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    Eden Sets

    I agree, Eden sets are the fault of the stale meta in WoE. Everyone runs around with no risk reward balancing gear. Its always Full tank or Full damage. No one really dies anymore cause they're in Full tank so they don't do damage, and take no damage. and get fully healed constantly. A lot of the core mechanics of RO is about gear switching and taking risks for trading survivability for damage and vice versa. Having a no cooldown full switch completely eliminates the need to think about balanced builds. I would agree with limiting to ONE set. and having a cooldown on usage. It would require the player to think about which set is they're go to, and actually think about having to use it or not. Its called a Rebalancing patch. Lots of games go through rebalancings to keep things interesting and meta changing, and usually when games do big rebalancings they would offer compensation on things that are removed.