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  1. Did RDC Drake's Waterball Changed?

    My mistake. Already ask around and they also experienced the changed in the drake down. Also asked GM Silver about it. Hopefully there will be favorable response ;3
  2. Moonhaven Headgear Quest

    I see. Thanks again!
  3. Moonhaven Headgear Quest

    @Hirasama how did u make some portion in your post with Reveal hidden content? I'm noob in making post. Or do we have a beginners guide in making post?
  4. I'm using HP as tank. Before, the waterball has minimal damage to me. But today, the damage is significant to kill me. I'm using the same set of gears. The stat is below. The gears I'm using are below with corresponding water resist %. Upper Headgear: Marin hat (10%) with 2 Leaf cards (20%) = 30% Mid Headgear: LWW with Mistress card Lower: Hip RIbbon Armor: Great Old Haubert (10%) Garment: Nidhogs Garp (7%) with Marse Card (30%) = 37% Shoe: Tidal shoe (5%) with Icering Card (15%) = 20% Shield: Elemental Shield (20%) with Aqua Elemental card = 20% Accesories: Waterdrop Brooch (5%) x 2 = 10% Total Water Resist = 127% Did anything changed?
  5. Moonhaven Headgear Quest

    Super helpful! Thanks for the guide! So many cute costumes ;3
  6. Costume: Butterfly Ring

    Yes I tried with the recolour master and it did not work >.<
  7. Costume: Butterfly Ring

    Is there a way to recolour that costume? I saw someone has blue and white
  8. Farming Oridecon

    If you can farm in mvp arena, epsilon is a good place for ori and elu