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  1. For the #1 Suggestion, we already have something planed for that which will come out soon™ Experience is high enough for players leveling and i speak from personal experience. I dont see a need to change anything there.
  2. It is logged on the same IP that the account this ban appeal is logged on. So you can believe me when i'm telling you it was you. Oh look there is Laelaps too. Denied for not being honest and actually doubting my words.
  3. While checking through your banned accounts i've found a character called "GM Mystery" so even if you havent actually used the character to do anything. The attempt was there.
  4. Nemerith

    Unban Request

    Approved. Please use the account recovery to access your account.
  5. Nemerith

    Unban Request

    What items did you attempt to RMT?
  6. Nemerith

    Unban Request

    How can i be sure that this wont happen again?
  7. You've dealt great damage to the server and its players. Why should we trust you on anything that you say? You've made players download keyloggers in order to steal their items. You've also made attempts to impersonate GMs.
  8. Nemerith

    Unban request

  9. Thor is back up now.
  10. Nemerith

    unban request

    You still did not even write a proper apology nor do you seem to understand what you have done wrong.
  11. Account unblocked. Please use Account Recovery on the website.
  12. Approved. You should be aware that if you are found abusing anything again, you will lose all your accounts. Not just one. I'll add a note when the account has been unblocked.
  13. Nemerith


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