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  1. I may cross the line by posting this but it seems no one bothers anyway Phoenix Card Updated: “10% Chance to Auto Ressurect you when you die.”, “0.5% Chance to cast Burning on enemy when attacking.”, “0.5% Chance to cast Cold on enemy when attacking.”, “10% more damage against medium sized monster.”, “Random stat between 5~15”, “Accessory Card”, Silver Card Fixed. Syphon Card Updated: “Add the chance of gaining a 5k zeny each time a monster is killed.”, Sen Card Updated: “Increases critical damage by 10%.”, “Atk +50.”, Luxuri Card Updated: “Bypasses the heal cap by 20%. Does not stack with other Luxuri Cards.”, “Increases Holy magical attacks by 10%. (Would stack with other Luxuri Cards)”, Ramsey Card Updated: “Chance to gain 50 Str and 100 Atk for 30 seconds when attacking.”, Lilalyn Card Updated: “Increases resistance to Holy by 50%.”, “Increases resistance to Shadow by 30%.”, Addaxus Card Changed: “Chance when being attacked to invoke Addaxus’ Fury”, “When Addaxus’ Fury is unleashed the character wearing this card will gain 50 Str, Int and Dex for 15 seconds.”, “Your HP will drop 5k every 10 seconds, while Addaxus’ Fury is invoked.”, “In areas not GvG/PvP when Addaxus’ Fury is invoked you can become Addaxus for the duration of Addaxus’ Fury Effect.”, “Garment Card”, Donor Box 2019 Created 9 New Donation Items obtainable, 1 New Pet. 12 donation items from 2018 that were available limited time obtainable. WCA, GM Cards, BCA Cards(No MVP Room Cards). Good Luck on your pulls! 16th Anniversary NPC Created: All Players can get something, old and new. ***The NPC is in the Eden Mall @go16 *** MVP spawning for Moonhaven fixed. Things to look forward to in future Maintenances: Newbie Town [First up to come out] Naruto Expansion Fairy War Instance Great update especially on the giveaway items. Sure these would encourage new players. If I may suggest you should remove zeny sinking systems exist in RRO due these are no longer suitable considering the population. This would encourage even further the new players
  2. There are many other ways to at least supress the population declining. 1. Abolish zeny sinking →NO MORE ZENY TO SINK. Useless and pain in the arse for newbie . This include but not limited to biolab 4 2. Double or triple drop rate exp rate →I am sure this would give players to go out hunt not afk etc etc Removing GTs is by far the most desperate way imho
  3. Just got back into the game, the last time I was hunting in basement 1 few years ago there were 4 independent timers for each MVP. But is it true that it is nerfed now only 1 timer for all MVPs with longer span ? I noticed also the different spawn spot to entrance.
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