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  1. Peredeth

    I guess this is farewell...

    when the idiot returns from the dead.. hey zyb. why are you such an asshat? why do you trow friendships away in favor of drama???
  2. Peredeth

    I guess this is farewell...

    Thank you Jo Ji. You are a good soul. ❤️ thanks to the efforts of people like Jackie, George and others, that have been a part of the community as long as I have been ( 10+ years), I decided to "not" quit entirely. Peredeth WILL retire... her legacy will continue EVERY HALLOWEEN. ( tldr; I want that FCKing blood aura ) Satans Priestess, my waifu will continue the work of B00NSTORM. I will ALWAYS have that "KOS" list in my head when I visit rRO. I love you guys... Thank you Admin and GM team for being REASONABLE people. THANK YOU CREW for being the nice people you are. A special THANK YOU for Georgy boi that helped me to finally get some rest last night... Peredeth, enjoy your retirement Your fight is over... thank you. ❤️ Love, you lots ( even my enemies) -Peretan Gunslinger Girls Opening ´- The Light before we Land Serial Experiments: Lain Opening - Boa - Duvet
  3. Peredeth

    I guess this is farewell...

    Hell O, friends of rebirth.ro I have been thinking this through, and due to the behavior of 3 "millenials" I am quitting rebirthRO. Thank you Zyb, Annie Lou and B0BA for destroying a game I loved for 10+ years... you guys were still in gradeschool then, and not even playing. your small eyed, weird behavior and total annihilation of my heart and soul made me cry for 5 hours. I have Aspergergs. I liked all 3 of you. You killed my trust and I can guarantee you, that Karma will bite you in the ass for it... I don't feel like returning, unless there is a huge wave of support. Frankly I feel like I have to puke. I don't even Know WHAT I did wrong. Because in ONE instant, 3 friends started to act weird... my wife, which is a personality split ( one of many, I might add ) was excruciatingly mad and started a public shaming. I am sorry for that... but if you treat me with disrespect and total oblivious behaviour to my inner self I feel as I have to weep even more... I want to keep smiling in the future. I give all my belongings to my wife and a few close friends. I WILL NOT RETURN. At least I don't plan to... MY ERA IS COMING TO AN END... A DECADE NONE THE LESS... RUINED BY KIDS... THANK YOU YOU STUPID KIDS FOR RUINING MY LIFE ON THERE... IT WAS MY LIFE FOR 10 YEARS... STOP STOP STOP... yours, in tears... -Pere Silent Hill 3 OST - Letter from the Lost days
  4. Peredeth

    The Good Ol' days of Event Poring and Event Holdens

    I would love for that too. maybe expand the mob list a bit? ;3
  5. Proudly Presenting. NOW! SUPER NOVICE, AND NOVICE ONLY! Sponsored by "Memeforce Proud" and affiliates. Welcome to y0ur B00n, Mortal. We are BOONSTORM!? Hello, we are BOONSTORM. We are a band of professional N00bs. We WoE. do you PvP? No? no problem, join BOONSTORM AND LEARN THE WAYS OF THE ULTIMATE NOVICE. AFFILIATED GUILDS ARE: BS ( Black Sakura) Fear us, for we are !337! BOOn is life and you love it.PM: Peredeth N00b is love and you live it. Lmao ❤️
  6. Peredeth

    Christmas Event Anyone?

    I can't play either way right now, so my comment is rather moot... but sure why not? as long as it deviates from the usual christmas event... >_>;
  7. Peredeth

    I'm back-ish

    welcome back thar ! (° w °)
  8. Peredeth

    rRO on MAC?

    Thanks for the answers. I'll try them soon and report back if they still work.
  9. Peredeth


    Expect something, probably. But don't expect a myriad of new or "old but on sale again" Donate items. I bet there will be some form of event to go along, but the big sales a.k.a. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over.
  10. Peredeth

    Nerf LK please :V

    Is there such a thing as "meta" even in a game with bubbly hats and weird "balancing" hacks? In all seriousness though: It's just a game. Don't make your life into a game, it's miserable. ( speaking from experience )
  11. Peredeth

    rRO on MAC?

    This might tire some users, but at the current time I only have access to a mac with OS X ( v 10.11.6) and would love to play a little when I can. Is there a solution for this these days? or is still broken? What happened to the web client btw? I realize it was not perfect, but it would have allowed for a quick chitchat. tq Pere
  12. Peredeth

    Hi I'm new!

  13. Peredeth

    Hi I'm new!

  14. Peredeth

    Hi I'm new!

    How to farm and get gud? (also wtf is wrong with that cape ? Lol )