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  1. Ary

    Art by Ary <3

    Who needs gear when you can commission a professional artist ;D
  2. Ary

    Art by Ary <3

    I drew an Angeling!
  3. I checked the items, it doesn't come up with item restrictions
  4. Thanks so far for all the replies so far. A few more things for price check please: Costume: Butterfly Aura Costume: Melody Notes Costume: Music Ring Invigorating Black Death Aura Dark Flame Costume Ring Des Nibelugen [1] Premium Costume / Premium Costume Box Rudolph Rucksack Pink Scarf Archangeling Beanie [2] +7 Strong Shield [1] +10 Lich's Bone Wand [2] +7 Gale Bow Upgraded [3] Abysmal Knight Card +8 Goblin Bow [2] All Dyestuffs Biotite Phlogopite I've also got loads of different types of bacon that have no movement restrictions. And just want to check if the following card are worth anything: Alligator Card Whisper Card Noxious Card Ham Card Whispering Card Orc Skeleton Card (Notoriety) Lif Card Purplering Card
  5. Ary

    Selling Stuff

    Yeah I forgot about that. I shall update the list when I have time, sorry guys my bad
  6. I used to be pretty good in PvP and i was just getting the hang of WoE before I left. I have gear for the following: Wizard (main, preferred) - Aryia Priest & Cedi Priest - Ophelia Sin X (both crit & magi build) - iAryia Creator (with high matk vanil) - Ary I'm not too keen on playing sin x anymore but i can great damage on my wiz and max heal on my priest. so let me know if anyone wants to coach me back to greatness! Edit: I also have over 2k Cedi and counting.
  7. Ary

    Art by Ary <3

    Thank you If you wanted to buy a sketch and deduct that off the total for a colour at a later date I can do that
  8. Ary

    Art by Ary <3

    Art by Ary I'm finally opening my art shop! Check out all the info below if you want to order some great artwork ;D Also check out my DeviantART page & my (unfinished) website: https://amyleegilbert.deviantart.com/ http://amyleegilbert.com/ Samples Gallery Pricing Full body (colour): 50c Full body (sketch): 20c Half body (colour): 35c Half body (sketch): 10c Headshot (colour): 20c Headshot (sketch): 6c Chibi (colour): 40c Chibi (sketch): 10c Couple / two characters (colour): 60c Couple / two characters (sketch): 40c Additional / Extras: Big wings (colour): From 2c Big wings (sketch): From 1c Price depends on the type of wings. Pets [small only] (colour): From 5c Pets [small only] (sketch): From 3c Simple background (colour only): +5c Overlayed colour or gradient (sketch only): +2c Additional characters [if more than two] (colour): 10c Additional characters [if more than two] (sketch): +7c This is added to the couple prices shown above. If there's an extra you want and it's not listed above just send me a message and we can discuss options Special Offers: 5% off for level 1 - 5 premium account holders 10% off for level 6 - 10 premium account holders Free simple background (colour) or colour / gradient overlay (sketch) to VIP members! Edit: If my art is too expensive, you may buy a sketch and later have the cost deducted from colour prices once you can afford it. Ordering Instructions Fill out the form below if you want to order and send it to me as a private message - don't post it in the thread! Please make sure to include screenshots of your character from the front and the back. It should look something like this: In Game Username/s: I want to order: I would like the following extras: Character screenshot: Headgear names: Eye colour: Picture references: Notes: Open Slots Slot 1: D Slot 2: [Open] Slot 3: [Open] Progress Key: Thanks for dropping by, I look forward to drawing some amazing characters! Tip Jar: 40c
  9. Ary


    I'm just getting my 5th post to open my art shop. i'm too impatient >:
  10. Ary

    Selling Stuff

    300 x YGG Berries +7 Strong Shield +9 Flax Hat +9 Alligator Breast +9 Alligator Cloak Ring Des Nibelungen White Rabbit Egg (shy) Green Fairy Wing [1] Purple Fairy Wing [1] White Fairy Wing [1] Garm Baby Egg Medium Blue Angel Wing [1] Medium Red Angel Wing [1] x2 Medium White Angel Wing [1] +7 Great Old Cloak Costume: Music Ring +8 Hardened Steel Katar +8 Goblin Bow +7 Very Very Very Strong Hardened Mace +7 Gale Bow Abysmal Knight Card x2
  11. If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why? Things like 'able to learn all superpowers' and stuff like that obvs not allowed. Mine would be one of two - mind reading or being empathic (able to read people's feelings) because it would be easier to approach people. Trying to hit my 5 post mark so I can open a damn art shop. But it's an interesting question
  12. Ary

    Arts Dumps & Stuff

    Cupcake's Arts & Stuff I'll use this thread to submit my sketch / commission dumps and non-RO related stuff. I need to post 5 times so I can open an art shop, so keep your eyes open for that when I can finally do it! I'll start off with a sketch dump!
  13. This is the porkring egg: https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Porkring_Egg It might not be trade-able though
  14. Ary

    Back (again)

    Thank you guys
  15. Would like a price check on the following pets: Porkring (loyal) White Rabbit (loyal and shy) Heartring (loyal) Archangeling Hard Rice Cake
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