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  1. I don't know if you added the right day or not I just think that if WOE is made every day, then I can observe the days, hours, and the number of players who are busy with WOE we can see the reality now, the hours of the changed WOE show fewer and fewer participants and they only do AFK or BG which does not have a positive impact on server development and this is very bad for the RRO life cycle because PVP and Farmer are actually correlated
  2. first problem, the current situation at the loki is that it is very difficult to sell goods because it is very difficult to find buyers. The current situation is buyers from PVP player types. We can take examples of goods that are often purchased by PVP players such as Normal5 or Lresist5 or other orbs. So that if possible make it every day WOE but one day only one WOE. This suggestion needs to be considered because, (1) rebirth.ro players play from different countries at different times (2) if WOE is more active then demands on Equip and Cards for PVP will increase and that will encourage players to be active and also supply Equip and Card for PVP so that it can encourage servers to become more active servers. So the key word is not talking about reducing the duration of WOE but making it everyday is WOE
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