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  1. downloading now excited to play again.

    Hey welcome back! Weird about the lost cards, but I hope you manage to recover from that loss :3
  2. Movies!

    I was not much of a fan of Wonder Woman either. The fucking love story pissed me off. CAN WE DO WITHOUT IT, FOR ONCE?
  3. Official *OUT OF CONTEXT* Thread (Revival)

    VERY out of context... but so are these:
  4. Yo

    RUUUTHIEEEE soon we will WoE together (finally) and it will be offical. The wedding, and us returning As fat cats <3
  5. Official *OUT OF CONTEXT* Thread (Revival)

    LOL who is silver? hahahaha

    Because you are more than pixels. You are a person! SHOW US
  7. Yo

    I'm back! For longer than a month now so that means I will stick around at least. I've already seen some old faces but I was wondering.. anyone still around from Eternal Asura v3? Or v1, but v3 was cooler. Also HI ALL MY OLD FRIENDS AND ENEMIES I LOVE YOU ALL
  8. Haio! I'm lost but I wanna look around!

    I LOVE ART! Welcome back! Hope you still play :3
  9. Another old player

    Hey there! Don't remember you, I think, but it's been ages. I started late 2008 so maybe that's why. Welcome back! You will prolly find old faces and names soo haha
  10. What are you watching?

    Stranger Things i finished recently. IT'S SO GOOD. But Big Bang Theory.. I didn't like it after 4 seasons. I hope you enjoy the beginning as much as I did!
  11. What are you watching?

    Hello Rebirthians, In this modern day and age we all have done it. Binge watching series. Through services like Netflix and HBO we have acces to series in a way that downloading never offered to us. SO SHARE HERE WHAT YOU ARE WATCHING RIGHT NOW! I am watching: QI (Quite Interesting), it's a brittish 'quiz show' in quite an original way. I RECOMMEND IT BECAUSE IT IS FUNNY AND QUITE INTERESTING RuPauls Drag Race All Stars Season 3 : No description needed, I hope. Ancient Magus Bride (Anime), I love this type of anime that gets its inspiration from old folklore.
  12. I'm back... kind of???

    YOU WE NEED YOU IN OUR CAT GUILD. WE will take over WoE with an army of cats. Also your use of the emoijs is creative, although some of the emojis I can't.. quite understand yet. But have patience, I will one day!

  14. Good Old Days

    Girl, OOC topic is waiting for that juice RUTHIE
  15. How to report spam from Syphon to the Dutch government

    So horrible, poor Syphon is so heartbroken