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  1. First I can’t provide solid evidence, Second you can check the logs to see that there’s multiple logins from different IP and I think that’s the only evidence i can present to you. And third as much as possible be professional and respectful when it comes to answering people in here cuz the way you answer people here is kinda douchy. You don’t want people acting like a dick towards you right? So don’t act like one. And pretty sure it’ll just leave a BAD image to the server you guys tryna revive that’s all.
  2. To be honest, many people had access to his account and I don’t know who was the one who deleted his char but since I was the last one who logged in his account, my account got all the blame, therefore, banned. Not sure how it looks on the eyes of adms, but I literally made just 1 costume out of his account, in which I agree that is not ok to steal their items, and yes, even though someone won't come back, I should have not done that, and that won't happen again Thank you
  3. starlord178

    Unban request

    Ingame Name(s): x Sing Tigas ng Tae x Approximate date you were banned: November 2017 Reason for being banned: Using other player’s account and making costumes out of their donates Why should the team unban you? My sincerely apologise for what I’ve done, even though I thought the owner wouldn’t come back, that was a mistake to begin with. That should not have happened and I am guilty for what I have done
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