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  1. Shadow VII

    Am new 2 RO gaem

    Welcome back to both of you! I'm usually alt tabbed in Geffen, so swing by if you ever wanna chat or need help. IGN Shadow VII
  2. Shadow VII

    Fatty Chubby Kitties (FCK)

    FCK hash cookies! join em!
  3. So there's no card in either, and I'm using a sinx. Shouldn't the BGs give more HP, or am I crazy? When I put the valk shoes on, they give me 40k more hp than the greaves.. what am I overlooking?
  4. Shadow VII

    Fatty Chubby Kitties (FCK)

    You guys fight well. Bump for more intense WoEs.
  5. Shadow VII


    Hey.. as we all know life happens and we are torn from one of the things that made our childhood or teenage years amazing. RRO allowed me to learn so much about life and helped me build some serious friendships. Finally graduating college after 5 years and going into the military. I hope to get into a rhythm where I can at least login once a week or so, but got-dammit.. I miss this game, and this server in particular. Props to the new GM staff for the coup. If there's anything I can do to help, let me know. I main sinx, Shadow VII. I need a dueling partner, so hmu IG. I usually hang around geffen. Long live The Advent Children.