30k PCS - offer 2.Hwergelmir's Tonic (+10 Dex Food) :150 pcs - 500k each 3.Coldproof Potion: 3000 pcs - 5k each 4.Fireproof Potion: 3000 pcs - 5k each 5.Earthproof Potion:3000 pcs - 5k each 6.Thunderproof Potion:3000 pcs - 5k each 7.Aloe: 1000 pcs - 150k each 8.Four Leaf Clover: 60pcs 500k each 9.Fluff: 30k pcs - 3k each Price negotiable ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Buying List: 1.Royal Jelly 5k each
  2. Noted, let me know when you online, you can send me @Mail Lusken
  3. Hi, definitely will wait for you btw, I have 20k pcs now, I can make it more than 30k pcs if you want
  4. Hi, Magic defense potion is coldproof potion and etc..?
  5. Hi, I have few comodo leather, do you interested? thanks
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